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  1. Don't know which came first but the faces are different;
  2. This was the corner box art for many years
  3. It takes a lot for me to take interest in anything DC but this cover is just WOW
  4. Was supposed to be a tie-in with a real singer. More here https://www.cbr.com/comic-book-urban-legend-revealed-48/
  5. I saw 2 packs in dollar stores a few years ago, various publishers, mostly over printed 90s stuff.
  6. Where would you place the beginning and end of the bronze age in the Hulk series?
  7. They almost look modern. Also interesting that the logo worked into the art of 109 would later become the long running logo from 131 and throughout the 80s.
  8. The earliest covers in the run are really striking.
  9. 120 is first Alpha Flight according to https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/X-Men_Vol_1_120 They are even in shadow on the cover.
  10. My first comics were a bunch of random Hulk's from 195-203. Looking at those books now, it's no wonder I became a Hulk and comic book fan. From fighting the Abomination at an amusement park, to the swamps with Man-Thing. to a shrunken Hulk fighting giants... one of my favorite stretch of books.
  11. Before X-Men Apocalypse, X-Factor 6 9.8 was around $85, about $50 more than surrounding X-Factor issues. At the peak of movie hype I think they may have gone as high as $600. Currently around $275.
  12. The comics of my childhood. Working on 102-340 run. 82 issues to go. Also collect random 9.8 slabs and the Masterworks books.
  13. For me personally there's two types of books here, the Whitmans and the Early Direct Editions. I have been collecting since I was 5 in 1979 and through the 80's and as these books would come up I started to identify the ones with the fat diamond (and all the variations of it) as books that came out of the 3 pack bags, and the later small diamonds with the slash through the barcode that eventually morphed into the spiderman head UPC were presumably early direct editions (once I knew what direct editions were). I never heard a word about any of this from anyone, I just came to my own conclusion from what I saw going on in stores at the time as I worked on back issues and noticed the differences. I avoided the Whitmans because I thought they looked ugly or wrong. I was never of the opinion they were reprints but I can see how on first glance years later they may look like reprints, especially the ones with the blank UPC box. I rarely saw Whitmans in my LCS even in the late 70s/ early 80s (maybe 1 out of 500 comics) and when I did, it was beat up. The "early direct editions" were much more common, though I can't remember if that was the only option at the LCS. Anyway I think there likely was a mix of things going on at the time but the general consensus on these books is as right as it's going to get.