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  1. It's been a while since I've posted this. I'm still looking for upgrades and new issues. I'm mainly looking for nicer looking copies. 6.0 or better for the most part with a few exceptions. If you have any high grade Suzie, Top-Notch or Laugh Comix issues and wish to sell please PM me. I haven't been as active recently and missed out on one book in particular that really stings. Top-Notch Laugh - I only need 1 more issue to complete my run of TN. Looking for the following as a priority: #30 5.0 or better #31 any condition, complete #33 5.0 or better #36 5.0 or better #41-43 - 7.0 or better #44 - 7.0 or better #45 - 8.0 or better Laugh Comix #47 - 8.0 or better Suzie Comics #49 - 8.0 or better #50 - 7.0 or better #51 - 7.0 or better #58,63 - 8.0 or better #66, 68 - 7.0 or better #72, 74, 76,77, 79, 81, 82, 83, 85-94, 96, 98, 100
  2. I was told last week in three stores that they still have lines the day it comes in off the truck and they sell out instantly. Kids and I had a blast playing Zelda today. I'm thinking we might just replay the series. My understanding is that since the original NES was not designed for the current TV's that there are too many attachments and hardware modifications that need to take place. Either way, I am liking the fact that there is a save feature on the NES Classic. That, and I am no longer at a time in my life where I want to blow dust out of a game to get it to work. I will probably still wait until I find it at retail. I had no issue hooking up the Nintendo to my TV. It had an audio/visual port on the side and I just plugged it right in. It looks beautiful on my tv too. They also change out something in the system and you no longer have to blow in it. I forgot what they change but most of the eBay listings will mention that it has been changed. I did buy mine from a retro store though and it was serviced and guaranteed for 30 days. It's usually the 72 pin connector and sometimes the lockout chip needs to be disabled. You can refurbish the OG 72 pin connector pretty easily as well. Long story short, because Nintendo felt that a western audience would be more comfortable putting cartridges into a system that more closely resembled a VCR. They went out of their way to make the cartridge slide in and then push down. This design makes for an awkward placement of the 72 pin connector and every-time you push down on the game, the pins bend a little. Blowing into the cartridge doesn't actually work, it's just taking the cart in and out will sometimes work if the pins are loose. The connector got damaged and the pins loosened over time especially when kids would leave a game in the down position when the console was not in use. I'm guilty
  3. $150 shipped $120 (domestic) we'll have to figure out shipping elsewhere. **Really nice looking File copy
  4. V For Vendetta Crayon Sketch - David Loyd Original Art - $150 shipped $125 shipped (domestic) figure out cost elsewhere. **I had it signed to me because I wasn't planning on selling it but for this charity I figure wth.
  5. I really wanted to upgrade my 7.5 but couldn't swing it. Congrats.
  6. I had a Green Lantern #76 CGC 6.5 with a popped upper staple once. I actually called CGC to make sure it wasn't a mistake and they confirmed it. That's the highest I've seen personally that I can think of. Edit - it wasn't otherwise extremely high grade. I'd say it was a 1.0 drop. The higher the grade, the bigger the drop.
  7. Yeah, at least it's light years ahead of where it was in the 1980s, when they first started using the term. It's all relative to your expectations. I think that's why some people are hugely disappointed in it because they expect to put a headset on and feel like they are transported to a different world. We are a long ways away from getting to the point where we can put a headset on that is so convincing we actually forget that it's just a simulation and I think that would be more scary than entertaining anyways.
  8. I don't think it would be a bad idea to try it out first. Some people get motion sickness using them and it's bad enough to be a deal breaker. Others just aren't that impressed. For some it blows their minds... Personally, I've been a big fan of VR for a while and was an early adopter of the Rift Development Kit.
  9. I have all 3. I was very impressed with the PSVR as well. I don't think the visuals are lacking behind on the more expensive headsets either. The only clear downside is the tracking. Using the playstation camera and move controllers just doesn't stack up to the tracking on the VIVE and Oculus. So far I've had the most fun playing with the Playstation VR though. I really liked the Batman game. That being said, my expectations for the PSVR were low and the my expectations for the other 2 were very high. If I had to sell one (which I am thinking of doing), it would likely be the Rift. The comfort of the headset is far and away the best on PSVR btw. Very light and it never feels like you need to take a break because of comfort. The Oculus I have to take off after about an hour. The VIVE feels the heaviest with the most pressure on your face. I feel like the next generation of these things are going to be amazing. Taking the best of all 3 would make for a seriously amazing VR experience. The headset on the PSVR, combined with the tracking of the VIVE and the visual fidelity of the Rift would be the way to go.
  10. underrated book. someone should snag it.