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  1. I'll take Twisted Tales of Bruce Jones 2 VFNM Outer Edge 1 NM $6 Arthurs Sex 1-5 NM- to NM+ lot for $20 Ironwood 2 3 5 NM $12 Marooned 1 NM+ $5
  2. I'll take these Polar Came from the Cold $10 Sin City 1993 Tour Village Comics $15 also id like to see a pic of this, thanks Sin City little book (tiny red book shops got at one point)
  3. for moderns, I won't go for anything less than 9.8 but in the situation you describe (bronze age), I'd go for the 9.6 unless it's a really special book for you, in which case I'd think about splurging for the 9.8 (but I still might get the 9.6). I will say if this is an investment buy, you'd be better off getting the 9.8
  4. I'll take #3:HOWARD CHAYKINS 8 BOOK LOT: 3 HC 3 SC BONUS: ACE #1 & PRIME # 6 Magazines: The HC can be tuff to find & are # & signed by HC. Flagg is just so over the top 1980s & a very underrated classic imho. $30!
  5. Smoking Cocktails Recently I bought a smoke box for smoking drinks and food. Tonight I tried smoking my dirty martini. As one might expect, vodka takes on smoke much easier than bourbon. I'm playing around with bourbons to find one that is light enough to take on the smoke. It's a chore, but someone's gotta do it.
  6. Just a quick post to show a cool comic I picked up recently, Shazam Annual 1, which reprints the classic CC Beck cover from Cap Marvel Adventures 18:
  7. Completing Some Additional Runs Recently I completed my Wonder Woman (1st series) run. For DC titles like this -- and Action, Batman, Detective, etc. -- I'm not trying to complete the entire series starting with issue #1. Trying to get Action #1 (for example) is out of reach of me, and even if I could buy a page in order to check #1 off my want list, getting the rest of the early issues is a collecting project I don't have the energy or money for. So for DC titles like this, I usually pick an issue to start from and then collect the title to the last issue. For the 1st Wonder Woma
  8. New Bettie Page Signed Collectible Recently I bought this card signed by Bettie Page. It reprints Bettie's famous Christmas photo from Playboy's Jan 1955 issue. Of course, you have to be careful when buying signed items on ebay, as the signatures may be fake. But Bettie's sig is not uncommon (unlike, for example, Marilyn Monroe). And if you were going to fake a signature, you probably wouldn't use a beat up ball point pen. So I decided to send the card into PSA for authentication, as I thought it would make a cool collectible in the slab. It only took about 2 weeks to get P
  9. New Matt Baker Addition Major win last night in the Heritage Sunday auction -- True Love Pictorial #11! I never thought I'd own this classic Matt Baker cover in CGC 6.0! (I wonder if I could inch up the grade with a press to get rid of the spine roll?) My goal is to get a copy of every comic where Baker did the cover. On my list there are 303 Baker covers (some of them are reprints), and I have 206 of them. At this point, I think I've gotten most of the easy ones, so the hunt is getting really tough now. This new addition is definitely one of the hard ones, so I'm very excited
  10. New Modern Additions to Lady In White Collection Here are a few recent additions to my Lady in White collection. This is the collection of comic covers where (1) the damsel in distress is wearing a flowing white gown; (2) the cover has a gothic feel to it; and (3) the overall CGC grade for the comics in the collection is 9.0. These are kind of unique, because I've found that most of the comics in this collection were from the 1970s. I got the Interview with the Vampire by buying the entire set on eBay for about $10. Luckily, #8 was the best copy of the bunch. I sent #8 to CGC fo
  11. Hello - could we add this to the Dave Stevens covers set? Thanks Mike Hello @n2wdw, From what I can see, this looks like a trade paperback and is not eligible for the registry. Thank you
  12. Completing Runs I used to be a completest, and for the first 4 decades of my life, I worked on completing runs of what I call the Original Marvels (ASM, Avengers, Cap, DD, FF, Iron Man and Thor). I completed those titles a while ago, and then I floundered around for a few years trying to figure out what to collect next. I eventually gravitated to Golden Age GGA, so I moved from a titles collector to a covers collector. But lately I've been trying to complete some runs that were almost complete before I switched to covers. The last issues to completing a title are always the most e
  13. Thanks for letting me know. They also have a Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Marilyn. The prices are all over the place, from $500+ to around $125. They all look to be the same though. I might take a shot and order one of the cheap offers and see the quality, before buying the Seven Year Itch since those are consistently being offered at $500+.