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  1. The mod's explanation is really reaching deep... like double rubber glove deep.
  2. @Architecht @Scott =) @dena ... any feedback on this?
  3. On EBAY, ending in just over 7 hours, is a full set of Marvel Premiere Classic Hardcovers - All copies are like new (several are still sealed) and all copies have the Limited Edition "Classic Library" Covers. All 107 volumes are up for auction. As always, I ship quick and package well. If you are interested, check out my eBay Store linked below.
  4. Savage Sword UK does not look familiar at all
  5. The only one I can see from the US run of Savage Sword that looks similar is issue #112
  6. DeadOne

    Opening a new brick and mortar shop

    I was going to ask how you handle those customers who neglect their pulls and your policy on frequency of settlement, whether or not you required a credit card for back-up and how such a policy might be different from what you have used in the past. If you're getting to it though, I can wait. I would also be interested in reading your thought process behind the POS system you've chosen. I've heard if you get the one offered from Diamond it comes with an almost equal start-up cost value in free merchandise. I'm assuming it was overall cost/efficiency in comparison to probable return if something other than the Diamond POS was chosen.
  7. DeadOne

    This week in your Magazine collection.

    Have to agree except I have not seen all of them so it is nice to see new ones an the are all so well done‼️‼️👍 I was never a fan of these two covers, but I'm not a huge sports guy either.
  8. DeadOne


    Not much cash either, maybe $30 between the 3 before shipping.
  9. DeadOne


    Three more non-paying bidders from my last round of auctions to added to the blocked list: dangerouselephant1159, mleste0, and edtigger99
  10. DeadOne

    Opening a new brick and mortar shop

    Great read @lighthouse. I'm very much looking forward to more.
  11. DeadOne

    Ebay shipping labels question

    At the top right of the page with all the package info (before you pay for postage) you should see a link that says, "Printer and label receipt preferences". I believe you can opt out of the receipt portion from there.
  12. DeadOne


    Just a heads up that this seller currently has a copy back up on eBay... different serial number, but still.
  13. DeadOne

    Media Mail Comics & Magazines