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  1. Steel City Con Report Part 2 I got 3 shopping bags and a short box of stuff at Steel City. The best deal of the con were these vintage Star Trek The Motion Picture action figures. They are the rare alien figures, and the Q is even signed by actor. The cards and blisters are in great VF/NM+ condition. So I had a momentary ethical conundrum. These figures are rare and go for hundred of dollars. They were being offered for $5 each. Normally I would have no problem with just buying them, but the dealer told me this was a collection of a fan who recently passed away. The dealer was selling them for the wife. What would you do? Tell the dealer to raise the price, or sell them on eBay to have a better chance at getting FMV? In the end, I didn't say anything and bought them for the offered price. Honestly I don't feel guilty (well maybe a little). Anyone can check out the internet for FMV before going to a con. Also, the wife wasn't poor and didn't need the money for food -- the dealer told me the wife was selling the stuff to clean out the basement. I did buy a lot at the dealer's table to send some money over to the wife. Here's some other miscellaneous stuff I got at the con.
  2. Steel City Con Report Part 1 This weekend I went to Steel City con. I went for 2 reasons. First, because my son asked to go to a comic con with his 2 best friends. And second, because the con is in Pittsburgh where my oldest daughter goes to college. She's graduating this year so we wanted to see her. Also, her cosplay video from Katsucon was selected for the Pitt Film Festival so we of course wanted to be there for that. Here are the 3 boys moments after walking into the con. My son is on the left. Steel City is a pop culture con like Wizard World (and a lot of other cons nowadays). They have celebrities and comics ... what makes Steel City a bit unique is their emphasis on toys. They have the best selection of toys of any con I've ever been to. While many of the vendors had comics for sale, there was only about 6-8 dealers with most of their booths devoted to comics. Here are some wall pictures, but there wasn't much of interest. But, while there were no grails, I found a nice stack of comics for my collection. Prices are cheaper in the Pittsburgh area so I was able to fill some holes at good prices. Hot Flips had a good selection of comics at 75% off. Something I got was this Marvel Comics Index #5 (Thor). I bought the first issue (featuring Spider-Man) when I was a kid, via mail order. Since then I've been trying to complete the 12 issue series. Now I only need #2 (Conan). Sure, I know I could complete it in 5 minutes on eBay, but I want to do it on the cheap. I got the Thor issue for $5, which is a bargain. Where I really scored was with Star Trek and Star Wars toys, especially the large figures. I bought them for about $10 each. I remember when they were going for 3 and 4 times that. With these new acquisitions I'm getting close to completing my collection. Here are more toys and other stuff I thought were cool but didn't buy.
  3. Son of My 50 Year Junk Obsession

    Thanks for the report. Makes me wish I lived in LA.
  4. Matt Baker In Romantic Marriage Matt Baker has 2 covers in Romantic Marriage, #23 and 24. Last night on eBay I won a low grade 23. Hopefully some day I'll be able to get a better copy. But for now it'll do as a filler to allow me to complete this little Baker subset. I got the #23 last night for $114 and despite all its flaws I'm surprised to have won it. I got my #24 about 4 years ago (also on eBay) for $57. Oh for the good old days.
  5. Matt Baker Nos. 150 and 151 I managed to pick up a couple of Matt Baker comics recently. Lower grade Bakers -- like the ones I bought -- are still somewhat affordable, but still I had to spend more than I would have in the recent past. Just shows that a rising tide raising all boats. An advantage I have in the marketplace (or flaw, depending on how you look at it) is I don't mind restored copies. Especially here, with TAR #1, with a "small amount of color touch on cover." My reason is, I probably wouldn't be able to detect minor CT if I bought the comic raw at a con, so I'm willing to add a purple copy to my collection. One of my collecting goals is to get a copy of every comic with a cover by Baker. In my list there are 295 Baker covers. These 2 Bakers I recently got are #150 and #151 for me, so I'm a little more than halfway there. I'm not sure thought if I'll ever complete this collection. Even putting aside the rising cost, some Bakers are just incredibly rare and you never see them. Also recently I bought a qualified Pictorial Confessions 3. The centerfold is missing. I usually don't buy comics with missing pages. But I thought the cover was in good shape and the price was right. I actually also have a raw copy of this comic. I've thought about marrying the comics. But for now I'm keeping them as they are.
  6. Thanks for your report. This con is definitely on my list for next year.
  7. There's one eBay seller I've bought most of mine from, but his stock seems to have dried up (no listing at all on eBay at the moment).
  8. [CLOSED] Golden Age Books Mixed!

    Ah, too bad, thanks anyway
  9. Harvey High Grade Romance I picked up these high grade Harveys recently. I'm amazed how affordable they are.
  10. I'll take Star Wars Galaxy Collector Magazine #1 - Topps - SEALED $2 Star Wars Galaxy Collector Magazine #2 - Topps - Sealed $2 Baywatch Comic Stories #2 Fumetti Magazine - 1996 - Armada $3 Baywatch Comic Stories #1 Fumetti Magazine - 1996 - Armada $4 Star Wars Galaxy Collector Magazine #3 - Topps - Sealed $2 George R.R. Martin - Sandkings DC Comics Graphic Novel - SC $5
  11. Great report, thanks
  12. Very annoying! I was all set to watch last week's Homeland and I got this. Ugh!