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  1. Color me jealous. I get a haircut, and go back, they’d frown and say, ‘C’mon, buddy... one per. You were just here five minutes ago!’
  2. Know any good pressers? Color rub, especially on a white background, can probably be fixed with an absorene pad...
  3. Batman 655/656 - Damian has become an indispensable character in the Batman mythos. Detective 647 - Spoiler/Stephanie Brown...same thought process. X-Men 125/126 - Proteus. Fantastic multi media property, if studios realize hero versus hero is what fans would like to see.
  4. The I-III trilogy have aged well, for me. Seeing Anakin go to town on the Tusken Raiders, and the drivers of that personal evolution, was an elegant piece of storytelling for me.
  5. If someone you know has it and can ADD you to their household (they can add 1), you can access to the Amazon Prime Video as well. That, or you, Marx, and Engels can share a subscription.
  6. This cycle plays out ad infinitum. Buy an Overstreet Price Update from the late 80’s, and some OS advisor or another will be observing that Marvel keys have run up, and DC keys are a relative bargain. Of course, past performance is no guarantee of future returns, but buying DC keys in these instances has turned out well...
  7. Epic has sued Apple, and the case comes before the courts this week, IIRC.
  8. Not only that, but Marvel double shipped the book. I was mad at the time - thought for sure they’d killed it.
  9. Folks can look up 154 and see it is expensive. All the 150s are at a premium. Yup, they can. But they’d have to have a reason to do so. I didn’t have a reason (until noted in this thread) and so I didn’t know, despite having a couple of copies. More people being aware will free up more copies.
  10. Wonder if it’s a case of seller knowledge? Everyone knows the last issue phenomenon. They get pulled, collected, and actively put into the market. Second-to-last issues? Not so much, even though theoretically, their print runs would have been low as well.
  11. Yikes. That makes you wonder if something happened in transit or handling.
  12. My guess is new hires. If you get a new job, you’re likely to lean toward being overly detail oriented and perfectionistic at first. You want to make a good impression. In this case, that means noting every defect, no matter how small, and not missing anything. You’ll probably tend to under-grade rather than over grade.
  13. There’s also a cameo in 359 that flies under the radar. In fact, the cameos in 359 and 360, if they happened today, would have some of the new age collectors screaming ‘first full’.