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  1. Fantastic Thor

    I'll pound you to a "Pulp" if you don't show off yours!

    Found this beauty just recently Dont know much about pulps but I have liked this cover for a while. Weird tales november 1941 V36 #2
  2. Fantastic Thor

    Baker Romance

    Recent finds ..
  3. Canadian Indian fighter 1 ... with beehive ads and blank inside covers .....
  4. SOLD pending Payment ..
  5. Quick one cool book I thought should hit the Old CGC boards before offered elsewhere.. Rules No Bad Guys / Probation Shipping included in price for North America , others please enquire Paypal only please ====================================== Zip Jet Comics 1 - St John Book looks to be a VG- Complete. TRC some abrasion / Tape pull that doesn't go through the book Spine roll, would probably Squish out nice. Looks like it would benefit from a nice squish BRC Creasing. Nice staples attached at CF tight. Small exterior Rusting. small tear and crease 1' on right side of book Jan 6th Date stamp !! Adds Value IMO Lots of Bondage in the book $300 USD shipped in North America Limited sale info on this book. Real cool cover Thor
  6. Dont think the pages are too expensive however would love to see if anyone has any.. Some i would love to see.. Classic Comics Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 13 Classic Comics Uncle Tom's Cabin 15 Classics Illustrated Great Expectations 43 Classics Illustrated Mysteries of Paris 44 Classics Illustrated The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 50 Classics Illustrated Silas Marner 55 Classics Illustrated Julius Caesar
  7. Would consider most however some I am looking for. (Paying a % of guide depending on what you have) Classic Comics 1946 issues #13 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - #14 Westward Ho - #15 Uncle Tom's Cabin 1946 Issues Classics Illustrated #16 Gulliver's Travels #17 the Deerslayer #18 Hunchback of Notre Dame - #19 Huckleberry Finn #20 Corsican Brothers
  8. Hey if anyone has any mid - low grade famous funnies frazetta books let me know- The don't need to be amazing, just presents nicely Would love a 209 , but LMK Thor
  9. Fantastic Thor

    Books that money CAN'T buy...

    Ace Comics 11
  10. WTB a CGC copy of CSS 19 would like a nice presenting copy . Let me know what you have ! Will pay FMV. thor
  11. WTB Kewpies 1 Would like a CGC copy. Eisner
  12. WTB High grade or Decent CGC Wanted 12 AND 35 Fair market value paid . These books
  13. Fantastic Thor

    Fox Comics Appreciation Thread!

    Solid 5.0