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  1. Am I the only one worried that my address with purchase history has been stolen ?
  2. Are you thinking Friday or Saturday for pizza dave ?? @thehumantorch @ThatNerdyCanuck
  3. Some quick rules. No bad guys .. shipping included .. returns allowed . Buyer pays return postage . First take it on the thread gets it . Shipping from canada so it can take afew extra days .. and I am slow PayPal ok .. or $$$ at the red and white show . --------------- Buster crabbe 5 Frazetta famous funnies cover Condition fair ? Cover detached with spine split half way . Pencil on cover The good news.. Inside is perfect . Nice CF staples . Book would jump with a nice cover clean. $250 ..Now 175 USD shipped in north America. Others please enquire .
  4. Hard to find canadian I loved 32 with the infamous unmarried mother story !
  5. 20 rare whitmans Just put up …. High grade super rare copies of superboy 6 , superman 348, action 508 ! Feel free to send me a note! Thor
  6. If I see a dealers prices are to high I always start by saying... "hi karl ". @Artboy99 hehe
  7. Thought I read that those ones were only distributed in canada . However I totally could be wrong