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  1. What my parents have always told me is they liked the name from Arthur Conan Doyle but that I’m not named after anyone specifically, including the barbarian.
  2. Hi @NamesJay, sorry to hear about the trouble you had. I looked into it and think I see what happened. Looks like your previous order that caused the block was March 2017 for 39 copies of the same issue (multiple copies of a bunch of variants). I'm guessing this is the order where you had returns, though I don't have any notes about how many items were returned or further details about that. I don't know if this was the first order with returns or if you had returns on that account previously. When we get returns, if the quantity of the return is small and/or the person processing th
  3. The info in the table is based on these terms: MyComicShop auction 8% seller's commission, commission amount capped at $1000, 3% buyer's premium waived to 0% for payment methods used in this price range ComicLink auction 10% seller's commission, ~3% buyer's premium waived to 0% for payment methods used in this price range ComicConnect auction 10% seller's commission no buyer's premium, potential 3% payment fee to consignor depending on how the buyer pays, but usually 0% for sales in this range Heritage auction 15% seller's commission, 20% buyer's premium Large eno
  4. I think a lot of retailers would disagree with that. It's a tumultuous time in the direct market, yes, with covid of course, and distribution moves from DC and now Marvel. But a bad time for the direct market, no. Plenty of retailers have had a strong year and are planning for growth. A publisher culling poorly performing titles isn't inherently bad. A lot of retailers have been calling for just that for a long time--a smaller number of high quality titles hitting big sales numbers could be healthier for the market than a larger range of mediocre titles that barely sell enough to justify
  5. Don't have any specific answer to your question except to say that there's no variability on our end in terms of some books being reviewed in this manner and others not. They all go through the same systems.
  6. There are quite a few buyers that will complain about any minor defects on the case and either want to return a purchased slab, or ask for a partial refund. Some of the "defects" that buyers will complain about are minor cosmetic issues sometimes found in brand new slabs fresh from CGC that CGC considers within the natural and acceptable range of the production process for case material. To head off conflict and returns, we do our best to accurately note anything buyers might want to know about the slab before they buy/bid. Additionally, all our CGC eBay listings have this text:
  7. I think the opposing viewpoints here between Motor City Rob and piper center around the difference between books that are more or less readily available in the market (buyer's market) and books that are in high demand but don't appear for sale often (seller's market). There are a lot more books in the first category than the second. Even many expensive high-end keys are nonetheless pretty readily available. That doesn't have to mean there are multiple copies sitting on eBay every day of the week, but you know they come up for auction fairly frequently. For those buyer's market books,
  8. Thanks for posting this and the photos. I knew Don and Bernie through my dad (obviously). Some of my first and best memories with Don were helping out at the Dallas area Big D collectibles shows he put on--I was probably 12 or 13 and would work the front table and watch the front entrance to make sure everybody going in had badges. Don always had that kind of laid back manner of speaking and a wry sense of humor and chuckle. I'll miss him. Didn't know Bart as well but met him a few times at the more recent OAF Cons. Cat, my condolences for Roxanne. I'm sorry for your loss and know my
  9. I hear all that loud and clear. I’m attempting to help you with the actual concrete questions you had that spurred the policy discussion. If you’re interested in that, I’m available to get you answers.
  10. James, I’m not clear—if this is a “ship has sailed situation”, that’s cool—but if you’re interested in the comics, please let me know what your questions are and I’ll get you answers Monday. You can reply to the PM I sent you, or you can email me at
  11. In my first post in this thread I've already responded about both why our eBay policy is as it is, and mentioned that we'd possibly do a trial and potentially change it. I've also PM'd you and offered to get you answers on Monday if you'll tell me what your questions are. The thread now seems to be more about proving somebody right or wrong--I'm not interested in that and have nothing further to add. PM me if you like and I'm happy to get your questions answered.
  12. I said that text appears for our auctions--referring to our web site, which is the only place we do auctions. Our eBay listings are BINs. I posted that because you said "Heritage's, Link's, and Connect's Fall auctions instead, where questions are welcome, and addressed, like true professionals."--those auctions are on their web sites too, not on eBay. My point was that in the auctions we run, on our website, it's just as easy to find contact info and ask a question as with the three venues you mentioned.
  13. FYI, the attached screenshot shows the contact info and an invitation to ask questions by email or phone that appears at the top of our auction pages. We run weekly auctions every Monday, and higher profile prime auctions quarterly, next one opening in January I’ve PMd James to ask him what items his questions are regarding, and will get him answers on Monday
  14. Appreciate the feedback, @James J Johnson If you have a question you're welcome to PM me about it, although that's not intended to be a normal customer service channel and I don't expect anyone to seek that out other than regular board members. As others have said, we also have a web site, with a Help link at the top of every page that has a contact email address and phone number for customer service: As for our eBay account not having questions opened up, it's been set that way for many years. If the only questions we got were from serious buyers inq