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  1. slym2none

    Give me your top 10 favorite comic artists

    One of my faves that is rarely on any list: Anthony Castrillo. Say what you want about the man, his art was superb. -slym
  2. It happens occasionally, but it's no big deal. -slym
  3. slym2none

    The Irish outside-affiliatelinksnotallowed

    -slym (now has to sell his Land Rover...)
  4. slym2none

    The Irish outside-affiliatelinksnotallowed

    Ain't that some mess? -slym (did not type out the word 'mess' above')
  5. slym2none

    The Irish outside-affiliatelinksnotallowed

    What if I want to show off my new Land outside-affiliatelinksnotallowed? -slym
  6. So I've been her so long that it's easier for me to type out the "emojis" here. I know most by heart, and it's just faster. In the past few days, I type them out but they don't show up in the post, just the letters/symbols I type out. I'll demonstrate: lol :ohnoez: :baiting: I am just curious as to if there is a reason for this, or is it a new glitch? Can it go back to the old way? Please help! (gonna go to the list for this one) -slym
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  8. slym2none


    Funny that he (Beerbong) can rant on Facebook all day about CGC and Jim Starlin, but he cant ship people's stuff out that they bought. -slym
  9. slym2none

    Observations after a prolonged absence.

    Boobies! -slym
  10. slym2none

    What happened to jonjesper?

    All that means is that no one has humped the button on you. I find it funny that someone will button-hump over me calling someone an "Adam Henry" when 95% of the people don't know what that means, but "WTF" gets passed over all the time. If one person is to persecuted, then we all should be, equally, no? -slym
  11. slym2none

    Observations after a prolonged absence.

    I just answered valiantman's question. -slym
  12. slym2none

    Observations after a prolonged absence.

    If the baby came out before midnight Thursday, then Wednesday is his birthday. No matter what. -slym