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  1. You think no one cares about rowing?
  2. ASM 129 Raw High Grade

    If you change your mind and want a beater that's missing four pages of the story, let me know!
  3. Found another key, DC Showcase 5. I'm pretty happy with this lot; I've priced out a bunch of books for the show tomorrow. We'll see if I'm way offside on the market.
  4. About 150 low grade DC: GL, WW, Superman, Superboy, Jimmy Olson, Batman/Tec, Adventure, Flash. Mostly 12 centers, earlier 10 cent issues as well. There's a bunch of other one-offs, but the BB28 is the reason I bought the lot. There's a bunch of coverless stuff too I have to see if they're any key issues, and then about another 100 of the non Marvel/DC stuff (really not much Marvel, seeing the ASM was a nice bonus). I'm happy that I'll be adding about 15 Batman/Tec golden/silver books to my runs - even if they are beaters.
  5. Just picked-up another small lot; third consisting of under 300 comics in about a month. All old stuff, a bulk deal, that was only 'take-it-or-leave-it'. Original owner, all readers that have been kept in the family for decades. WC, you're a Classics Illustrated guy, I got a pile of them. Shoot me a message Not sure if there's any demand at all for these, might try and price em out cheap like I do with some other books at the show. The coup de grace was the book below...the ASM wasn't even listed in his pile of books, it's bad he didn't have more.
  6. Just grabbed this hand-cart from HD yesterday; it will be used next weekend on what is supposed to be the worst show of the year. It converts to a platform dolly and can easily handle 8 longs. That elusive hernia won't catch me yet.
  7. Awesome keep us posted! If you get the collection you might be able to get the cards as a throw-in. I've only had one interaction with a older collector that was using 'stale' guide pricing. A little while back a friend of mine and I had visited a collection of someone that we had been in mutual contact with. He was an older guy that still had a bunch of golden and silver age comics; it's too bad we missed out on him selling most of his collection before because I think he sold a ton of SA/GA superhero books to one of the shops in town - cough, 3 cents a comic, cough. Anyways, he had a basket of 10 cent sups with some silver age DC books as well, about 50 in total I think (pretty much all low grade, no keys that I remember save one book). The first time we went over there he told me the books would be no more than $10/each in bulk; "okay I'll think about it". There really wasn't much, but he had the first bizarro in pretty decent condition that looked like it was worth about $250-300....my friend was interested in a ton of old stuff in really sharp VF+ condition - Joe Palookas, Tracy, etc. A few days later I called the seller back and he gave me a price that was around $550-600, I can't remember the exact number but I knew it was higher than $10/book and when I mentioned that to him he was clearly confused, apparently he didn't remember saying that. In hindsight I should have negotiated a sale for the 10 centers so that I landed the only book I cared about - rookie mistake at the time. My friend on the other hand had made a second visit before I let the deal on the superhero books walk-away. Whatever price the seller had negotiated with my friend on the Joe Palookas/ Tracy weren't the same price he mentioned to us before. He had some crazy pie-in-the-sky value of $100 each on all these high grade rare 10 centers - based on some 'guide' value he had from the 1980s. Not only that, because the price was stale they had to be worth at least that and much more so no way was he budging. When it comes to comics my friend clearly didn't have my discipline because he bought the whole stack of what he was after at $100 each - worked out to several grand. Sure the books were nice, but c'mon, Joe Palooka? Who cares. If he were to dump that amount of money on a dealer at a minimum the dealer would give some kind of price break....anyways my experience with people using old guide values are books are either way over-priced (easy walk-away), or under-priced.
  8. Thanks. I have a pile of cardboard still, but I may look to these as an alternative. I don't know if these would be cheaper than what I'm currently doing, but it's a nice option.
  9. Great summary and it's nice that you have goals for next year. I have some time over the holidays to go through my stuff, price what I want to price locally, and then really expand my lacking ebay activity. I need to get better selling templates as well, and I might pickup a better laptop as I'm in new of a new machine. What are 'flash mailers'? Have you considered buying cardboard in bulk? I grabbed a lot from Uline, having pre-cut cardboard is one of the best decisions regarding shipping that I've made.
  10. Oh okay, then if you know of it being a recent dumping and there were other people scrambling to find comics then maybe. It's hard to believe someone actually sat down and went through it looking for keys to leave some of those behind. With my find, the collection was there for a full year (I found 5 copies of SSM 64) so it's super unlikely anyone actually looked at them....
  11. Wow, nice grab. Reminds me of that antique shop several months back where I picked-the hell out of a copper/bronze collection. Do you think someone got there and went through the books, to leave all of what you grabbed behind at $2 each? It's possible whomever dumped these books off there never had those keys....1st Series Swamp Things, DCCP 26, Transformers 1, these aren't exactly newly hot books....?
  12. Comic Theft in Ontario Canada

    How about out of respect for the OP you drop this?
  13. Hey if I had a set of those I would ship them to you at just the cost of shipping, but for me to store obscure stuff like this that the odd person would not want it it's easier to dump in a cheap box or get rid of it. There is a lot of good stuff that will sell, and a lot of good stuff that won't sell. Go through the copper and modern forums and read some threads on titles, you'll get an idea..
  14. This 1000%. Anyone interested in buying collections needs to read this post. What people don't understand is how much time it takes just to go through them - I'm not even talking about bags/boards or pricing them out. I spent probably 20 hours of my time alone helping him - no idea how much time he's spent. He has the ideal setup, runs periodic garage sales out of his house so no cost and limited time in moving/storage but even with all that it's still not worthwhile. I guess if you were retired and had nothing else to do, but then you run the risk of significantly injuring yourself if you're the only one lugging that many longs around. If I could get those for basically free and get a tax write-off and hopefully donate the comics to schools/hospitals/churches, etc. I would do it. But at that it would still be a pretty significant use of my time - basically goodwill.
  15. So, we're in Canada where the Tax Rules don't afford us that opportunity or I would glady take advantage of it. I setup at regular shows too, my cost is minimal and I was able to move a good number of dollar books marked down to 50 cents each, but these were almost all Marvel/DC. To move these indy books - and they have to have big runs of titles, not random books here and there - you have to price them in the 25-50 cents each, maybe a buck each if it's a more popular indy book (Image/Valiant). If you're overall average selling price works out to 25 cents each, it's definitely not worth the time/effort.