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  1. Not sure... You've done a good job hyping the book here...
  2. 66? You could pass for 46. Thanks for the update. Good to hear you’re well.
  3. Drop me a PM. Looking to sell some stuff, would be happy to give you a favorable price.
  4. Yeah, all that, except the listing description says it's NM/M. I suppose that`s a hair that could be split. It does tend to alienate potential posters, though, as you can see by donut withdrawing his post. It`s not like there was a rusted staple or sub crease.
  5. What exactly is " high grade " ? I see many flaws... `High grade` encompasses grades other than 9.8. That`s a point that`s been lost on modern slab collectors. It seems facetious to say that high grade is `higher than mid grade`, but that`s the truth of the matter. Traditionally, that transition been seen to happen in the VF range. The above book is high grade. Also, mods, can you sweep up the old thread and unlock it, please.
  6. Store variants are included in the Comichron order numbers. Double Ships arent, since they are freebies and not ordered by stores. How often have these freebie overships been happening over the last couple of years? I know of a few examples. Any B+M store owners here to answer?
  7. It is reasonable. It also helps to illustrate how tough this proposition is. Since the quote, newsstand sales no longer exist. So now, we have a cut point where the actual number changes. Any guess using Comichron has to take that into account. In addition, the rise in popularity of comic properties worldwide has likely affected international orders and sales. Take the orders for Aero's debut in Agents of Atlas, for example. I think the one Phillipino shop ordered very large on the book, enough to skew percentages. It really is a guessing game, and the unknown part of the print run varies from book to book, and pre and post newsstand. PS: Does anyone know if store variants are included in the Comichron numbers? Or, how about when Marvel double ships, as with the above mentioned Agents of Atlas?
  8. Foreign distribution tops out at about 10%, newsstands probably less than that going back 10 years, but my data on that isn't as certain. I'm not sure you have ANY data. All I've seen is a vague reference to 'some larger retailers' claiming the overprint is 5%.
  9. The record is broken because people keep playing the same song. Comichron numbers are not synonymous with accurate print run data. Stop pushing that selection on the jukebox.
  10. It’s going to be very interesting as the years go forward to see which, if any, of the themed monthly variants or B covers get any love.
  11. Which pairs well with Superman 2, a portrait of Luthor’s giant ego.