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  1. What numbers do newsstands run to, I thought they stopped around issues numbered in the low-to-mid 100s?
  2. Again, not saying this is a 'garbage' book, but I saw on a FB group a random lois lane comic from the mid 60s in 5.5....why even get that graded? Books like that just clog up the system...
  3. There are a lot of books that guys grade to complete a set/run, or to chase a registry. Not that these are 'garbage' books but they have little to no resale value at all, on the VF boards there was a guy selling his valiant commons at auction for 99 cents. These are books that are actually quite tough in 9.8, but who cares? The result is he ended up taking a bath.....everyone says they don't sell, but they have to sell their comic books (or their family when you pass) at some point!
  4. All of them, since it took at least one revision for you to respond to my comment!
  5. This does sound tin foil, a 9.8 shouldn't really have any noticeable flaws. Talk to people that have received 9.9s and 10.0s and they will tell you there is a different, and that difference isn't CGC wanted to give you a 10 on this book.
  6. Probably one, maybe two days tops.
  7. Order shipped, i'll get the books tomorrow. 21 copper comics - 62% hit 9.8! Very happy with my results on this batch....
  8. Status update, my SFG is now Grading/QC.
  9. Father time might know, I'm gonna need that economy fast track done...before forever.
  10. I wouldn't advertise on the package CGC fast track, don't make it too obvious for mail theft...horror stories of that guy that had the superman 1 page go missing at fedex.....
  11. Maybe CGC/CCS should just do away with all fast tracking? I just had my first batch that was received back in early February (when I was told it was going to be sent for grading any day now) change from received to SFG. We'll see how long it takes....
  12. I think you might damage it more than the benefit of removing the rust, but let us know one way or the other!
  13. Ya I don't know if you even want to touch the rust or anything at all.....keep it in its original state! Great piece.