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  1. I got my gifts today and a big thank you to my secret Santa "Ed" @eeb03 Always loving Rogue stuff and this one was not in my collection yet. Awesome gift, thank you so much! The comics are fun too. Always exciting to discover new thing you would normally not pick up yourself. I love that!!!.... The Ironman will go to my son as that's his favorite character… and the wine stopper, well... that goes to my wife as she likes the drink (I wonder why?) The little bobble head was a Thor. No Thor fans here so I will gift this to an orphanage. We always gift some toys to the local orphanage in our town and I will add it to this stack and hope it finds it's way to a Thor fan there. I wanted to add this info here as I wanted you to know where the gifts will go to if not in my own collection. Unfortunately there is a darker side to this years gift exchange for me. I had to wait over a month to get it because of the import charges and the people dealing with that take so long. It was then charged $60 ($35 import costs and $25 tax) on it. I will also get charged on the raffle prize ($35 import cost plus the extra tax). Typical Belgium "LEGAL GOVERNMENT THEFT". So I expect to pay well over $100 to get my gifts this year. I am very thankful for the gifts, I love the gift exchange and the raffle, I love this place so much but I am not sure if I can justify this to my family any longer. We have an agreement on what we spend on gifts on each other and with this I spend more on myself (although it's the government stealing it) then on my family. It's a sad world we live in, where you can't even get a gift anymore without being TAX'ed on it. Belgium S*cks!
  2. It looks like my present has been in Belgium for about a month as mentioned on the USPS website. "Your item was processed through a facility in BELGIUM on December 11, 2019 at 12:21 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination." Crazy how long things can take here in Belgium! Already a big thank you to my secret Santa. I know the packet will get here (eventually) and I will share pictures.
  3. Glad you like them! Part of the fun in this secret Santa is learning about your fellow collectors likes and loves and then hunt for some of the stuff. I loved the artwork on the poster so much myself, I just had to get that for the packet. I was stunned when I received it. Did you read all the cards? Happy Holidays!!! PS: Best Forum on the internet!
  4. Send my gift out 13 days ago but I think (looking at this topic) it didn't got there yet. It's out there! I guess it will be a new years present (I hope it come before new year)… Anyway, stupid Belgium post taking so bloody long. Happy holidays everybody
  5. Great stuff. Thank you for sharing. I wish I could have been there. Not to far, just a train ride from Belgium away…
  6. Hi again, There are 2 graded #6 Limited Edition Premium Flashback Cover, Limited to 350! I own one of them and my son the other one! They both have been miss-labelled by CGC. Both are the flashback covers as stated on the cover of the book: See the pictures below. These are the following books in the registry! #1960240001 #1960240002 Those have been entered incorrectly as Photo variant, but both are the Flashback cover limited to 350 edition Below one of the graded books with incorrect label The picture below is the regular #6 Photo Variant Cover Can those be added please so I can add them to this set. I can't send them back as it is way to costly from Belgium. Thank you for your time and see you on the board These are listed as "Photo Variant Cover B"
  7. All for my son! He loves money... a lot (and know how to keep it and make it grow). He will keep some slabs for sure but most of them will be sold by him. (Did I mention he likes money). He will know where to go and get the best deal. Although I think he might overprice them in the beginning (thinking he might be able to get more money, which he loves)...
  8. With the new variants going for over $100 graded, and some even more, when they came out my bubble already burst. I pretty much tapped out. Only some signatures of film stars (maybe) and my monthly reader pile that has been reduced to about 5 titles. I don't have the kind of cash needed to go after my grails (at the moment), so my collection isn't getting bigger at the time.
  9. Signed by Ming-Na Wen who did the Mulan Voice in the Disney movie and on the Kingdom Hearts II game