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  1. WTTB! It is a common printing defect with that issue. I have a CGC 9.6 with it (but not as bad).; and I have seen 9.8's also.
  2. This is ASM #194! I think first post also listed as #192 instead
  3. Trade completed! These threads actually do work sometimes!
  4. Thanks. Congrats on the jackpot raffle win!
  5. Membership has its privileges! I've been trying to acquire one in this grade for quite some time.
  6. Sweet! I don't have these comics or tapes. Never knew this was on my list until now!
  7. I try to trade up as my first option so as not to lose 3% to paypal (and up to 10% to ebay) on the sale of my under-copy (basically trades might allow me to apply full value of my book to my trade, but not always). I have had a few successful trades here on the boards, but admittedly, it isn't always easy putting a trade deal together. The successful trade deals require a lot of luck and good timing to find a match with someone. If that doesn't work, eventually I will try to purchase the higher grade copy first before selling my under-copy.
  8. Looking for well-centered Hulk #181 CGC 9.6 Blue Label in trade for my Hulk #181 CGC 9.2 C-OW and GSX #1 CGC 9.2 OW plus cash (and/or other bronze keys) using FMV as a guide. Please PM if interested in working something out Cheers, Dennis