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  1. I'm sorry you feel that way, maybe chalk it up to a one-off. I would strongly recommend against submitting to CBCS in spite of CGC, you're better off just keeping them raw if you really don't want to use CGC's service.
  2. I'm not sure why (OP's son) the first instinct is to use FB to sell? The fees of having a real ecommerce platform like ebay to me is negligible instead of having to deal with the counter party risk/time & effort on Facebook.
  3. Alright, alright settle down I'll stop. Hold onto your blood pressure.
  4. 50 cents on parking? I've never heard of rates so low...
  5. High grade Star comics are impossible to find! Although I don't consider them to be moderns...
  6. How many retailers are able to participate in IPOs? Let alone knowing a solid investment in one during a time when thousands of similar companies were making their way to the primary market. It would have been a much clearer choice, and realistic possible investment to pickup the surviving tech stocks post crash.
  7. Ummm Amazon's stock crumbled 90% in the dot com crash, you mean early 2000s?
  8. Here’s hoping!! I just received in the mail my second prints of #75! Now do I care enough about #8 editorial to complete the run....?
  9. Sounds like an Easter egg hunt through IMDB, doesn’t sound efficient at all. by the time you figure all that out the collection might be sold to a dealer, lol. I don’t know how that’s better than combining: skimming briefly over the last 100 pages in the modern heating thread, using the key collector app that someone suggested days ago, or by going on any of the other spec sites that have been suggested. Even searching through atomic avenue with tell you what books of a series have value, they don’t necessarily need to be hot. I’m going through a 10k comic collection as we speak; I’ve spent 90 minutes sorting through a few more longs tonight after I put my tenth month old daughter to sleep. Really 2k comics shouldn’t take that long, especially since it’s fair to say these are already sorted.
  10. Didn’t you read his post in the other thread? We were unable to tell him the exact ‘hot’ books, so this thread is over! Ironically the list of books is pretty solid, and if I were close to his son I’d probably buy the lot for the $1200 he’s looking for.
  11. The reason you haven't received an exact response- despite the bold font which is clearly important here - is because it's impossible to answer this poorly phrased question. What's hot, this week, today, last month? In the modern age sooo many of these 90s books can be hot one day, then next week cool off. Modern books the window might be 24 hours or less...really it seems like you don't want to put in any type of work at all and want to have everyone spoon fed you answers.
  12. And to be frank it's a bit lazy on his part, he has a collection of a few longs and can't be bothered to go through with it to see what he has or is 'hot'. There is not a lot of comics here, you don't know what will 'immediately' sell, just because a book might be suddenly hot now because a bunch of spec guys are pumping it doesn't mean it will sell quicker than what that isn't considered 'hot' but is more important book/key.
  13. You have a list of the books and you've looked on ebay sales, then who cares if it's hot or not - you have their sold prices which I'm guessing he will use as a guide in listing the books. Really, there isn't a whole lot there that's 'hot' than what's probably obvious to you, him and everyone in this thread. But if you're really concerned about missing out on a hot book, there's hundreds of pages and thousands of posts for you to dissect in the 'heating up' threads.
  14. I think the list is more or less straightforward, but if he has a price of $1200 in mind then why does he care at this point what books are suddenly hot? Not knowing their condition, $1200 seems like a realistic price for the lot. If he doesn't like the offers my advice for you to relay to him would be to break the books by character/title and sell as a run only. Do not try parsing them out!