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  1. Great! Thanks Sean. Kind of cool to see that I might have the only book signed by him, regardless of the grade, it's still very cool I think
  2. Does anybody know if this is the only copy signed by Earl? It says there are 2 9.4 SS on the census but I'm betting those are signed by Stan Lee anybody have any to step up? 6.5 or not, I still love this one.
  3. I think this is every collector's nightmare Really hope you're dealing with okay, I know i'd be really emotional if it happened to me. I hope you catch them and get your stuff back. Low lifes!
  4. I personally think this should be the book that is hotter than Batman Adventures 12, but that's just me. Great books!
  5. Wow those are great! I'm glad there's people who loved his work as much as myself. Here is one (confused by the grade), will resub it eventually I think, but love it all the same.
  6. Just heard the news Rip Earl Norem. Would love to see everybody's books of his.
  7. So a few years ago I had Troy make a blank for me for Iron Man 1 (Extemis), I had the intent to have somebody from Iron Man 3 sign it, and it just so happened that Ben Kingsley was obtainable of me at the Exodus premiere in the UK with help from a friend. Of course this wasn't witnessed, but due to the custom blank nature, the NG yellow label was acceptable for my OCD anyways, I then had artist Paul Shipper (his work is great if you haven't seen it before) sketch Kingsley as the Mandarin on it for me, which was of course witnessed. It was costly but I couldn't be happier! Here it is: Thanks for the blank Troy! It took a while to get it done (signed by Kinsley and sketched by the perfect artist for me) but great to finally make use of it
  8. I know what you mean, but it just seemed ridiculous, with the logic of tattoos comes vanity, I could understand some sort of scarification on the face or anywhere, but tattoos, especially ones in the context of what they both seem to have, seem way off the mark, but I'm hoping when I watch it, I can forget and ignore the tattoos. Seems ridiculous that they've leaked so much from this film already. One reason is that it separates you from everybody else. People with face tattoos are generally looked at as a bit cracked, and it's difficult to imagine anyone getting one without realizing that.
  9. Seriously, why the face tattoos? It's ridiculous to me.
  10. I have a 1.5 Tales of Suspense 39 that I cracked for Stan Lee, and was so stressful to hold it for me, it didn't fall apart on me, but I was really worried … But I think it presents quite nice, and I got it because it was all I could afford. Is this the sort of thing you're referring too? or would you say I'm just out of that category? :shrug: For me, it was a case of it being all I could afford and it visually looking like a nice copy besides the grade.