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  1. Storm kicks his @$$ to take control of the X-Men back in issue #201 of Uncanny. With no powers. -slym
  2. I guess Guy Gardner is a hero... and he so deserved this... -slym
  3. Much like college debt, I WILL -slym
  4. Bats finally got tired of that kid's . -slym
  5. "Green K" was my nickname back in high school. -slym
  6. "Buncha savages in this town..." -slym
  7. Each kind thinks they are superior to the other, while both are the exact same besides the number of stars on their bellies. -slym
  8. Frank Miller art on the cover of that What If? -slym
  9. I can't find a good picture from Uncanny #135 where Phoenix bats around the rest of the X-Men like a cat with its toys, so I'll settle on this tragic scene: -slym
  10. For those that don't know, "El Veen" is Spanish for "the Veen". -slym
  11. He never said what you claimed he was saying. He stated that his father said one judge was a "star-bellied Sneetch" and that since the county's populace was overwhelmingly "non-star-bellied", the judge would have no chance in winning. Personal voting never came into the conversation. IDK anything about a warning. If CGC took your post down, it was not because of me, I can assure you that. I did not hump the button on your post. -slym