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  1. Ok .. Who has seen this book before ?? I can't find anything on it ! Superior 1950
  2. I have a cgc 5.5 OW pages. would sell at $660 USD shipped with tracking Cheers
  3. Hey man .. Always like a good soti chat .. Showing off you phantom lady hey ? And hey .. I will always take a lead from the GOAT
  4. I will check my box my friend ! If anything its a free Bump
  5. I Will Leave it at that for tonight Darn Kids making noise …. Stay healthy and feel free to drop me a PM Thor
  6. Black Cat 49 .. Clean as a whistle cover …. HOT as well ! Cover attached and cf attached. BRC has damage . 2' tear BLC Date stamp TLC G+ COPY $175
  7. Weird Mysteries 3 Book has been smoking hot lately . Just like all the decapitation covers !!! Nice copy Chip out of Back cover left side . Staple detached at cover Bottom CF Nice . top staple very nice . Bottom staple holding on. 1' spine split bottom SOLD !!! THANK YOU