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  1. Serendipity and a Book for the Lady In White Collection I'm always finding books I've never seen before when going through long boxes at cons, or surfing on the Internet. Even today, after almost 50 years of collecting, it's still exciting to discover something new. Serendipity is a big part of comic collecting! That's how it is for me with the Lady in White collection. I stumble onto books that fit the collection. Here's a comic I discovered at Terry's con earlier this year in January. Unexpected 127. The dealer had a raw copy priced at $45. I think he was surprised when I passed on it. I would have bought it but I was unsure of the grade. It went on my want list though, and a few months later, this graded copy appeared on eBay. I got it for $90, a steal IMHO. This way I didn't have to pay for grading, or risk getting a lower grade. Thanks for reading.
  2. Sounds like you had a fun day. What'd you get at Joe Jost’s? We need a picture of lunch! Love the narrow house. But this beats it, the narrowest house in Valencia Spain (107 cm).
  3. Some Recent Books from CGC Got some books back from CGC. I've been looking for a nice copy of Rangers 28 for years. Finally found one here on the boards. This is one of my favorite covers of Rangers. And, I got Young Love 4 to add to my GA photo covers collection.
  4. I think I read some place that being in the slab presses the book to some extent. So, if you re-grade it, the book gets the benefit of that press and might nudge it up a grade higher. Not sure if that's true, but I wonder about it in cases like this one, where the grade went from 6.0 and 6.5. Although, I also think that this shows the subjective nature of grading, especially for fine lines like 0.5 of a grade.
  5. Another Cross-Over Book: Millie the Model 7 Here's another book I sent in for CGC's crossover program, Millie the Model 7. CBCS has it at 6.0. CGC brought it up to 6.5. I wonder if being in a slab works to press the book, and that's why sometimes the grade goes up. I also wonder if the CGC grader gets to see the other company's grade prior to grading -- does anyone know? I asked this to a CGC rep once (via email), but didn't get an answer (it's possible the rep didn't understand my question and I didn't press it).
  6. My wife and I are on vacation, on a Mediterranean cruise. So that's where all my money is going lately, instead of buying comics. Like here about comics, sometimes I post a log of our vacations. Here's a link, to anyone who's interested (especially if you like reading about food and travel): https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2652742-tr-seabourn-11-day-mediterranean-islands-odyssey-may-2019/
  7. If you like that, you'd really like my Action 1 box. I have a Detective 1 box too, but unfortunately no Detective 27 box.
  8. UVA pulled off another miracle win last night, so I'm happy! I also got a great Manhattan at the bar we watched the game at. This one was smokey, and had a slice of bacon. Bacon makes anything 10x better!
  9. As I wait for UVA to play Auburn, I'll post a few more recent pics of my comic room. In 4 hours I'm going to be either really happy or sad.
  10. More recent pictures from my comic room: