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  1. How I Organize My Comics My project this weekend is to file away all the comics I've bought since the last time I filed my comics. I do this once or twice a year. This time I've got about 2 long boxes worth of raw comics to file. For most of my collecting life, I stored my comics in one big alphabet. This was a pain as my collection got bigger, because if I bought a lot of Batman comics (for example), I had to ripple comics all the way from the B boxes to the Z boxes. I changed things about 10 years ago. Now, for big titles, like Amazing Spider-Man, I store them in their own boxes (it takes 4 long boxes to store issues 1-700). There are some publishers I collect, where I'm trying to get every issue they released (or up to some defined point). They go in their own boxes. For example, Valiant takes 2 and 1/2 long boxes (my Valiant collection stops when Acclaim gets involved). I fill the other half of that third box with my Defiant collection (fitting, right?) Some titles get stored in the same box. For example, my Castle Waiting, Danger Girl, Gen 13, Meridian, Ruse and Sojourn comics go in a box together. My Indiana Jones, James Bond and Greg Rucka comics go in another. I try to group similar titles together, but sometimes it's just based on what fits together to make maximum use of boxes. Here's a picture of Toys and CB2 from the map, with stuff displayed in front of the long boxes. This is what CB2 looks like once I move the prints and posters away. It's a pain to add comics to the boxes at the bottom. What I try to do is put finished runs on the bottom, so I don't need to get to them. Today though I needed to get to the 2 She-Hulk boxes. One's at the top (where a box is shared with Elfquest), but the other is 3 boxes down (where a box is shared with the original X-Men series). So one was easy, the other not so much. But it's okay, because it's fun to shuffle through comic boxes. It's like I'm reconnecting with my collection. Also, I enjoy adding issues 38 and 39 between 37 and 40 in the box. For some reason it really makes me feel good to do that. And at that moment, I don't care if it's NM or VG or if it's restored or what the page quality is. I'm just happy to have the comics in their proper place. I guess it's the OCD in me. Or maybe it's part of being a collector. Thanks for reading.
  2. Manhunt is great for GGA, for Baker and others. I'm still searching for most of the issues. I think @kat123 has some. Would love to see pictures of your Manhunts.
  3. Very nice books. This one is so tempting but I recently bought a decent raw copy
  4. First World Problems and Original Art

    Yes, I've trimmed art like sketches and commissions, but not anything valuable and not original comic art.
  5. Matt Baker in Gusto He-Man I collect Baker's work in non-comic magazines. He appeared in men's magazines of the time. They illustrated stories that were usually politically incorrect and sometimes chilling. But they also were some of his best, most refined art. He had one illustration in this issue of Gusto magazine from 1957.
  6. Thanks for the post! I'm always changing things around, but here are pictures of my walls at various times.
  7. The Amash book also credits Baker with the cover, but pencils only.
  8. Finding Places To Build Shelves I'm always looking for places to add more shelves. Here's a picture where I've built a shelf above a window (the window has a black-out shade to prevent sunlight from coming in). This is Wall 4 in the map. The shelf is about 6 inches deep so it gives me room to store CGC books. Next to the shelf, to the left, I've got a big shelf (Shelf 5 in the map) to store statues (so far only Gwen's there). Below is a narrow shelf I attached to the top of other shelves (specifically, Shelf 1A in the map). I've got CGC books leaning against Star Trek and Star Wars large action figures that I store on top of Shelf 1A. This narrow shelf is useful as I can store magazine size slabs there. Below it is a cell from Kiki's Delivery Service. On the top shelf in Wall 1, I store DC Direct and other action figures. I made the shelf extra deep so I have room to store comics in front of the toys. I also build shelves to display books in front of long boxes. It just takes a piece of plywood, like this: Then you can put the plywood under long boxes. You extend it out a few inches, and that forms a shelf to display books, like this (this is Wall 5 in the map).

    I'll take this dastardly Planet!
  10. Favorite GA Splash Page?

  11. Favorite GA Splash Page?

    what issue is this?
  12. Dastardly GGA Bondage Covers

    This reminds me of:
  13. Dastardly GGA Bondage Covers

    This is one of my fav all time covers. What a beautiful book!