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  1. Sold! Incoming PM with payment info.
  2. Couple of decent GA Archies here. #31 and #56. Both very sound, ow pages. Both have a small piece out of b/c. Take both for $120 $110 shipped! (in the USA)
  3. Name says it all. Beat but complete, ow pages. Ask me for a grade; 2.0/2.5. How about $55 shipped in the USof A. PayPal or money order. Open to pm offers but 1st in the thread gets the book.
  5. [CLOSED] X-Men #101 Price Drop

    I'll pm you with info
  6. [CLOSED] X-Men #101 Price Drop

    New picture is up
  7. [CLOSED] X-Men #101 Price Drop

    I will try. We just got an iMac Pro and it only allows my old scanner to scan, not my Epson Perfection which does amazing scans. I will hook up the epson to the old computer and try to get something up by tomorrow.
  8. [CLOSED] X-Men #101 Price Drop

    Last drop, then back to the collection. Freebie still applies.