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  1. The upside down variant is back from CGC! And they fixed it without charging me any extra - they are kings among men!
  2. The 9.2 is double what it was two years ago.....BIN sales are awful, the seller is capping what he/she would have received, especially when there were two sales at and above 3k already on the year.....
  3. 650 pages isn't bad from start to finish....it's not like the moderns heating up thread - no one is going over all that again!
  4. No. . Way. My walkthrough books, which were shipped late last week from Canada have been graded and are in GC. Writing express and walk through on the package all over sure helped!!!
  5. I'm not sure where the joke comes in.....yes, most people max out the declared value - there is no benefit to declaring any amount under the maximum for a tier.
  6. I just shipped a batch of 14 books, two of them walkthrough and 4 of them express - they were received yesterday, so I'll update when I get the email acknowledgement by CGC.
  7. Why aren't you maxing out the declared value? That way if CGC damages or loses your books you're getting paid out more.
  8. Quoting an 11 year old post. Peter Pumpinkhead would be proud!
  9. Although the first print is technically in the sixties, the later printings fall into the Bronze age. Fed n Heads 1st print - low grade copy just sold for good chunk of cake!
  10. So instead of giving the guy more money, you let you friend pay him via dinner?! lol.
  11. What do you mean dumb , the fee isn't negotiable. It's either you get it graded or you don't. Next time you're about to type something think it over in your head for 20 seconds, then decide if that's what you want to say.
  12. We're lucky we can make these kinds of big generalizations about magic cards here on a comic forum without getting magic nerds raging on us, lol. I had played it when Revise was big, sold off all my pristine cards in 2005, what a mistake that was, lol. I bet those cards the OP has are very rare in that condition, that speaks volumes he/she submitted to a new card grading company!