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  1. I can't tell you how many collectors would give their right arm for a Hulk 1 in any grade. You should be proud.
  2. Avengers 8 CGC 7.5 WP
  3. If you are buying this on eBay and paying with PayPal you can always return. It doesn't matter what the seller says.
  4. I just had several 25 book Value Fast Track invoices get completed in 7 days!
  5. Please some one tell me who is Stu? This the second thread his name came up.
  6. I think this book got hyped up over a story. Something about being left in the back of a car in the sun. Hey, it's the single lowest graded example! Very rare!
  7. I'm always a little bit disappointed when I purchase a raw book BIN on eBay. The books that look like the advertised grade in the scan always seem to have a defect that brings them down a notch or two. The dealers know what they are doing. You can say the same about auction books but I can bid what I want. With BIN's you're typically paying a premium. This being said I'm with @wombat, I would never spend thousands of dollars on a raw book on eBay.
  8. I'm trying not to pass judgement but COME ON!
  9. I have an idea! We should put a fund together. Buy all the books, return them, and give negative feedback on every single purchase.