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  1.  Sorry, which comic was that post about? Sounds like Seinfeld.
  2. Disney's stand alone streaming service will help with this.
  3. In our echo chamber here, there’s some possibility of that. I can assure you that at shows, the general collecting population hasn’t taken this view. The long held view of what is a first appearance still rules the day. The preview appearances are seen as what they are - cool ancillary items.
  4. John Byrne’s back up story in Superman 9.
  5. Disagree, for the reasons stated above. Possible, I suppose, if Superman was having nearly 900K copies printed. Kirby to DC was a big deal back then. The Krause data probably won't be helpful; it's likely to give an average print run of several months to a year of FP, and the run for #1 will be buried in the average. Did DC overprint/overdistribute for an event book(s) like this?
  6. It'll be a tricky issue to suss out, due to returnability. No, it's unlikely over 1M copies of FP 1 were printed. It's likely more copies than JO 134 were printed. The question that really affects extant supply now is this: what was the sell through of the book? What was printed and distributed doesn't necessarily proportionately reflect what's out there. Returnability allowed for latitude in ordering.
  7. No. Looks like a guy, who, due to art style and personal viewpoints, isn’t cut out for monthly comic book work.
  8. Next on my list! <cue maniacal laughter> Not a bad idea. Two 9.8 run collectors = a big sale.
  9. Greg bought from our side of the booth. Didn’t seem too interested in your Mom.
  10. You will maybe, but I have no need to look back.  I always look back. Good way to gain insight going forward.
  11. Says the arbiter of good taste and marketplace frenzy . . . I guess you were caught empty-handed on this one?  The ultimate arbiter will be time. Sell quickly is good advice. We’ll revisit this down the road.
  12.  I certainly disagree with you, but hey? WTF do I know about comics???  He’s right. It’s a stretch. I don’t expect customers at shows down the road to be clamoring for this book. ‘The book where Cap first picks up Thor’s hammer’? - greater fool theory book. Flip now. Reading comprehension 101, Dave. Red Hood makes two statements; the only one followed up upon was ‘it’s a stretch’. You ought to consider yourself fortunate none of your critics took you up on your question.