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  1. spreads

    Advice on selling ~7000 books in bulk?

    Where I am, I'm not getting a dollar a book for these runs....I remember I had a mid grade run of SSM years ago that took me a long time to sell locally for $1/each for the run, it had a lot of keys in there too (first five issues I think, etc.).
  2. spreads

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    That's great, love the oilers logo on the wall, did you paint that?
  3. spreads

    Collection Organization Tips

    I see. It's too bad, because bagging/boarding is probably the most arduous task (most manual and best candidate for outsourcing) of organizing...
  4. spreads

    Collection Organization Tips

    Put the lad to work and sit on the deck with a beer/lemonade!
  5. Ticks are very bad this year but they pair well with nachos.
  6. During this time I was scheduled to meet this guy, there was a posting of a really nice batch of Batman books. There were about 30 comics all in the low-mid 200s, lots of big books too - 232, 227, first reaper, etc. One of my long-term collecting goals is a focus on Batman/Tec and I really wanted all of these books for my collection. After some back-and-forth (mostly not getting responses) the ad was pulled and I have no idea whether it was sold or not - I didn't even get a chance to view them! These books looked really nice... The saving grace is I managed to pickup this gem! A rare book and a super cool cover, don't know if I'll flip it or hold it but I'm pretty happy with it either way.
  7. Continuing on the momentum from Sunday's show I contacted a guy with a collection for sale; he had a list primarily of TPBs/hardcovers and a bunch of the walking dead comics! I met the guy after a bunch of back and forth (nice man, older gentleman) and it turns out he was using an online database just to get an idea of what walking dead issues weren't included in the trades/hardcovers that he had. I was very disappointed, but still interested in the lot since these books are the stuff that does well for me. I didn't think he would come down a lot on his price, saying if he would do bulk he wouldn't do $2 each if he were to blow them out. After looking through about half the boxes knowing most of the stuff is in really good shape and it's a wide variety of popular titles (Marvel, DC, Image, Vertigo, Valiant and some other stuff like IDW and small kids books) and a good mix I manage to snag the lot for what works out to about $1.50 each (around 350 or so in total). There's a batch of floppies too, probably not worth much that I might throw into a random box with some other misc. comics I have lying around. I'm pretty happy with the lot - and the best part - most of them are all in short boxes! How great is that? Just have to do a quick bag/price and they're ready for the show and then I have the short boxes to either use for the show or migrate into my collection when they empty...
  8. I've had a very busy week....dealing with multiple potential buys....borderline stressful....I'll post details later tonight. I feel bad stomping on WC's thread, I just didn't want to start my own and I like hearing everyone else's stories.
  9. To my partners horror I just bought 500 + Dells, Archie’s and miscellaneous books. These books do look fantastic, something about old books with great colors really stand-out! May I ask how you go about pressing (a PM is fine if you don't want to respond here).
  10. The boxes with the signs? The stuff that's on the front of the tables is now sorted by publisher then title, but the thing is I still have lots of inventory at home co-mingled with my collection. So that might change but that's the plan moving forward, I know advertising is clearly a weak point for me. The $2 box is pretty simple. I think I told you I had a 50 cent box? After a few shows I nixed that even though I was moving 20-25% of it each show, it was a lot of effort hauling boxes and I would rather clean-up that space and just dump that type of stuff by the long. Here's what I put in the $2 box.... The $2 stuff is just golden-bronze age, from all publishers including Marvel/DC. The superhero stuff from Marvel/DC is usually low grade (e.g. a bronze age supe from the mid 70s in VG), I dump all gold key stuff in there (unless it's really high grade or one of their key titles like Magnus/Solar, classic illustrates, low grade (G-VG) dells, etc. etc. My thinking on these books are this...How often do you find bronze age collections on a lot of these second and third tier characters that are perfect for $2 boxes, John Warlord, super low grade DC horror books fit well too. A lot of these books have great covers that people are drawn to at to get a basket of 4-5 of them doesn't cost much if they want to take a gander to read the story (house of mystery books are great as standalone stories). I don't have any Archie's in there at all but I might add some if I fall into some. Ideally I would like to have at least two of those boxes stocked for the show (with inventory in reserve) - and here's the kicker, I almost never give discounts on these books! I've had people ask, but unless they've bought a fair amount from me I don't drop down the price because they are one of my most consistent sellers. I'm not looking to build out a massive inventory like a few of the other dealers - I have no plans on having big runs of titles like Web of Spiderman for example. So other than a mini run (a set of 1-10 for example), I will almost always miss out on those run collectors looking for just specific issues - but that's the trade-off I accept for being leaner. And of course you never know what minor key might explode down the road. So using this run for example, you could probably make the argument that I could put a bunch of $2 books in there, but for me if it's not a key or minor key (no individual book is priced less than $5) I don't bother....sorry for the rambling, maybe this makes sense or doesn't at all!
  11. Thanks for the feedback, there are guys that are using a really nice one - but the majority don't. I do plan on putting more signs at the back of each box, I'll have that for each show. The dividers were there, but they keep falling down so you couldn't see them I'll be looking to change that as well...
  12. So I participated in our monthly show yesterday, I've had reservations about this and also didn't know exactly where I'd be setup. Some of you may recall from my photos of the Zamboni in the background I was out in the hallway, yesterday I was in the 'foyer', basically the entrance. Despite low lighting, I made the best use of the space by using the ledge - perfect for comics or toys/figurines as well as using packing-tape to put some books right on the wall! I was lucky that I borrowed a 4ft table from another dealer as I was told there wouldn't be space for a side table and didn't bring mine. Sorry for the blurry middle photo....my display/marketing will continue to be a learning process, I liked the blue signs (first photo) and will add those to the rest of my boxes for the next show. I also made tabs in the box using backing boards but I found they weren't sticking up far enough, I have some ideas to improve that - perhaps using foam or cardboard cut to size. Sales: Surprisingly very well! I sold two wall books (rare for this small show), X-Men 266 and Secret Wars 8. I also did a nice variety of trades, $2 books and some other misc. books. It ended up being the best show there for me since last summer. I did have a few people look for me (used to the other spot), which is good - even had a repeat customer drop off a basket of treats for me (reminds me of a sales job I had in a client's home where they fed me dinner! :D). I'm really hoping I can get this spot and if not this spacet at least be inside the main hall each month - I told the organizer I'll committed to each month moving forward and having a good show reinvigorated my intentions. Next steps: I still have intention to maximize my space, and/or figure out whether I want to bring out enough boxes to round-out the space underneath. I'm confident I can do well with just one table for the time-being...which makes it easiest being accommodated by the organizer.
  13. Well I guess you can't please everyone....didn't someone say make it anonymous? Maybe throw a brick tied with cash through his car window - equally confusing.