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  1. $125 $115 shipped Signed by Dave Prowse and "Search your Feelings!" inscribed.
  2. My last personal copy of this issue. $145 $130 shipped Signed by Mike Ploog, Simon Bisley, and Simon Reed (writer).
  3. I need to raise some quick cash, so listing these for low prices to pay off some debts Will include postage in postage in price. No returns, just message me if you have any questions Thanks guys
  4. Sad news about Angus Scrimm – I've never seen the movies but heard nothing but good things I need to get on that! Great looking book that'll never be duplicated TP! @Darrel – That Winter Soldier book is looking super sweet now. you need to get SJ now
  5. Still a few books available if anybody is interested
  6. First person to spend over $220 gets this for free
  7. I think it says Darth M Great Ray Park book. I would love a Darth Maul origins movie!!
  8. Star Wars book SOLD! Feel free to message me with any questions on remaining books.
  9. I'll have more later, but if anybody has any questions, just drop me a message
  10. I don't have a picture of this in it's slab – sorry. it's a 9.6. CGC SS. $200
  11. Signed and Inscribed by Dave Prowse, "Search your Feelings!" $125