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  1. Compared to what mid-grade SA B-character semi-keys are selling for these days, GA seems just so dirt cheap to me. I've even noticed myself going after books I haven't cared for as much, simply because they seem so freaking affordable. Mind you, they aren't. But they seem that way, compared to everything else.
  2. Very cool! I like that they preferred putting Zatara on the cover, over Superman. I wonder why, though.
  3. Love looking back at this thread from so long ago. Glad Cap is being appreciated these days and not further forgotten. Happy Easter everyone!
  4. According to GPA that Tec #225 sold in 2017 for $120k. Taking into account all the fees, the seller took a loss here. Had higher hopes for the MM after that JL cameo.
  5. This auctioneer is horrible to listen to. Wonder why they didn’t put someone up who knows something about comics. Glad there’s tons of ways to mute.
  6. Hey Y'all, looking for copies of Batman #1 and More Fun Comics #52. I don't mind the grade, conservation or restoration, as long as the book is complete and doesn't have trimming. Also looking for coverless copies of More Fun #54 and #55 (or just the cf of #55). Thanks George
  7. Not exactly books, but still Golden Age style good stuff with a twist. The first two are huge at 25x35, the Tec is much smaller.
  8. Now that prices have rocketed, buy a new copy of Flash Comics #1 and #2