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  1. I encourage everyone to support the Inkwell Awards. If nothing else, order from their website. Here are are some things I have in my collection.
  2. I'll take it (even though I've never seen an awning like that in venice)
  3. Could these be added to the Lady Mechanika set? Thanks. These were added already. Please note that when you attempt to add a book to the wrong slot we receive a "failed add" notification. These are handled similar to the chat board requests.
  4. I was surprised this closed so high on eBay earlier this week, at about $620. Lady Mechanika is one of the two modern registry sets I compete in (along with the Dave Stevens Covers set). This is a sexy cover with the stockings flash, but it's by Steigerwald (the regular inker) rather than Benitez, and also I didn't think there was as much interest in LM as a few years ago. Anyway, my high bid (I think it was around $300) was trounced by the winner. These sketch covers are very rare. They were produced for issues 0, 1 and 2 of the original LM series, and only 200 copies were made of each. I have never actually seen a copy without a sketch, so I wonder where they are. I once asked Benitez at a con if he had any, and he said he did not (although who knows, maybe he has a stack that he forgot about). Anyway, I have 4 copies with Benitez sketches. Thanks for reading.
  5. take at 40% off Comic Book Heaven #1. $4 comic book marketplace #33 Catman cover. $6
  6. take at 20% off thanks