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  1. So, I have cut back on the number of titles I am collecting but this coming week there are a couple of titles that I have been collecting that will have new releases. What has everyone been doing to fill in the gap of going to the LCS to buy the latest comics? Any suggestions of where to order from? How are the condition of the books when shipped (I am a nut and will only pick 9.8s and will bag and board before getting to counter, then only handle books by myself) How can i be sure the books shipped will be cherry-picked and shipped properly? Boy, that's a lot of questions but I am su
  2. Hi all, Got to pay for something I won recently and am offering up this one book priced to move. Shipped and Insured via Priority Mail. All the usual rules apply, NO HOS or Probation List Users trumps any PM, No returns on CGC Graded comics. Paypal only please. NOVA #1 CGC 9.6 White Pages - Shipped and Insured via Priority Mail $395.00 $375.00 FINAL PRICE DROP $365 Shipped (or $350 +$15.00 shipping-however you want to look at it )
  3. not promoting this but why does it seem that this is in a magazine holder?
  4. I, myself, was looking forward to the post-rick grimes era of The Walking Dead
  5. Mr Titan bought a Nova 1 from me, fastest payment ever! great communication all the way through. a complete pleasure !!
  6. heritage has stated there are issues with the painting There are some minor drips (it is unclear if they are stains or paint drips) that are all-but-invisible unless viewed with a UV light source, and there are a few tiny white specks in the image area, as well as minor surface wear. The painting presents beautifully with incredible eye appear and is in technical Very Good condition. and i am thinking in the 3-4 million range. hoping this becomes the most expensive "comic" related sale ever!
  7. Looks like the kudo thread from the old board did not carry over. So i am starting a new one for feedback on sales/purchases on these boards
  8. Eternals#1 CGC9.8 $1000 $900 Shipped and Insured SOLD VIA PM