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  1. Even though they had the wrong artist attributed - it was Bob Powell not Howard Nostrand, and even though they listed the wrong issue in which it first appeared - it was first published in Black Cat Mystery #45 and reprinted in Black Cat Mystic #61 (with alterations for the Comics Code), it ended up selling for $11,000 (plus 3,080 buyers premium).
  2. Barely scratching the surface here. Got into it cause I couldn't find a Hulk 181...
  3. Great cover! Thanks for all your posts!
  4. Great stuff! Do these still work? Would love to see a pic of them! Thanks!
  5. There were a few... Yes, sometimes they recycled titles and cover artwork...
  6. This cool comic came with a whistle. I've seen the comic a couple of times, but the actual whistle only once. It probably drove parents nuts, so it's likely not many survived.