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  1. I always Block the Chowderheads that have given other eBayer's unnecessary grief. Here is a pic - the last three names I got today from the: Blocked eBay Thread! CAL who did read one revived Thread but needs repose....
  2. Not ringing a bell. Yet. Takes me a while to get the Board Brain fully charged. If Chili Palmer of Get Shorty fame puts the gun to my head and asks me to call it( you), I would have to say: " Porcupine was probably another unfair jerk to me some of the time but not so to have me daydream of 1,000 ways to torture him, then worse if I can catch him in the Nevada desert". Hope that helps. CAL who usually remembers who is in his Fan Club and those on "The List"....
  3. Plenty of Fire in this Old Stove, youngster. Watch, Learn from the MASTER. CAL the Baiter....( say the last four words real fast)
  4. I like the "convent contempt" part of the definition for some reason.... CAL who has been DYING to use his old phrase: " suffers NO fools"!!!
  5. OOOOPS!!! Someone better start backpedaling!!! CAL who ALWAYS gets the last laugh!!!
  6. I have proved NOTHING for you. YOU prove YOUR point, princess....
  7. No. I won't name names. They will speak for themselves. CAL who is reluctant to vouch for strangers....especially here....
  8. Some here would not agree with your assessment.... CAL who was SILENT for months!!!
  9. Seems to be required for a Newbie to go through the halls of hades here...
  10. B.S. detector just blew up!!!