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  1. What is your return postage for CGC books to Belgium? Will you be able to get books signed by Ming-Na Wen (actress) at C2E2. I saw your form on your site, but no return price to European countries.
  2. I want to say a big thank you to those that have send me extra gifts! So awesome… Best forum people all over the world wide web. I feel privileged being part of such an awesome community. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  3. I like to see the asking price just for the fun of it. I look for the "I take it" in the hope the price is still there. Even if I am not interested in buying a certain book, I still enjoy the information about the sale of the book.
  4. Healthcare is among the best over here. That is true! Everybody pays to a pot and if needed everybody will get the best care needed. You can have an extra by paying a private premium so you will get a private room at the hospital (most companies will pay that for their employees). A lot is government regulated though. Like an ambulance ride can never cost more then €60 ($70). a doctor visit will cost you about $30 and your mandatory insurance will give most of that back. School... sure free (from tax money) but at a cost of the schooling itself (regulation and changes can only be done with government money and after long bureaucratic road. My son went to an international private school. Costly, but so much beter then the funded schools. I could write a book about that on here, but I'll stop boring you. Still, we understandably pay high tax for this, but the VAT on goods is to high as many people buy abroad. If you live near a boarder it is cheaper to go foodshopping in another country (The Netherlands, Germany...) I buy my comic books in the Netherlands. Cheaper then Belgium, lost VAT income for Belgium.
  5. Still not at bad as over here!... In Belgium we pay 21% tax and the seller pays it as in Belgium you have to add the full price tag on with TAX included. You cannot have €10 plus TAX. It has to say €12,10. So when I sell something on ebay, TAX will be deducted from my total. And TAX is taken from everything and everyone, even if soled abroad (unless I have a company with a VAT number) Ebay has been collecting this TAX in Belgium for many years. Or, as I like to cal it at 21%, "legal theft by the government".
  6. I think there was a topic (on the old forum) about Spawn being the most slabbed book. At least that's what I remembered and therefor picked (before I saw the result in this thread).
  7. No! It has been tried. I seen companies/individuals try it. After weeks you would not hear about them again.
  8. Thank you very much to both Bird and 143ksk. Highly appreciated. Also thank you to everybody else offering an extra prize or sharing the postage. Highly appreciated!!!. This is why I love this board and the members on it. They are the best. Love it here and will be back for next years festivities. My wife collects elephants, she will be happy Thanks again everybody for making this happening.
  9. 100+ visit to Disneyland Paris, helped on 4 Disneyland Paris books, worked on 2 Disney websites, about 10 WDW visits, 2 WDW visits in the making and Disney Vacation Club owner... I think I need some professional help! Totally addicted...
  10. Well, I am a Disney addict! You can always PM me with WDW questions.
  11. Good choice! Need help planning?...
  12. But my prize is for Walt Disney World in Florida!!!!
  13. In Disney Springs! Walt Disney World! In Florida (Disneyland is in California). Just so you book the right flights
  14. I thought this would be picked by now!!! There is a comic book store on WDW property!