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  1. DeadOne

    Missing Comics

    Of course.... that is, until the discussion continues.
  2. I lost it in fb world at first.. but here it is Thanks... I thought you were referencing a different story, but it's the same one that was posted a few days ago.
  3. Was it a private link?
  4. Do I need to specify in my for sale thread that I apply the packing tape to all my packages from left to right, except on Thursdays when it is from right to left?
  5. DeadOne

    Should sellers leave prices up on sold books?

    I edit the prices UP.
  6. DeadOne

    Registry Banner add to Profile

    And I see two banners in your sig. line now, so I'm guessing it worked.
  7. DeadOne

    Registry Banner add to Profile

    Did you see @dena's response in the other thread, Jeff? If not, I've linked it below.
  8. Making sure the mods are on board is the most important thing. It would suck if a well worded complaint convinced a mod to remove a thread because of a misinterpretation, by either party, of some vague guideline. Maybe things should be left as is with the caveat that threads will not be removed unless they violate a very specific rule.
  9. DeadOne

    Books you just cant find in the Wild

    I found this while searching around eBay last week. It was the hunt for this book that first drew me to these message boards almost 10 years ago. with my very first post being in the WTB section. Even though it's not a popular find, it doesn't show up for sale all that often, and when it does, it's usually buried in a lot somewhere. Army of Darkness #13 (Negative Variant) I'm very happy to have it.
  10. A separate thread in Comics General, where the greatest amount of people will see it, created with a poll is probably what Arch was getting at. When that's done, link it here and tag Arch so he easily find it.
  11. I think if dates are set, they should be fixed with no overlap. As I stated before, almost every website uses basically the same time frame for the Ages. They must mean something. People need to consider the fact that whatever rule we have now or is created in the future applies to ALL board members, new and old. I don't think there is a need to create something that has the potential to be abused on a daily basis just so one or two larger sales threads each year are not inconvenienced because 2% of their books don't fit whatever category gets the most potential views. Just create a separate thread in the appropriate area and link to and from each other for exposure.
  12. I personally don't have a problem with a few books mixing in, especially if they're among several hundred correctly listed books and announced ahead of time, like yours were. On the other hand, it probably wouldn't have been the end of the world to start a separate sales thread for 20-30 books. Even your own website has the eras listed with the dates that they fall into.
  13. No, I won't I'll remind you.
  14. 2017 Champion 2018 Champion The 2019 Champion will always wonder, "What if..."
  15. DeadOne

    Nominating Asteroid-Comix

    The buyer is the one who asked for the book to be held and shipped at a later date, so technically the seller shouldn't even be nominated until 30 days from that date, not the payment date. It is odd though that the buyer says the seller never responded to any message from the time of payment until this thread was created.