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  1. spreads

    New Collection We Looked At

    Ahaha that's great...don't think that comment would fly these days!
  2. Wow, great haul! I'm guessing a guy that posts Harby 1 with Solar in his first pic knew to check for the coupons (although even without coupons I grab em when I see them).
  3. spreads

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Wow! So meticulous - looks more organized than most shops. If you ever decide to sell or downsize you couldn't have it setup any better!
  4. 5 boxes, sure? I would have dumped them in a recycling bin somewhere or gave them away. If he didn't have those and the comics were all from the eras pictured, I would have bought the lot as soon as I saw 1 or 2 comics that held the full value. And in situations where there could be competing buyers you run the risk of losing books. Is that what you want? I don't know how long you've been buying collections, but I guarantee you will encounter that situation and you'll be kicking yourself later for not just buying the damn lot. And really, is five boxes of drek that bad? You're saving the seller a lot of headaches trying to dump/sell that stuff for the next 10 years...
  5. It's completely regardless who bought the comics, what time of day it was, etc. etc. so you can just exclude that part of the argument. He was getting a screaming deal, I would have just bought the guy's whole inventory at asking price...when the difference between a discount and not a discount is a fraction of a percent of the aggregate value, who cares? You're still getting an amazing buy and you're doing the seller a better service by taking everything off his hands. I never suggested educating the buyer or paying more than advertised as some posters alluded to, just buy the whole lot and be done with it. In the business world where deals involving millions of dollars are made, companies don't give a mess who pays for the tab at the bar...
  6. Wow! I wouldn't have taken the volume discount, you're already making out like a criminal.
  7. Ya, sounds like you dodged a bullet. A nightmare all around!
  8. This happens all the time here in Ottawa! I can't tell you how often similar events are posted on the same day as our show, and it's extremely more frustrating because the guys who run our show book the dates 18 months in advance with the dates posted online!!
  9. Am I reading this right? The organizer who is collecting revenues from dealers and users requested municipal dollars to subsidize his cost? Wow.
  10. Cottage country con just sounds wrong - I think I'd like to spend time at the cottage then be in a big hall! I picked-up a lot of TPBs off a guy; the good thing is I got them for pennies on the dollar, the downside is a bunch of them smell like cigs - so a lot of them are priced heavily from their retail. I think they'll still move since it's a little more than a long-box of just Marvel TPBs and Hardcovers. I haven't had a lot of free time to go through my books, I took today off to devote to bagging/boarding....I'll probably be sprinkling other days off from work when it's not too busy to do make headway on this.
  11. spreads

    Got a comic room??? Showcase it here!

    Spinner rack is solid. I like your baker's rack, we have one that's similar to yours...can you crack open that electric football and take some pics - looks awesome!
  12. Why would you let them burn their comics to survive, instead of offering them very cheap wood and/or food for their comics (wouldn't you be getting them for next to nothing)?
  13. Why wouldn't you offer them a some firewood or food for their FF comics...