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  1. Wow....those prices are crazy.....
  2. Wow, amazing! What type of room is that? It looks like your garage?
  3. Maybe those card guys are saying the same thing about comics!
  4. Great haul! And those might be the brownest longboxes I've ever seen!
  5. Nice grab. I found a copy of that book in a collection years back - and it was beat to $$%$. It had been lying sideways along a book, I sold it for about $20 many years back.
  6. Isn't this exactly our point, this book is entirely speculative driven? You've done a lot of shows, have you ever in your life had someone say "I'm looking for Godzilla 1 for my collection"? I've never heard anyone say they collect Godzilla comics....the argument that Godzilla is relatively undervalued because other books have gone up is not a defense for justifying its price. Is a 9.6 a safe bet to buy the book? Absolutely. Will there be long-term organic demand for the comic? Probably not.
  7. How exactly is Godzilla undervalued? It's a $100 comic, because you think it should be?
  8. I think that same logic was applied to buying penny tech stocks during the dot com crash.
  9. I'm mostly in declutter mode these days as I continue to selloff what I have.....but over the last couple weeks I made a couple local purchases including two Spawn homage covers that I need for my Spawn run which is all NM-NM+. And this New 52 run I picked up real cheap - I wanted this set for my Batman collection, but I wasn't going to pay going rate for #1 (I would have just settled for trades to read the story), but I got a near complete set for about cover price. I have the batman trades that I borrowed from the libary on my list of books to read, with covid the library doesn't charge la
  10. Looks great! As long as you're happy with it, who cares what other people think!
  11. Correction, you win the thread!!
  12. The Crossgen stuff and a lot of publishers like them actually have very good reads, and some of them have very rare variant covers. A lot of the titles you already mentioned: Halloween, Chaos comics....also a lot of the B-C list bad girl comics have niche but collectible markets. I think you should pull them out by title and go through them, 1500 comics isn't a ton! Sight unseen it was a no lose buy....a few years back I bought 11 shorts for about $500 because it had a good run of Spawn. The rest of the stuff was easy to sell at $50 a short - low risk venture. You could easily do thi
  13. When I was doing shows Punisher had a stronger collector/reader interest than a lot of other Marvel characters....I would be surprised if they retired him.