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  1. HOly christ! You take off for a few months...maybe I should list my CGC 9.4! I came so close to selling it a 3-4 years ago but held off because I wanted to keep the book for my collection.
  2. I've gotten a couple of great scores from estate sales, but they are so few and far between it's not worth the effort to check them out anymore. I've also found true estate sales (run out of an auction house) most of the books sell for higher prices than you'd ever expect to see anywhere. I always say I should be dumping my longs on these folks since they seem to move them!
  3. My CCS quick press and moderns non fast track, are still sitting as received since Sept. 19th. I'm hoping the books will be pressed before Calendar end, but we'll see....
  4. So, let's recap this guy's business practice: 1) Opening up the store half an hour late (how many people would have just left?) 2) A pricing model that doesn't make a lot of sense (confusing and not intuitive) 3) Not having change/being able to accept transact properly (how do you not have a float?) 4) Giving away merchandise for free!
  5. I've just accepted a severance package from work! How eerie is that?!
  6. I have my modern press and grading still listed as 'received' exactly two months ago - Sept. 19th.
  7. I'll sell you all my copies for $3 each! You will have instant massive on paper profits!
  8. I always thought the gold version was a solid $20-25 book, that's what you'd expect to get/pay at cons. The silver version you're lucky to get $3 Canadian...trust me, I've got a pile of them for $3 and lots of unsold inventory!
  9. Probably not, those guys always disappear. Just like on Seeking Alpha with companies and investing in equities...
  10. Colonel Mustard, In the Comic Room, with the Doc Savage statue.
  11. Wow! That room is so rammed with stuff even the boxes have posters sticking out of their sides! How quickly can you find a specific book, if needed? I think that's the definition of unmanageable, and I'm close to the point where I'm losing time trying to find books.
  12. LOL I've stopped putting my work address as the return mailing location.