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  1. Girl tied to a wheel and slowly lowered into acid. Yes, definitely dastardly!
  2. This is one of my grails
  3. There's GGA and then there's bondage. There's bondage, and then there's dastardly bondage. According to the dictionary: So show your most dastardly bondage comics. Here's a couple to get things going.
  4. Just won this on C-Link. Didn't expect to win it with my tracking bid, but I'm happy to add it to my stack.
  5. Robot, the problem is your stuff is too tame. Come on, let's see the good stuff.
  6. Lady In White Update I mentioned a major addition to my Lady In White collection (@miraclemet) and here it is, Wonder Woman 199. I've been admiring it on eBay for some time now. I checked and re-checked GPA and finally pulled the trigger. It has the perfect gothic feel and the tension of the lady in bondage, and of course there's also the movie. I wonder if Wonder Woman 2 will have Gal Gadot in a scene like this. I guess our demented imaginations can only hope. But anyway, I hope everyone is having a good summer. Here's a couple of Bettys and Veronicas to help pass the lazy sunny days.
  7. Congrats on getting tickets. Did you manage to get a hotel close to the con? (hotel seems to be even harder than tickets nowadays) I'm actually going to NYCC this year for the first time. It will be a family thing with my wife and 2 of my daughters (who are into cos-playing). Can't wait!
  8. On the east coast. I can't tell you more without risking my secret identity.
  9. take it
  10. Tales of the Comic Book Room - Moving Things Around I'm always moving things around the comic room. Mostly it's when I get something new, and I have to adjust things to make space for it. I try to arrange things so, depending on where you are, you get a different view of things. For example, this weekend I moved things around to display this Supes/Lois statue. You can't quite see behind it, but if you move to the left you see JSC's Blackcat peaking out. Then if you turn your head to the left you see the shelves next to the window. I have a vintage Death Star there. I use it as a shelf to store things. On the top I've displayed part of my Bettie Page card collection. In my small room, I've got the shelves double parked. So behind Bettie -- and again I like the different views depending on where you're standing -- are some FF and X-Men statues. They're actually part of sets and I'm still working on them.
  11. I try to walk too. When I'm in SF I'm always walking, and with the hills it's a work out. At work I try to use the stairs instead of the elevator as much as possible. So I agree with you, the little things matter to try to keep your weight down. I always promise myself to order fish at restaurants, but usually I get steak. Although this past weekend, I got soft shell crabs. It was fried, but at least fish over steak.
  12. One of the best classic covers Rick. Great win, congrats!