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  1. I just noticed, is there a bit of this dynamic going on here? Mr. Preoccupied Camera Guy seems oblivious to his girl checking out the attentive, seasoned fellow.
  2. Was this your comic? Because your picture looks like an uncropped version of the cropped one in the listing. Here is the hammer price:
  3. Part of a book and comic set, one of a series put out by Belda Talking Komics... (posted previously in the Esoteric/Oddball thread here.)
  4. Welcome back, Bo! Love this Operas ashcan!
  5. Everett was amazing at Atlas in the 50s. Check the banners at the circus sideshow - wonder if this would be noted as a Sub-Mariner / Human Torch cameo?
  6. Speaking of Slick Chick, this looks like some Matt Baker work from #3 (scans from online sources):
  7. Great story - thanks for sharing this!
  8. I picked up some more of these over the years. My favorites of this bunch are the one from the Gondolier Hotel in Wildwood Crest at the New Jersey shore, and the one from Tarnow Whole Hog Sausage.
  9. No, it's not GA - please excuse. You are also right, Garuda is not particularly esoteric to Hindus and Buddhists. I think he is a cool protector unlike most American superheroes. I'd love to see more Garuda comic books if can find them! BTW, John Keel drew parallels with Garuda legends and West Virginia's legendary Mothman!
  10. Anyone know more about this teeny tiny comic? Any others in the series?