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  1. It's time for our annual "keep your day job basketball game" Time: 8:00AM Friday, August 23rd (Usually goes to 10:30 or so) Place: Rosemont Health And Fitness (A couple of miles away but you will need an Uber for sure) 10225 W Higgins Rd. Des Plaines IL 60018 (847) 698-2582  Cost: $25 (CASH ONLY!) $20 if you are able to present a hotel room key (all hotels qualify). Need a room key for each player present to qualify for the discount. Details: You must have a photo ID. No exceptions. You must be 16 as of 8/23/19 As evidenced by our previous games, no skill required. Austin, and I are in. Alex defected to the Philadelphia league. Post here or PM me if you can make it.
  2. Yes. Book is clearly cursed. Ha ha!
  3. ebay user ID: silversurfer.rx_2 Puts offer in on $3500 book. Hi to whom it may concern,I had made an offer regarding the 4.5 cgc Brave and Bold #28. Please disregard my offer of $3500. At the time, I thought I had budgeted enough to purchase such a wonderful comic. But I just will not be able to afford it even for this price. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you. Thrill bidders for the win!
  4. Hi Greg...just wanted to drop you a note to say your sons are a hoot and a half, and I've enjoyed talking with them at recent cons (Phoenix and Heroes.) Super friendly, know what they're doing, and no attitude. Thanks for a job well done! Much appreciate the kind words.
  5. ebay user ID: mrcandido Wins $3,000 book at auction Waste of Time: "Wow. I have never seen it sell at this grade for such a low price. I will send payment this evening or tomorrow morning." Us: Yes you got a great deal! Thanks for your business. Will send the book within 1 business day of receiving payment. Waste of Time: Hi there. You are probably not going to believe this but even though I got lucky with this auction, on my way home I was extremely unlucky as my car sustained heavy damage from a piece of flying debris that damaged my windshield. Alberta insurance does not cover the cost of glass replacement so I am on the hook for $900 for the glass damage plus the labour costs. Alberta does not permit you to drive with a damaged windshield so I have to make this repair immediately or I will be without a vehicle. I am gutted but I cannot afford to pay for this damage on top of this item at the same time and must request to cancel the transaction. I am devastated as I have saved all year to get a CGC copy of BatB #28 at a good price. Believe me even after putting in the Cancellation Request and with all this going on, I still tried to find a way to scrape together the extra funds together to make up the total but there's just no way at this time. I apologize profusely.
  6. Hi everyone, I had an absolute blast filming the Pawn Stars episode. Yes, the show is scripted but quite candidly, not nearly as much as you might think. Basically, they give you 3-4 highlights they want you to cover and the rest is freestyle, which is great, because there is 0 chance I could remember that many lines anyway . The price negotiation is very real but no, I didn't care if I sold a book or not. I was the first "comic guy" (meaning an actual dealer) to appear on the show (there have been several since), and what's not known is, I was auditioning to be the "comic expert", not just a "man on the street". In the time we hooked the details up (nearly 3 months as outlined below), Pawn Stars discovered CGC and made them the experts (I believe Paul Litch has been featured on every comicbook episode since?), before I ever flew to Vegas. That said, my wife and I made a vacation of it and having been a fan of the show for years, it was a no brainer to fly to the desert and spend 4 days in the warm November sunshine. Another little known fact is we almost blew the history channel off when they first reached out. I was sure it was one of my friends playing a joke and didn't take the initial inquiry all that seriously. In the end, it took 3 months from their initial e-mail to actually film the show, and another 7 months from that until it aired. It took about 6 hours to film the scene you ultimately saw but it was one of the fastest 6 hours of my life. I was fascinated with how they filmed my hands, had me make certain motions, etc, much of it long after Rick was gone. Speaking of Rick, he does not translate well on TV, no doubt. Many, many people were thrilled that I effectively told him to "pack sand" on his offers because he comes across as rude and abrupt. In between shoots, he's the consummate gentleman and is passionate about history. He is very knowledgeable in that area and there is no "expert" feeding him information in that arena. He asked me inbetween scenes, "what do you do for a living"?. He almost fell over when I said "I sell comic books". That's when I knew we were in the 1st inning of a 9 inning game! Another interesting thing to note is the Pawn Shop has a duplicate "shop" in the back of the store where the scenes are filmed. So when I showed up I told the guy at the front of the regular shop (there was a huge line to get in), why I was there. I was quickly ushered through the store, through the warehouse and into the green room. I was pretty nervous in the green room but once I got onto the set it just became very natural. Another interesting note about the show is there is no "door from the street". There is a high watt lamp behind a fake door and the scene always starts with the "man on the street" walking in. The film crew gets the extras by going into the real Pawn Shop and calling out for any volunteers to be in the scene. They are given strict instructions to mill around, but make no sounds or eye contact with the "man on the street". The episode debuted during the Wizard Philly Con the next summer and to say my phone blew up would be an understatement. I understand it has since aired 50+ times in 100+ countries. Just amazing!. Pawn Stars asked us back for another scene but I felt like there was simply no way to top the fun I had the first time (not to mention Maryland to Nevada is a far piece of travel) so I reluctantly passed. Best to all, Greg
  7. ebay user ID: charlie9912 Neg'd us because he doesn't know the difference between a mis-wrap and a trimmed book. Ebay will not remove the negative despite the fact that he is 100% wrong. I asked the ebay rep if the guy said the sky was green while we had a listing that the sky was blue, what would she do? She said it's his "opinion". Anyway, proceed with this turd nugget if you like dealing with restoration "experts". Not the first neg he's left for "trimming" either.
  8. I get asked this a lot (can I go full time and make $$XXX/yr?). My answer is, if you are passionate about comics, and about truly building a business, you can succeed but it's many times harder than it was 10 years ago. There is no shortcut. I ran my business part time for a year and a half to try and ramp up inventory and a customer base. Even after that my first 2 full time years resulted in a loss of $30,000 the 1st year and a $35,000 profit my 2nd. I worked 70/hours a week those first two years and did 15-18 trade shows per year. I also had the luxury of running a division for a wholesale flooring company prior to launching that provided me with invaluable experience about how to structure and run a company as well as how to write and execute a business plan. Large scale scores are mostly a thing of the past. Of course they still exist, but not nearly like they did even 10 years ago. I'll give you an example. On my way to the first ever Wizard New Orleans show (2009ish?), I stopped in a store along the way and found a nice Incredible Hulk 181 which I purchased and later sold as a CGC 9.4. I did very well. There was also a nice Green Lantern 76 on the wall that day but it had a crimp along the top of the book. I was so new at identifying pressing candidates I passed on the book. A full year later I was driving back to New Orleans, knowing now that I had left a slam dunk upgrade candidate. Low and behold the book was still there. I purchased it, pressed and graded it, and it too came back a 9.4. That would never happen today. The market has become much, much, more efficient and there are local grinders everywhere now. I'd suspect a book like that wouldn't last 3 days anywhere now, let alone a full year! The Overstreet ads have really become nothing more than brand reinforcement. I routinely purchased 4-6 collections a year in those early years but didn't buy one deal last year as a result of the guide. Relationships, former customers, and other dealers are the main source of new material these days which means compressed margins. As hard as it was to build a brand 10 years ago, I'd guess it's 5-10X harder if someone were starting out today. Knowing what I know now, and how the landscape has changed, I'm not sure how feasible it would be to launch. That said, in no way am I trying to discourage you (or anyone else) from following your dream but I thought I'd give you some I-lived-it grass roots feedback. Good luck!
  9. CGC selling thread rules: If you're on a list please makes things right there before buying here Check/bank wire/fee free payments only Returns are ok but you handle all shipping costs Must be returned within 21 days 1st in the thread trumps any ongoing PM's AMAZING FANTASY #15 CGC 4.0 OW PAGES $32,000 DELIVERED If you're a slave to GPA this probably isn't the book for you. Nicely centered, no marvel chipping (or pre-chipping), no writing. Fantastic eye appeal for the grade. Time payments of 6 months available with a 20% (non-refundable) deposit. PM with any questions. Thanks, Greg
  10. It's time for our annual "keep your day job basketball game" Time: 8:00AM Friday, August 24th (Usually goes to 10:30 or so) Place: Rosemont Health And Fitness (A couple of miles away but you will need an Uber for sure) 10225 W Higgins Rd. Des Plaines IL 60018 (847) 698-2582 Cost: $25 (CASH ONLY!) $20 if you are able to present a hotel room key (all hotels qualify). Need a room key for each player present to qualify for the discount. Details: You must have a photo ID. No exceptions. You must be 16 as of 8/24/18 As evidenced by our previous games, no skill required. Alex, Austin, and I are all in. Post here or PM me if you can make it.
  11. Sorry all. Was just reacting to the 1st post. But we have had a rash of folks just behaving badly. Sick of all of them.
  12. Jonesvilleboy015 Blocked. Tired of the "age of no responsibility for my actions"
  13. ebay user ID: lizzclaymore Orders book: "I apologize a few bills came in and I wouldn’t actually be able to make the full payment. Plz cancel, and maybe hold it? Cuz I do want it..."