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  1. Now I gotta get one of these!!! CAL whose tastes in Collecting has many Levels....
  2. Hope the thieves get caught then gets 20 Hard Time....
  3. Kudos to: CJ Design for that great ASM # 62, 1968! MEDUSA Cover! CAL
  4. Thanx! Hope to do more great business here! CAL the Comic Day Trader!!!
  5. Received the ARCHIE 132 & FF 55 from JFHCOMICS I hope he sees this I could not post Kudos as his Board name did not respond to Search results.... CAL who always send Kudos to the deserving....
  6. He only has 17 hours left to pay - he ain't gonna pay. He has a secondary eBay User ID with an underscore and a feedback of only 195. No Selling history at all, so he does not have to worry about getting his Selling Listings deleted via possible suspension pounded down by unfair FeeBay. I will take this oddball item to Heritage where it should sell easily. CAL been at many a rodeo....
  7. Methinks you are missing the foundation of the past WARS here.... If you know of a way run it past me, and I will look at your way. CAL who sticks to HIS game plan until proven otherwise....
  8. No I never needed to ask evidence of this. They would type a full page of whineyville, then close their request with these outlandish dedications of who they pledge their honesty against, for collateral(?). Trust me this is the best way - just outright BLOCK them. Hopefully a few sane Boards here "get this".... CAL who always has "gotten it"
  9. Here is another oxygen-waster to Block: bobb_damou
  10. I already started the pile to take to Beverly Hills Tuesday. Tired of daaackingn around.... CAL more than one way to skin a cat....
  11. This is on that ASM 50 that just can't get sold. I have a bad feeling that this item will get another non-payer. Heritage, here I come! CAL who knew better than to burn the bridge with Heritage....
  12. I started to Block the Bid Retractors as well. Don't let them off-the0hook - they will PM/email you begging to be removed and will swear on their grandkids graves that they will pay - they won't. I had a hard time years ago with "robtothec" he kept buying my IMSMs and would not pay. I gave him a 2nd chance as he had a surprisingly high eBay Feedback score( slightly higher than mine at that time). Buys again then starts to return game - not as described. I know he frequents this Forum and if he does not see this post Stu & others( I know who they are) will con
  13. Fantastic story! Great connection!
  14. You never know! You are in KY - so we may have more in common than one would think. Setting Gary Busey on fire running nkd nursing home - what a horrible sight! But a good description nevertheless! For some reason when I read this post, it made me think of: Klaus Kinski, that German Actor in the CLASSIC movie: Fitzcarraldo Directed by the great Werner Herzog You have to see this great masterpiece of Cinema before you die. CAL the sometimes movie maven....