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  1. Hi Ryan, I agree with you that both those books of yours should go for more, but I don't know that the disruption Monday night was an important factor. One of the two items ended about an hour before the site problem started. I think they would have done better in our quarterly prime auction rather than the weekly auction--prime is better for pricey gold and silver age, weekly is targeted somewhat at lower value books (typically under $50 in value), moderns, and multi-item lots. I know the site didn't give you the option for prime on these two--our internal pricing wasn't up to date and wasn't valuing them high enough to think they were eligible. I'm putting in a fix for this tomorrow, so that books like these would have the option to go in prime, and if the value's high enough prime would be the only auction option they'd qualify for. Also, for you or anyone else reading, if you ever have a book that our site says is only eligible for the weekly auctions that you know to be valuable enough to be a good fit for prime, if you ask our consignment manager we can override the item for you to put it in the prime auction. I'll also follow up with you via PM. For what it's worth, this weekly auction actually ended up averaging in the ballpark of 5% better relative to price benchmarks than the two weekly auctions that preceded it, which both contained roughly the same quantity and mix of material. As with any auction, there will be some individual disappointing results and some individual disappointed sellers, but it doesn't look to me like there will be too many upset sellers because despite the Monday night disruption, on average the auction still ended up performing a bit better than a "normal" undisrupted weekly auction.
  2. I believe the problem has been conclusively identified and fixed now. Our site runs on Amazon cloud infrastructure, and one of the low level infrastructure pieces we use had a set amount of activity it was configured to allow. We didn't realize there was a limit involving that component, and our activity has grown to the point that we were exceeding the limit, which resulted in strange errors and long response times. Once we traced it to that, it was relatively easy to reconfigure it to allow for higher traffic and activity levels.
  3. We've been working on it. We don't have a solution yet, and whatever the issue is has been especially tough to resolve. For the affected auction items starting part way through the auction when the disruption started, I have rescheduled their closing times to Tuesday night. I will be sending an update email to bidders and sellers shortly. I'll provide another update on Tuesday once we know more.
  4. nocutename, I have confirmed that your account information has been cleared as you requested. There's no hard feelings on my part towards nocutename and I wouldn't mind letting the thread die, don't want her to feel bad. As is often the case with these kinds of things, the problem started with a misunderstanding--OP originally thought it was our mistake, but that was not the case, and then from that misunderstanding spun into more of an issue than it would have been otherwise.
  5. My preferred way to handle returns would be: - if a return is due to something outside of the customer's own actions such that the items received aren't as described (our error, damage in transit, etc), then of course no restocking fee - if a return is due to the customer's good faith error (oops I ordered the wrong thing), or even if it's a buyer's remorse situation and they changed their minds but it's an honest mistake and first time, don't sweat it, accept the return with no restocking fee, let them know that although we do have a restocking fee for some returns it's not necessary here. The situation described in this thread sounds like it wasn't our error, but it was a minor oversight by the buyer and not a big deal, and I wouldn't have charged a restocking fee. - but if a buyer has repetitive return requests where we didn't do anything wrong and the buyer made an error or got buyer's remorse, or otherwise is not ordering/returning in good faith, then I have no problem charging a restocking fee. We're not trying to be Wal-Mart or Amazon where anybody can return anything for any reason as many times as they want. There are buyers that would take advantage of it if it were allowed, one example being buyers looking for 9.8 candidates among books listed only as NM, and wanting to return correctly graded books that aren't suitable for 9.8 slabbing. Or ordering a 6.0 FN book and returning it, not because they don't think it's a 6.0, but because they thought it was undergraded when they ordered it, and then after receiving it decided it wasn't undergraded as much as they hoped. We don't want people fishing for stuff like that and then returning what they don't like. We want to take care of our customers, but we expect buyers to meet us half way and treat us fairly too.
  6. Saw it, loved it. Fantastic wrap up and send off for everything they’ve built up over all these films. The emotional moments all landed very well for me, but I’m an easy touch for stuff like that. I’d see it again.
  7. Think it's safe to say adding a best offer capability is our most-requested feature. We are adding it, and it will be entirely optional--consignors don't have to use it if they don't want to. No definite date yet but we are getting there.
  8. The consignor got back to me. The original price was $999 (which became the $1140 on eBay)--he was not intending to sell at that price, he did that in order to flag that book to himself for further action. He had not realized it was color touched, and was considering having it set aside to be returned to him. He has now lowered the price to $99--I don't think he plans to sell it at that price either, but that's less eye catching than the previous price. Sounds like it'll be removed from his account soon if he decides to have it returned. We do not currently provide a mechanism for a consignor to delist an item because the need to do so hasn't been requested much at all before, and normally if you have something consigned we'd prefer that it be listed rather than not. A workaround is to assign it to an auction and then remove it from auction (before the auction starts). That'll put an item back in an unlisted state.
  9. Not sure if that was an accident on the part of the consignor or what, but I emailed him to let him know. He priced it earlier today. We currently do not impose any price controls on items priced by our consignors, and occasionally something odd like this gets attention. I intend to add some guardrails to consignment pricing in a future update. The goal will be to limit unrealistic pricing while still preserving as much consignor freedom and flexibility as we can.
  10. Bffnut bought multiple copies of that book--if he can tell me our product label number of the special one, I can, but otherwise I have no way of knowing book is the one you care about. I'll follow up with you via PM regarding any updates we might make to our catalog.
  11. The copies that bffnut purchased came in via two different buys earlier this summer through our online buying system that people can use to sell us comics. And as bffnut already said, our catalog differentiates between 1st and 2nd printings for that issue, but does not differentiate newsstand editions for that particular issue. So both copies were listed just as the 2nd printing with the same generic picture we show for all copies of that issue.
  12. We received the damaged shipment returned by the OP last Friday, and are getting the book off to be recased by CGC and don't see any damage to the comic that would lower the grade. The box did contain the inner slab box that we normally use, it just wasn't pictured in what the OP shared. It's a little hard only being able to see how the box looks now without seeing it originally, but the only thing we can see out of the ordinary now is that the box only contained two of the L-shaped foam corners, when there are supposed to be four. It mainly looks like the box was very roughly handled by UPS.
  13. Hi all, I’m traveling today but will follow up with this gentleman and make sure everything is taken care of, and determine if somebody didn’t pack the book correctly according to our usual procedure.
  14. You could consign with us and do fixed price sale instead of auction. Low commission without the price risk of auction sale. You send one shipment to us and then set prices on your books. We scan them and list them on both MCS and eBay. Commission is 10% on sales up to $300, 8% sales $300-3000, and 6% $3000+, minimum of $5 per book.