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  1. He's going to have a heck of a time if someone takes it at the $365 price since it is technically listed at that price. PS... I'm buying from Sharon from now on. That's a heck of a mark up.
  2. DeadOne

    Any body ever go to "The Dump"? Find anything?

    I was a residential recycle truck driver/loader for 18 years before my injury. I was never much of a scavenger, but I did find some comics now and then but nothing to write home about. My top three scores were a very nice Absolute Watchman with slipcase, a huge bin full of 70's Archie comics, and a haul of approximately 100 mid 70's to late 80's Mad Magazines. I did collect up Box Tops For Education and sell those in lots of 50 - 100 on eBay for a really long time. I could easily pull an extra $1200 a year doing that. However, the guys that drove the trash trucks (which I did whenever guys would call off or need help... which was a lot) were huge scavengers. They would take anything and everything that they could sell. Lots of scrap metal and copper wiring.
  3. DeadOne

    Error 504 messages on the new chat forum

    At least 3 times that I've noticed over the last two days I've received a notification for something that I have previously been alerted of. Usually these clear themselves after viewing from the notifications tab. Seems random as it is not happening with all notifications.
  4. DeadOne

    PGX terminates entire staff?

    Here's my attempt at funny
  5. DeadOne

    What is the worst thing you've ever found in a comic?

    Paging @oakman29 or, to be more accurate, paging @Joanna
  6. DeadOne

    PMs Go To Page 1

    I'm looking forward to messing around with the new Gallery functions, Arch, that are coming with 4.3. Is there anyway you could let us know when these are implemented? Sorry if this is a bit off topic. Well... I've messed around with it, and I do not like it. It appears that everything has been so condensed as to make any of functions when adding a description to an image are unreadable. Everything that used to be under the image is now off to the side, utilizing only 1/3 of the screen at most. For me anyway, one of the coolest, overlooked, features of these new boards, The Gallery, is now very close to unusable.
  7. DeadOne

    Is this unacceptable or is it just me?

    But where is "at any time" found in the DMM? That exact phrase is not. That was my interpretation.... my opinion. The fact that it is a paid advertisement or the publisher's own advertising should be enough to transcend time or advertising potency. I also believe that neither comic books nor trades fall into the media mail category because they do not "consist wholly of reading matter".
  8. DeadOne

    Is this unacceptable or is it just me?

    Doesn't the USPS DMM define advertising as, "Advertising includes paid advertising and the publishers‘ own advertising in display, classified, or editorial style."? In my opinion, this would mean any advertising paid for, at any time, whether applicable to todays times or not, thus disqualifying most comic books from media mail.
  9. DeadOne

    My Blazing Combat 1-4

    Great group of books, Dave. Good luck on the hunt for #1.
  10. DeadOne


    Dave likes to hoard great looking copies from multiple countries... just because he can.