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  1. The original VALIANT universe. -slym
  2. It's probably easier to list who he didn't block. -slym
  3. Purple? That's my favourite colour... -slym
  4. I will only be worried if you don't freakin' rock out on it! -slym
  5. Wow, you double- and triple-digit post count guys are the "old guard" now, eh? What a person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed that Old Paint guy (or whatever) is. -slym
  6. Black Widow, Wasp, Gamora, and Scarlet Witch, with a couple bucks leftover to buy ice cream. -slym
  7. Apparently, asking $2/book is too much... -slym
  8. Either GPA does it or the person who I stole the password from does... -slym ( )
  9. Right now, the USPS should be glad to get any business they can. -slym