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  1. Believe me! If I could I would move to the US straight away! Thank you for the offer sending stuff to me. I'll keep that in mind for sure.
  2. Great stuff. Thank you for sharing. I wish I could have been there. Not to far, just a train ride from Belgium away…
  3. Any previews from the dealers? I'll be lurking. Please remember our poor Non-US collectors. Do sell to us too! Don't do the "US only" please. Not my fault I'm born in the wrong country....
  4. Hi again, There are 2 graded #6 Limited Edition Premium Flashback Cover, Limited to 350! I own one of them and my son the other one! They both have been miss-labelled by CGC. Both are the flashback covers as stated on the cover of the book: See the pictures below. These are the following books in the registry! #1960240001 #1960240002 Those have been entered incorrectly as Photo variant, but both are the Flashback cover limited to 350 edition Below one of the graded books with incorrect label The picture below is the regular #6 Photo Variant Cover Can those be added please so I can add them to this set. I can't send them back as it is way to costly from Belgium. Thank you for your time and see you on the board These are listed as "Photo Variant Cover B"
  5. All for my son! He loves money... a lot (and know how to keep it and make it grow). He will keep some slabs for sure but most of them will be sold by him. (Did I mention he likes money). He will know where to go and get the best deal. Although I think he might overprice them in the beginning (thinking he might be able to get more money, which he loves)...
  6. With the new variants going for over $100 graded, and some even more, when they came out my bubble already burst. I pretty much tapped out. Only some signatures of film stars (maybe) and my monthly reader pile that has been reduced to about 5 titles. I don't have the kind of cash needed to go after my grails (at the moment), so my collection isn't getting bigger at the time.
  7. Signed by Ming-Na Wen who did the Mulan Voice in the Disney movie and on the Kingdom Hearts II game
  8. Could you please add the following set: Stargate Universe (including variants) #1 Regular Cover #1 Character Design Variant Cover #1 Photo Variant Cover #1 Blank Variant Cover #1 Retailer Incentive Photo Cover #2 Regular Cover #2 Photo Variant Cover #2 Retailer Incentive Flashback Photo Cover #3 Regular Cover #3 Photo Variant Cover #3 Retailer Incentive Flashback Photo Cover #4 Regular Cover #4 Photo Variant Cover #4 Limited Edition Premium Flashback Cover #5 Regular Cover #5 Photo Variant Cover #5 Limited Edition Premium Flashback Cover #6 Main Cover #6 Photo Variant Cover #6 Limited Edition Premium Flashback Cover, Limited to 350 Thank you Your set has been created. However, you had many books that were listed here that have not been graded by the CGC. There are no Comic IDs in the system for me to add them if we have never graded them before. I have highlighted the ones missing from the set.
  9. Very happy you enjoyed the trip. The pictures put a smile on my face.
  10. If you're based in the UK or Europe visit https://www.scottscollectables.co.uk/ I use them for slabbing and they also have their own exclusives. Great people!
  11. What is your return postage for CGC books to Belgium? Will you be able to get books signed by Ming-Na Wen (actress) at C2E2. I saw your form on your site, but no return price to European countries.
  12. I want to say a big thank you to those that have send me extra gifts! So awesome… Best forum people all over the world wide web. I feel privileged being part of such an awesome community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  13. I like to see the asking price just for the fun of it. I look for the "I take it" in the hope the price is still there. Even if I am not interested in buying a certain book, I still enjoy the information about the sale of the book.
  14. Healthcare is among the best over here. That is true! Everybody pays to a pot and if needed everybody will get the best care needed. You can have an extra by paying a private premium so you will get a private room at the hospital (most companies will pay that for their employees). A lot is government regulated though. Like an ambulance ride can never cost more then €60 ($70). a doctor visit will cost you about $30 and your mandatory insurance will give most of that back. School... sure free (from tax money) but at a cost of the schooling itself (regulation and changes can only be done with government money and after long bureaucratic road. My son went to an international private school. Costly, but so much beter then the funded schools. I could write a book about that on here, but I'll stop boring you. Still, we understandably pay high tax for this, but the VAT on goods is to high as many people buy abroad. If you live near a boarder it is cheaper to go foodshopping in another country (The Netherlands, Germany...) I buy my comic books in the Netherlands. Cheaper then Belgium, lost VAT income for Belgium.