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  1. Organizing My Collection - Bags Since I'm off today (President's Day), I decided to catch up on organizing my recent purchases. This was helped by a shipment of collecting supplies from E. Gerber. I buy all my bags and boards direct from E. Gerber (much cheaper that way). For mylar, I always use their 4 mil thick Archives. For boards, I use their full-backs (42 mil thick acid free). With this shipment, I replenished my supply of magazine mylars and boards, sheet music mylars and reader's digest sized mylars. I use these to store magazines, photos, prints, fanzines and other odd-sized collectibles. By far I use the GA/SA size mylar the most -- most silver and gold go into this size. For some larger gold though, I have to use gold or super gold size mylar. I store all my Bakers in gold size mylar. I'm anal and I like all the bags to be the same size. Modern and Bronze goes into standard, except for comics that go into my spinner racks. Standard mylar bags are too big for the racks, so for those comics I use current size. Here are a couple pictures of my bags and boards all lined up and organized. Now I just need to buy more comics to use them!
  2. Thanks. Yeah, I can't remember the last time I saw TLP7 up for sale.
  3. I think that's right, but I'm still trying to interpret the caption: "Relax, dearie. On you it looks good!" I guess the mini-skirt is a metaphor for taxes. So on the young girl, the skirt/taxes look good, but it would not look so good on the grandmom.
  4. Finally Won a Matt Baker! This is my first new Baker addition of 2018. Finally! Before this, I think I lost on over a dozen auctions. This one's not the best copy, but it's well presenting (IMHO), and it's a comic that's not often offered for sale.
  5. Al Fagaly Two of my favorite humor GGA artists are Bob Montana and Al Fagaly. Probably Montana edges out Fagaly, but it's close. I know I have more Fagaly's in my collection because he's less expensive than Montana. Here are a few I've gotten lately. Wilbur 6 and 8 are classics!
  6. Son of My 50 Year Junk Obsession

    Never been into golf, but now I might be a fan.
  7. I'll take Marvel Graphic Novel # 11 Void Indigo + comics 1 and 2 all for $ 4.00 Marvel Graphic Novel Ka-Zar VF+ $ 5.00 Jim Silke's Rascals 1-3 VF+ set $ 7.00
  8. WTB Millie the Model #1

    As of a few weeks ago, Terry's comics had a copy.
  9. Scream For the Lady In White Collection As a recap, my Lady in White collection includes comics with covers that (1) has a damsel in distress wearing a flowing white gown; (2) has a gothic feel to it; and (3) is CGC 9.0 or above. It's a small collection. So far I've only identified 29 comics that qualify. The time frame seems to be 1970-1980 with 1971-1974 being the sweet spot. Of those 29 comics, I have 19 with the average grade of 9.4. The comics aren't rare, but getting them in at least 9.0 is a challenge. This is especially true for magazines. Here's one I got on eBay, Scream #4. I sent it for grading and it just barely qualified for the collection with 9.0, although I had to press it to nudge the comic to that grade.
  10. Classic Schomburg -- Flawed But I Love It I got this comic at NYCC and just got it back from CGC. As it's from a bound volume, I knew it would come back purple. But, the cover is clean and the colors are vibrant! There is trimming, but mostly on the bottom and a little on top. I don't see any trimming on the right side. At the end of the day, this was my chance to get a very nice presenting, classic Schomburg cover for about a one ounce pour of Pappy Van Wrinkle 25 year. See? This proves I've got my drinking under control ... I'll take a Schomburg over bourbon.
  11. Son of My 50 Year Junk Obsession

    Yes I would. Although SS 13 is one of my favorite EC covers.
  12. Romance Photo Covers Lately I've been collecting romance comics with photo covers. Here are a few.
  13. GGA Political Cartoon from 1967 Here's a political cartoon by LD Warren from 1967. It's about social security, a contrast between increased coverage (the grandma with a dress down to her ankles) versus higher taxes (pretty girl with the mini-skirt). I've looked at his cartoon a million times, and I have to admit I can't figure out which side the cartoon is trying to advocate. I guess I would need to understand the debate that was going on at the time to provide context, but I just don't have the energy for that (especially given all that is going on in our political world today). But, whatever the debate, I like the cartoon. Enough so that I've searched for more works by LD Warren but I haven't found much.