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  1. Now that prices have rocketed, buy a new copy of Flash Comics #1 and #2
  2. Hey gang, looking to buy a restored Flash Comics #1 with nice eye appeal. No trimming and/ or cream or worse pages. Don’t mind married parts. Hit me a PM with pics and price. G
  3. Have there been any new ones? I’d love to see more.
  4. Looks like Mr. Hankey... howdy ho! 😄
  5. I entirely forgot about them!!!!!! I really wanted to upgrade my #3.
  6. Anyone else notice this piece in a recent HA auction? Link I was very excited to see a Heshka on HA.
  7. Wow! I love this. The cover seems pretty accurate. Either the creator had a great memory or this turned out to be a cool art project 😎
  8. I am surprised by how much I like this movie. I admit, I didn't like the New52 approach when I first read the stories, and probably still don't, but it works for the movie. After watching the trailer I imagined it to be a total disaster and expected a scary movie kind of approach. Checking the trailer again after having watched the movie, I feel like they didn't choose the best scenes to represent this movie. Except, of course, the scene on the roof where he transforms. The movie isn't epic, but it's a very good approach to a hero and story that most didn't know about. Having in mind the GA characters I didn't like Billys and Freddies characters as much at first, but they turned out to be very likeable throughout the rest of the movie. However, most of all I admire the message behind the team and how well they work together. Could the costumes have been better and the villains more convincing? Sure. Considering the budget, how much I did not like the previous BvS and JL and an entirely first and fresh start at a hero who's not been in the public eye for about half a century, I really, really liked the outcome and am very positively surprised. Looking forward to seeing more.