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  1. My friends & I bought enough Coca-Cola Slurpees, terrible microwave pizzas, and pumped enough quarters into the pinball machine & video game (they had a Magic 8-Ball machine and one slowly-rotating cast of video games, Galaga at first IIRC and ending with a wrestling game) that the store employees couldn't keep us from reading stuff. I am sure we put many a greasy fingerprint on some comics! -slym
  2. Maybe he bought them online for a premium? Just a thought. -slym
  3. One page at a time, man, same as any other book. -slym
  4. I request, nay, demand you put the "eBay" tag on this thread!!! -slym
  5. Local hardware store with a couple of spinner racks for me, and yes, we read and re-read them, traded them away, and read them again! -slym
  6. I don't see anywhere in the OP that claims Miller created the Kingpin. I do see the term "his inspiration for his Kingpin" and then "his inspiration for The Kingpin", though, which is very different from saying Miller created him. I think... I might be wrong, I have been before, but I think CF is looking at Frank Miller using former wrestler-turned-actor Milton Reid as his inspiration, as noted in the very title of the thread, for his version of the Kingpin. I am not laying claim to any validity of said statement, I just think that is what Cushing Fan is getting at. Just a shot in the dark here... -slym
  7. Nothing ever came from it. No money was exchanged and no wrongdoing was ever to be claimed by Cold Play. And I just gave an example that contradicts your statement. I edited the last line above out because it is totally irrelevant to the point we were discussing. -slym
  8. Sure about that? Because IDC what the guys in Cold Play say, they sure ripped off Joe Satriani for their "Viva La Vida" song. Look it up. -slym
  9. It is only a matter of time before all paper media is dead. Maybe not in our lifetimes, but some of them, sure. I can see regular magazines, comic books, and even newspapers disappearing in our lives. Bound books, I give 150 years, at least for fiction and such. -slym
  10. "So he says, he says 'I like the cut of your jib!" and I tell 'em, 'I hope so, it's the only one I got!'" -slym