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  1. Actually, all of you guys worried about "breaking your streak" can rejoice, because as long as no convention was even held, your streaks are in fact still intact. You'll only be be breaking your streaks of going to the city of San Diego, and we all know that's NOT the streak any of you cares about. The streak can only be broken if the event was held and you didn't attend. Rejoice, YOUR STREAKS ARE INTACT!
  2. GeneticNinja, the artwork framed here on her wall is a prelim by legendary paperback novel cover illustrator, Robert A. Maguire, which he ultimately turned into the finished cover for Emergency Nurse, in 1963. Check out the scans attached....
  3. I don't think that's the problem though, because if you look above at the 3rd post (by stefanomjr), his scan loaded at full size and it looks to be pretty close to 1250 pixels. Let me try with one page t a time....
  4. It's from Stephen King's The Stand, the Marvel adaptation. I actually have the scans sized to 1250 pixels tall, but for some unknown (at least to me) reason, this website seems to be keeping them really small, even after you click on the image. If you know how I can get the scan to show at its actual size, please let me know!
  5. So, first the virus spreads quickly without anyone realizing it because nobody takes it seriously. Then, if it doesn't get contained before hospitals are overwhelmed, they'll eventually be throwing bodies into dump trucks and off the pier because even crematoriums will be overwhelmed! Do I get the extra credit, Rick?
  6. Hi Everyone, I assume that between my own mailing list and the comicart-L list I'm probably covring all my bases already, but I figure I'll post here as well to see if I can reach anyone new who may be interested and isn't already on my mailing list or the Comicart-L Yahoo group. I'm pleased to announce the I've just posted the original art to Lois Lane #2 for sale, the great new critically acclaimed series by Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins. Rucka has crafted a real cracker of a thriller so far, and it treats Lois as the kick , hard hitting investigative journalist she is, with lots of Questions and intrigue. To see all the art, please click on the following link...…. Cheers, Rubén
  7. Hey Mark, Just want to post this so you can see that Khazano is absolutely correct and you can save this scan if you want it.
  8. Am I the only one for who this link doesn't work? It just takes me to the eBay home page. But even when I go to eBay and do a search in the completed auctions, this page doesn't come up for me. Can anyone link me directly to the proper page?
  9. Congrats on buying it, Carl. Those circular and rectangular hole punches aren't uncommon. Not sure who did them though, but I assume maybe someone in the editorial office. Perhaps they would place them in some sort of binder for the ditor to be able to flip through all the pages more easily. Just a guess though. I have plenty of pages like that.
  10. Carl, It's definitely real. It's not exactly a top level page, content wise, but as has been mentioned, it's still closer to $500 than to $300. Feel free to buy it, and when it's safely at home with you, let me know, and I'll give you the $500 for it. Oh, and I won't make any attempt to disparage or humiliate you because you "flipped it to me" for a quick profit. Let me know when you're ready. -Rubén
  11. Hey Jeff, Here is a scan of the published page to have as "proof" of publication, as well as a scan of the cover for the issue, in case you want to hunt down a copy....
  12. Tom Grummett art wanted!