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  1. Thought it was worth a try . Both you folks have some nice planets
  2. Fantastic Thor

    Parade of Pleasure UK version

    Nice book ! I need a dust jacket too though . still a great price
  3. what ever happened to a good old tape pull ?
  4. Fantastic Thor


    does a man of your POWER have a #20 ?
  5. Fantastic Thor

    I'll pound you to a "Pulp" if you don't show off yours!

    Never thought I would find one of these in the wild ... 1941 canadian daring crime cases . This one i cant even find info on ... Just love it !
  6. Fantastic Thor

    Edmonton Expo - September 21-23, 2018

    Who is attending and how many chocolate bars do I bring ?
  7. Brides Romances 21 My Fickle Boy Friend story Pencils:Matt Baker noted on GCDB HTF book G copy detached cover $25 plus shipping
  8. Voodoo 6 Matt Baker ! Weird Fantastic tales ! 1952 Famous Matt Baker Art Presents nice . tear on middle of front page and first page (see pics) Center fold nice ! Rip by FC staple I believe there is glue on spine . (assume there is on this book as the spine doesnt open properly ) so call it a pretty 2.0 $240 for this one
  9. Teenage Romances 31 Baker Goodness This book has not sold in a long time Rare with Limited data. Book has a 1.5' spine split top left General wear and cover crease BRC . Mild tanning. BC tas spine tanning . BRC stain . Chipping on the top on the Back cover. TLC chip out Staples are nice but OC . Book has not been pressed under my watch , but has a flatter view. CF tight . Pending sale
  10. Atomic Comics 4. Classic Matt Baker art ! The book presents very nicely . Spine is nice and Phat .Afew spine creases . Top Left corner slightly rounded . TRC has some light wear . BLC slightly rounded. Back cover very nice with some darkness that would clean up nicely CF is TIGHT .. A very Nicely presenting book . Pushes around a 6.0 . feel free to ask questions. Last sale I have seen is a real bad 2.0 at $325. $900 for this copy
  11. I accept first unconditional here in the thread or PM timestamp wins. Payment due asap for this one. Taking the kid to an expo this weekend. Lots of Dr who... so it will be expensive . I accept Paypal,or etransfer. I'll accept returns within a week / split shipping costs Shipping is $15 in North America. Listings in USD .