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  1. Thanks for posting this and the photos. I knew Don and Bernie through my dad (obviously). Some of my first and best memories with Don were helping out at the Dallas area Big D collectibles shows he put on--I was probably 12 or 13 and would work the front table and watch the front entrance to make sure everybody going in had badges. Don always had that kind of laid back manner of speaking and a wry sense of humor and chuckle. I'll miss him. Didn't know Bart as well but met him a few times at the more recent OAF Cons. Cat, my condolences for Roxanne. I'm sorry for your loss and know my
  2. I hear all that loud and clear. I’m attempting to help you with the actual concrete questions you had that spurred the policy discussion. If you’re interested in that, I’m available to get you answers.
  3. James, I’m not clear—if this is a “ship has sailed situation”, that’s cool—but if you’re interested in the comics, please let me know what your questions are and I’ll get you answers Monday. You can reply to the PM I sent you, or you can email me at
  4. In my first post in this thread I've already responded about both why our eBay policy is as it is, and mentioned that we'd possibly do a trial and potentially change it. I've also PM'd you and offered to get you answers on Monday if you'll tell me what your questions are. The thread now seems to be more about proving somebody right or wrong--I'm not interested in that and have nothing further to add. PM me if you like and I'm happy to get your questions answered.
  5. I said that text appears for our auctions--referring to our web site, which is the only place we do auctions. Our eBay listings are BINs. I posted that because you said "Heritage's, Link's, and Connect's Fall auctions instead, where questions are welcome, and addressed, like true professionals."--those auctions are on their web sites too, not on eBay. My point was that in the auctions we run, on our website, it's just as easy to find contact info and ask a question as with the three venues you mentioned.
  6. FYI, the attached screenshot shows the contact info and an invitation to ask questions by email or phone that appears at the top of our auction pages. We run weekly auctions every Monday, and higher profile prime auctions quarterly, next one opening in January I’ve PMd James to ask him what items his questions are regarding, and will get him answers on Monday
  7. Appreciate the feedback, @James J Johnson If you have a question you're welcome to PM me about it, although that's not intended to be a normal customer service channel and I don't expect anyone to seek that out other than regular board members. As others have said, we also have a web site, with a Help link at the top of every page that has a contact email address and phone number for customer service: As for our eBay account not having questions opened up, it's been set that way for many years. If the only questions we got were from serious buyers inq
  8. We probably don't have more total comics than Mile High since accumulating piles of unsold bulk comics isn't our goal. We exceed them by more meaningful measures: - sales, by a very wide margin - selection - We maintain a significantly better selection despite higher turnover of our inventory. We have to continually replace books we're selling to maintain our selection, vs books at MH that don't move because they're overpriced. - inventory value - Mile High doesn't have much of a footprint with older and more expensive books. My guess would be that our inventory at any given point in
  9. Great resource, thanks! I like how you can see the average grade in the census dropping over time when a book is gradually increasing in value leading to more lower grade copies getting slabbed, like here for Batman 232:
  10. It's a big update we've been working on. Addressing multiple things--biggest has to do with a change eBay made several months ago, where all listings continue indefinitely rather than expiring after 30 days. There are benefits to that change and eBay had good reasons for doing it, but it had some minor undesirable impacts on our ability to keep our inventory 100% correctly synced up with eBay. Those changes meant that sometimes we'd end up with orphaned items that were still live on eBay that we didn't know about and might no longer be available. We're changing some of the plumbing we use to c
  11. Diamond Comic Distributors Retailer Services 9:00 AM-7:00 PM ET For Service questions: 1-443-318-8500
  12. Yes, you physically send us the books first. The benefit of that is that we can list your book on our web site and eBay simultaneously in order to put it in front of the largest customer base possible Being able to list a book on our site but not ship to us until there’s a buyer is an option we plan to add in the future for higher value certified books, but do not offer currently. Whenever we do set that up, it’s important to me that we get it right and design a good system. I want to avoid the graveyard effect where there are a bunch of phantom books listed for sale that are
  13. Auction with us: 8% commission Or if you’d like to control your sale price, BIN consignment with us, 10% commission on first $300 and 8% on any amount past $300 If the books you’re selling aren’t especially rare, you’ll usually be able to do ~5-10% better with BIN than auction. But if you just want to get everything sold immediately, then yeah, auction.
  14. Cinderella Love 25 was a typo. Our system pricing was correct but the pricer manually entered a number and missed a digit. We've added a safeguard to prevent that from happening.
  15. Cool project for her to do for her dad! Thanks for sharing.