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  1. Interested in buying a raw Suzie #49 in 4.0 to 7.0 condition. Willing to pay FMV + shipping to CA. Thanks.
  2. I cannot be the only person who remembers (vaguely) this movie. But what I do remember is awesome. That said, I would appreciate any perspective you'd be willing to share on this World's Unknown #6 - The Thing Called Killdozer! Cover: Back cover: Upper front cover ding: Back cover ding: Corners of front cover: Corners of back cover:
  3. Take these three at 20% off. I think they're all still available... Thanks.
  4. Hi. Is the receiving delay still happening? Seeing a package received 1/14/21 but not seeing it in my submission tracker. Thanks. Order Confirmation #: CGC5666672327