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  1. Yeah, there’s a fair amount of landscaping that needs to be done in their pricing yard.
  2. That sounds so inexperienced. Like buyers don’t notice stupid prices suddenly being asked based on one sale. Owners can now ask 30K for a Batman 227 9.8... doesn’t mean anyone else will pay it. It’s pure economics... the price will settle where the ask meets the bid.
  3. Owners don’t determine anything. They are free to ask whatever they want. A ‘worth’ is determined when a buyer comes in and pays an asking price. Multiple such events is what makes a market.
  4. He must’ve got glasses in 2016, and realized the world isn’t blurry.
  5. Since when do you bulk spec moderns? This is like seeing Tom Brady line up on the O-line.
  6. Always been strong here in Alberta. Edmonton and Calgary have a high number of LCSs per capita compared to other areas I visit.
  7. I’m not entirely sure, TBH, as I have been a recreational hockey card collector for the last couple decades, and don’t follow the graded market closely. I do remember the time period you recall, where BGS 9.5s drew the premium. Any graded card cognoscenti here to chime in?
  8. Yes. Unavailable for viewing by those named Stanley Lieber.
  9. There’s been a reputational shift. PSA draws the premium now.
  10. I only ordered a few - I figured it would be ordered well enough that supply would meet demand.
  11. Kirkman can say that, but it in no way acts as an edict to the market. I don’t really like the trend, but there’s no denying that collecting of various previews, and character appearances in promo items is on the rise.
  12. yeah, but when might this actually come out? 2024? Here’s the thing. Rumor sells as well or better than fact. Hence the stock market aphorism: buy the rumor, sell the fact.