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  1. Almond Joy's got nuts...
  2. "Purchased as NM/M!" ... but then read multiple times in the bathroom, rolled up and used to kill a spider or two, left out in the backyard for a week in the summer, folded in half to fit in my back pocket while riding my bicycle over to Jimmy's house to show him but really so I could use an excuse to see his hot older sister, etc. Possibly NM- now!
  3. Three silver age books no longer available. Fifteen bronze age books still available for trade... Green Lantern #85 (Aug, 1971) CGC 9.2 SS (Neal Adams) (FMV $300 w/o signature) Marvel Feature #1 (Nov, 1975) CGC 9.6 (FMV $80) X-Men #99 (Jun, 1976) CGC 9.0 (30-cent variant) (FMV $425) X-Men #103 (Feb, 1977) CGC 9.4 (FMV $130) X-Men #121 (May, 1979) CGC 9.6 (FMV $230) X-Men #137 (Sep, 1980) CGC 9.6 (FMV $120) X-Men #157 (May, 1982) CGC 9.6 (FMV $44) Logan's Run #6 (Jun, 1977) CGC 9.4 (FMV $55) Star Wars #1 (Jul, 1977) CGC 9.2 (FMV $210) Star Wars #3 (Sep, 1977) CGC 9.4 (FMV $100) Star Wars #4 (Oct, 1977) CGC 9.4 (FMV $80) Star Wars #4 (Oct, 1977) CGC 9.6 (FMV $85) SupeRichie #13 (Feb, 1978) CGC 9.4 (FMV Unknown, Let's say $25) SupeRichie #15 (Jun, 1978) CGC 9.8 (FMV Unknown, Let's say $50) Phoenix The Untold Story #1 (Apr, 1984) CGC 9.4 (FMV $34) Total FMV just over $2000 if you account for Neal Adams signature (and $1968 if you don't). Would trade all of the above for any one nicely presenting (ex: no mis-wraps or SCS books please) Marvel key shown below... X-Men #94 CGC 9.4 (plus I throw in $200) Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 9.2 (plus I throw in $300) Werewolf by Night #32 CGC 9.0 (plus I throw in $150) Daredevil #1 CGC 5.0 (plus I throw in $250) This basically takes 15% off the FMV of my books and gives you 100% of FMV for your book with me making up the difference in cash. At least that was my goal using GoCollect data. If GPA data is different, I am willing to adjust. Let's make a deal!
  4. I am actually trying to do something similar. My goal is one book for one book of equal value, or same number of books for same number of books of equal value, or a greater number of my books for a lesser number of your books of equal value. I am not looking to increase the number of slabs I have at this point.
  5. Um... you guys do realize that there are not one, but two SupeRichie's in this thread! First bump... Also, I want to reiterate that the X-Men #1 is for upgrade only. I considered a few of the trade offers on that, but decided I want to stick with the upgrade only for that one. With that in mind, keep the PM's coming. Thanks!
  6. Star Wars #1 (Jul, 1977) CGC 9.2 (FMV $210) (This book was pressed by Joey)
  7. Logan's Run #6 (Jun, 1977) CGC 9.4 (FMV $55) (This book was pressed by Joey)