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  1. 1000% I'm probably going to steal this and use a few.....
  2. Do you know the make off-hand, curious to see if it's the same one I bought? I got it for $10...it was actually listed for free but I gave the woman $10 because I liked-it. She said she used it for many craft shows and it seems pretty stable - holds the 4-5 long boxes quite well - but I have only used it for three shows. Went to a 'sell-my-stuff' content sale today, we ended up walking away with two antique pieces - one that will be re-finished and painted, the other we're leaving as is. I'm dealing with a minor injury so I probably shouldn't have been buying/moving this stuff...oh well. This company is great, I'll never forget the first sale I went to where I was snagging $1 comics left and right, lol...
  3. This setup is awesome guys, how much additional time/space is needed transporting the materials/wall displays. You guys really have quite the inventory if NTT #2 didn't make it to the wall! On average for a show like this how many of those wall books would you sell in a day?
  4. There's usually kids out there practicing or playing a game; I like to heckle them - P.A announcer...."and here comes the turok 1s...." The table has been pretty solid so far, it came with good reviews and only cost me $10.
  5. It's at an arena, but the main hall was packed and there's usually about 6-12 dealers setup along the hallway to the side. I don't mind being out there, more room for people and we usually bring extra tables/setup with no renting cost. I'm sure at one point there will be space in the main hall, but until all the card guys go away....
  6. Very nice setup, quite 'retail oriented'. Here's my rickety- setup; I was at the end with no one showing up, the nice thing is that I have a lot of space. That side folding table I brought and added $1 books. I might even be able to grab another one, but for now I want to maximize my space (includes expanding the display wall). Since my display is so $hitty compared to yours I added a cute photo of one of my cats hanging out in my hockey bag.
  7. "tied-back-to-back, bareheaded..." I guess not having a hat back then really sucked, lol.
  8. There's a guy locally that advertises that....search "crazy trades" on kijiji and you'll see it. He's a great guy, but I'm stunned he was able to get anyone to offer those trades. I helped him out once helping him sort through an 18k collection of just independents, that's a couple weekends I'll never get back.
  9. Hopefully you had a good show, we just had our monthly show and it was my personal worst. It was frustrating because I brought the most stuff out and put a free ad up the day before we some bites, but the traffic was very poor. Several dealers were griping about poor sales....oh well.
  10. Good point. Unless you're looking for inventory why would you take on that additional burden. I have another person offering a collection, but I offered to take on a few books consignment instead. I'm still in building out my inventory at the show, so I'm not super keen on this idea, but I wouldn't mind starting off slow with a few books.
  11. Hey Torch, Do you guys execute many trades, and how do you structure the deal if you do? I'm starting to get guys contacting me about trades...the stuff they have is decent but nothing I'd write home about. I guess my trade in value would be higher than what I would purchase the books, but an equal value trade wouldn't make much sense if I'm not actively looking for it.
  12. Good luck, keep us posted on what happens! I imagine the guys that setup our monthly show do very well because there are many dealers that show up, a regular crop of locals and out-of-towners. And donating profits to a political cause, WTF??? Not a bad idea on getting the dealers pizza torch, I try to eat healthy but I guess it beats having to worry about packing a lunch.
  13. Good luck....you can always move South to the big smoke and sell in the big markets! I'm lucky I have a regular, solid show very close to me that's been running for years. I don't think I would setup shop elsewhere if it folded - probably take my personal collection with me, and close off all buying/selling activity once I close out that other inventory.
  14. That's super , after the first one I probably would have said something to organizer.