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  1. Talk about heating up, who would have thought a B-list Charlton character would take off so wildly. John Cena playing Peacemaker in Suicide Squad 2 (and also an announced HBO Max spinoff series). The fact that Gunn feels like Suicide Squad 2 is the best -script he's written to date (even over GoG) has me very intrigued. But I'm always shocked with the speculation impact on certain books.
  2. Still can’t understand how in the world WW1 would rank higher than Sensation1. That makes absolutely no sense, but maybe I’m a bit biased
  3. I remember posting this in jest at the time, so pretty shocked this has come to be. (I did pick up a Fightin 5 40 BTW). Peacemaker now in Suicide Squad 2 and HBOMAX series. Amazing what a little movie speculation can do to short term value of a book 😜
  4. Happy to add Four Color 190 to my collection. Fairly cheap book with a great front and back cover...
  5. I also have twinsies of this Mystery of Unexplored Worlds that I love...
  6. Seeing miraclemet's Space Adventures group shot motivated me to pull some of mine together. I've been primarily focused on #1-#12, but threw in a few of my favorites later in the run.
  7. Amazing! I’ve been working on this run as well. Now I know where all the nice copies went!