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  1. Ah... there's my confusion. Then the answer is no for sure unless I pay for the service ahead of time. Got it, thanks.
  2. Thanks - I was asking about it even later but it sounds like once the books ship, the images are gone/not available for purchase? If I decided I wanted an image of a book I got shipped to me a month ago, purchasing that image is no longer available?
  3. Can you request images after you've submitted your comics? I understand there'd still be the charge - but wondering if that's always an option. Thanks.
  4. Are there notes on every book? I just had a few books graded but only 2 of the 5 had notes. I ask because I was surprised at the grade of one of the books (obviously lower than expected so wanted to know where the downgrade came from but it has no notes).
  5. Interested in thoughts on this ASM 43. Thanks.
  6. Looking for a perspective on this Canadian Edition of Daredevil 196. Thanks.