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  1. Does that c ra p ever actually get sold? Yeah I agree, and skip right over them. It often seems that Pop Hollinger rebuilt comics that didn't need to be rebuilt. He just liked trimming and taping stuff.
  2. What's the story behind this issue being so hard to find? The other issues in the run are very find-able.
  3. It's from the Sunday Spirit Section, September 23, 1945. Thank you!
  4. Lady Luck Which issue of Lady Luck is that (enormous) splash page from?
  5. These are hard to find and/or hard to find in grade: Worlds of Fear 10 Chilling Tales 16 Underworld Crime 7 Crime Reporter 2
  6. I read somewhere that this was one of William Gaines's all-time favorite covers. I think he might have had the original art framed in his office (I'll have to double-check but it says something like that in one of the behind-the-scenes Mad books, probably the Frank Jacobs "Cover to Cover" book.) Definitely a fun cover, and for some reason my experience has been that this is more difficult than other issues to find in nice condition.
  7. Yeah, even over a period of decades, all issues and types of Mads seem to be essentially the same size in terms of height and width. (Not counting the first 23 regular issues, which were comics.)
  8. This is true. The use of minus signs (or plus signs to limit searches to only two or more text strings, among a few other search refinements) is technically called a "boolean." The problem with this solution is it only applies to known annoyances. Every time a new permutation comes along, you have to go back to ALL OF YOUR REFINED SEARCHES (which could be dozens or HUNDREDS) and update or replace them. So let's say I'm already searching for "phantom lady" -"dvd" -"facismile" to weed out all the titles with "dvd" and "facsmile" in them. Then some guy comes along and starts to sell "Phantom Lady Exact Duplicate Copy" as his title. Now I have to go back to my search and add -duplicate to my search. Then somebody comes along and he's selling "complete phantom lady archives on flashdrive!". Now I have to go modify my search to add -flashdrive. Then somebody comes along and their title terms are "CD," or "USB," or "thumb drive," or "portable hard drive," or "glossy reproduction," or "cigarette case," or "magnet," or "pinback," or "lithograph," or "poster," or "framed wallhanging," or "lunchbox," or "t-shirt," or "hardcover archive book," or "canvas print," or whatever. Now I have to go modify all my searches to remove all that stuff. What a pain in the bum. I don't mind if somebody wants to sell a 1956 comic in a section that ends at 1955 because the title runs through that year and they know it's interesting to golden-age fans. I don't mind if somebody wants to sell a few old Mad magazines from 1956-57 because they're full of Wally Wood art, etc. Or they're auctioning a run of Planet comics and they have a couple Planet pulps and they throw them in there too because they thinking comics people might have a go at them. That's just fudging it a little. But the DVDs stuff.... Or the reproduction comics... Bad news. Plus, the people who are making exact duplicate reproductions of golden-age comics without any label or alteration to the covers are basically assisting future scammers.
  9. I totally agree. I don't want to be the "bad guy" and rip on whoever is selling these, but it's obnoxious to post that stuff in an area where people go to buy actual original vintage comics.
  10. I'm loving the early 1960s Mads, especially since most of them appear to be in nice grade. Here's a recent foreign-Mad pickup. It's Swedish and gross.
  11. A few more items. The crossword book is one of my favorites, because most of these types of books ended up being written in and then thrown away. So they're a lot more rare than most of the other titles by the same publisher. I also have always wanted to have a copy of the "Triffids" book. I am a sucker for a GGA female rendered in greenish hues.
  12. Just stopping in to see what's up in these corners. I see Hap Hazard is sharing his amazing collection, as usual. Plus I see Robot Man has been posting all sorts of cool stuff, along with Flex Mentallo, Dr. Love, pcalhoun and several others. Good to know you're all still at it. I've been off the site for a while due to life, but I like to stay involved in the collecting and appreciating game when the opportunity arises. I'll post a few recent acquisitions here in the next message.
  13. The guy is digging a hole... I think he wanted to scam somebody for $200 and figured it would be easy money and nobody would know. Now he's finding out that there's a whole comics community who compare notes and his reputation could be permanently damaged. Oops. By the way, can anybody tell me how to spot the reprint based on the cover image? At least the Famous Firsts had tiny but distinct differences. So far all I'm hearing is that the interior pages are black and white, and the paper texture and quality of printing are the only things to go on. I spent a while comparing the covers of the eBayer's copy and the copies in the Heritage archives. I noticed that the eBayer's copy is cropped very close such that the words at the bottom (under the black box) are completely cut off, and Hitler's ear is mostly cropped off. Some of the ink shades are different too (but lighting of the photo makes it hard to use that for confirmation). I wish there were more to go on than that.
  14. First thing that crossed my mind. Can't believe Doohick didn't think of it. True, true...
  15. Our message exchange from before the eBay listing was pulled: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: doohickamabob To: comictoydaze Subject: Details about item: doohickamabob sent a message about DAREDEVIL BATTLES HITLER #1 VF- (7.5) WHITE PAGES ***High Grade COPY*** #141719967744 Sent Date: Jul-15-15 22:16:47 PDT Dear comictoydaze, Is your Daredevil Battles Hitler a high grade 'copy' or a high grade copy? That is, are you selling a reprint ('copy') or the original? It is very unclear in your listing. Please let me know. If it's a 'copy' then you are misleading people. - doohickamabob -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear doohickamabob, This is a high grade copy of a first edition. Do I need to add additional statements to the auction? I have revised the auction as it was pointed out to me that this book is more valuable. - comictoydaze -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear comictoydaze, Hi there again, I am still a little confused by your answer. You said it is a high-grade copy of a first edition. I just want to make sure that when you say 'copy' you don't mean 'reprint.' (Your listing says 'High Grade COPY' with the word 'copy' in all-caps, and that made me suspect you were selling a reprint.) To confirm, are you saying this is the original, printed in 1941? Please let me know. Thank you. - doohickamabob -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear doohickamabob, HI, I am sorry for any confusion. This book was printed in 1941, but I got such a great offer last night, I had to sell it outright. Thank you so much for the interest. I did VERY well in the sale. I appreciate your interest. KW. - comictoydaze --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. I saw this within the first hour it was posted. I was completely ON THE FENCE over whether to go for it. The cropping of the image did not match the comics in the Heritage archives. It's cropped in a bit close. Also, the way the seller wrote "High Grade COPY" in the subject title made me think he was trying to lawyer his way out of disclosing that it was a reprint. I asked a question about why the word "COPY" was in all-caps, and the seller was additionally vague about whether it was a reprint. Then he changed the listing from a BIN to an auction. Not long after that, he claimed somebody made him an offer and he canceled the listing. I felt like a for not going for it, but I think the seller realized people were onto his scam and decided to back out and create a cover story for why he pulled it. I'm glad I held back. Even though eBay's seller protection would have allowed for a return, it's still a waste of time to have to go through all that just to recoup money from a seller who is trying to pull a fast one.
  17. Cool info. I have several of those album-cover art books (they're about the size of LP's, right?). Great series of books! I didn't know about Wandrey. The art style reminds me of the Pushpin studio work of the earlier era (post- Beatles Yellow Submarine, etc.). Passport is such a cool band. Traffic, Passport, Gong, Tangerine Dream....I love that era of music. Jazz meets psychedelia meets rock meets ambient meets.....anything goes... Hipgnosis is another big favorite. They creeped out many a music listener. Two of their best include Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" and Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy." Genius design. Also, the album cover with the very young redheaded woman holding that silver jet....I think that was them. Fairport Convention? And the album cover of a woman jumping overhead, with her silhouette becoming nighttime Milky Way stars, is very memorable. I think that was for the band Free. I could spend hours and hours looking at album-cover art, especially from the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s. In fact, I already have.
  18. Can is a terrific German rock/experimental/dub/jam type band -- definitely one of the leading "Krautrock" bands of all time. Well worth checking out. "Tago Mago" and "Ege Bamyasi" are two standout albums, but "Soundtracks" is my favorite. Their other albums also kick *spoon*. If you like Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Animal Collective, Talking Heads, or anything else in that realm of music, you owe it to yourself to listen to Can. Here's the Wiki link . Last year's Paul Thomas Anderson movie, "Inherent Vice," used a couple of their songs, including for the opening credits.
  19. When I have the organizational wherewithal to tidy things up to allow access to the box that is under the box that is under the box inside the storage container where the magazine is located, then I will retrieve the magazine and take a pic or two of the lovely Bettie Page, and post it here.
  20. Very nice! Here's my copy.... No plans to grade it any time soon. (It looks like it might be in the same grade range as your copy.)
  21. You found Mad #1 at a flea market?!?!?! With a Bill Gaines signature!?!?!?!?
  22. Thanks for the responses everybody. Nice to see Mitch Mehdy comment along with Dr. Love, Robot Man, Flex Mentallo and others. Hey, there are a few of you in San Diego, aren't there? (Mitch, Dr. Love, Hap Hazard, Fuelman, myself...) We should have a group meet-up sometime. As for this: That is great! On top of the killer artwork, I have to add that the framing and matting is really top-notch. Perfect color choices. The plexiglass even looks like it's low-glare and I'll bet it's UV blocking too.
  23. Definitely the same book. I don't know how I missed that (d'oh!). I'll have to go back and see if some of the other uneven prices (for the same issue) I've seen in the past couple months are also the same book.