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  1. Exactly, so prescreening - you'll need 25 books minimum per tier (eg 25 moderns) and then set a bar that you will only accept to have them graded at, e.g. 9.4 Then maybe you have that same tier with a different level, e.g. 9.8. Since you have the volume - this works out well for you and you shouldn't have to worry about not making minimums. What's the background on this collection? Storage locker find??
  2. Yes, you'll receive a green label, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Or if it's on the inside, like my TOS 39 with a Stan Lee sig - it won't affect the color of slab, but CGC might make a notation.
  3. Also, I know this doesn't make your submitting any easier, but the grades are also book specific. CGC is aware of production defects on certain comics and grade accordingly, so that defect might not be penalized against grade, while other comics with that same grade will have. There's not a lot you can do about this without the knowledge, other than prescreen!
  4. Just an FYI, this is a CGC board so you might not want to be promoting a direct competitor. Just curious why you would submit to CBCS, when CGC generally gets better ROI? As what others above have said, it's best to use the prescreen option if you have the quantity of books - Especially if you don't have experience in submitting.
  5. I was so ready to hit the BIN, but he doesn't ship to Canada....
  6. Agreed. Any Marvel/DC book (aside from rare printings) will be plentiful in 9.8, it's just that up until a couple years ago no one gave a mess about this book.
  7. I'm not familiar with them....but I find auctions are only a good place to dump bulk boxes that might get you a buck a piece, if broken out by their smaller lots. I'm very weary of anyone that sells there could be 800-1200 books to be slabbed. Honestly, I've bought about 4 collections a year in the last 5 years alone and can tell you very few books are worth sending off to be slabbed. Out of my 10,000 comic purchase I sent in less than 1%, and there were some big keys in there - hulk 181, iron man 1, etc.......
  8. Also, do not for the life of you break up a full run of books to sell the key separately! The first hellboy is a classic example, if you strip out next men 21 and try to sell a near complete run it will be a massive headache - not worth the tiny little bit extra you get from stripping out the big book of that run. If you really want to move books, you need to understand which ones can sell on their own as single issues or a run/arc, and which ones definitely won't and you have to keep the key/semi key in there to move them. Anyways, i'm sure you'll figure all this out - probably a few months into selling.
  9. You're welcome. But just to reiterate what others have said....you really need to know the exact costs of what a book will get in each grade and be very, very good at grading before you start sending books in to CGC. I'm in Canada, so my costs to send to CGC are even higher, so I need to be picky. A batch of 9.4s vs 9.6s can mean all the difference in the world. It sounds like you're willing to put the time in which is good, perhaps I would suggest you shift gears and not worry about stuff like taking photos and writing everything down since there isn't much value in doing that. Instead, spend you time figuring out how to grade and how to sell on ebay or elsewhere (how to pack comics an effective and bulletproof way), etc. etc.
  10. Super low interest rates definitely helps. I don't know where you live, but the housing market where I am is at all-time craziness!
  11. Thanks, I have that one in Mylar since it’s a sharp copy!
  12. Ya, and then it's - how long will I plug away with it 30 minutes to 2 hours here and there......a collection like this means, shave off 1-2 hours of sleep every night for a long time....
  13. 139 longs is a crazy collection. We're talking hundreds (to thousands of hours) when you factor in listing, communicating lots, moving boxes, scheduling meetups, etc. etc. etc. I bought a collection of 50 longs last year and it was a serious endeavor. Unless you're retired and have no dependents (or hobbies really), it becomes a matter of, are you even capable of processing and selling this collection. There's a reason why large collections like this don't see for anywhere near their retail value - it is a crazy amount of work. I'm not trying to belittle you, but I often see on these boards messages like, 'take a week off work and you can process a big collection', or 'it will be fun to sell here or there'. Unless you've actually bought or processed a five digit collection you have no idea the commitment you're getting into.
  14. I don't. I have about 80% of the run to 300 (not including variants) and was going to stop collecting there. Within the last two weeks I got lucky on a local buy that had 25 issues in the 200s I needed for my run....when I acquired 174 last year I had no idea of its value, I'm wondering if there are other books I should be putting in Mylar/Half backs instead of just a bag/board.
  15. 2000 Silver age comics is not apples to apples here. The OP talking about a collection heavy in Moderns and Coppers, which probably won't garner interest of a number of big silver/golden dealers. There's lots of non Marvel/DC runs that will sell, but if you strip every minor key $5-30 you won't be selling them as a run at all, regardless of the price...