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  1. Thanks @Taxmick1. And with all due respect, I think in the future, if someone requests that an existing slot be removed, then people who already have comics in that slot should be pulled into the loop, so we can get the benefit of groupthink on whether a slot is right or wrong. I think that this is the best way to use crowdsourcing to make the registry as accurate as possible.
  2. Thanks for letting me know. Although, I already have that one.
  3. Very nice collection! Although, if you want to become a Dave Stevens "super duper" collector you need a few of these:
  4. This is such a nice copy. It would be interesting to submit. I don't see how this isn't at least 9.9.
  5. Now you've lit my collecting fires! I'm going to have to search for this book! One of my main focuses is Dave Stevens. Let me show you around my comic room where I've got the collection stored. I've got the top ranking registry (see my signature for a link). It's the only registry set I really care about, along with my Lady Mechanika set. I keep most of those CGC books stored here in my comic room. I store them flat in alpha order, with a couple favorite Stevens comics displayed upright. I display a few other CGC books here on this shelf: I also have a bunch of raw Stevens' comics, including signed books. I have some of his art displayed on the walls: A few years ago, I contacted the publisher of "Sirens of Cinema" to inquire about copies of v2 #13 (with the cover by Stevens). He had a box left in his inventory, and picked through it to find the best copies. Of those, only one was a 9.8. Right now it's the only 9.8 in the census, and I might have the only 9.8 copy in existence unless there's one in a collector's box somewhere. Something unique I have is this CBCS book. It's the only non-CGC graded book in my collection (as I've converted all the PGXs and CBCS comics to CGCs via their trade-in program). CBCS authenticates sigs, so Dave's signature here is authenticated. You can find some others on eBays, but high grade is hard to find.
  6. ComicLink Auction and Lady In White Collection I haven't bid (or even browsed) ComicLink (or ComicConnect) for a few months, but yesterday I did as I had some spare time. I'm glad I did! I won these comics, that perfectly fit my Lady in White collection. This is the collection of comic covers where (1) the damsel in distress is wearing a flowing white gown; (2) the cover has a gothic feel to it; and (3) the overall CGC grade for the comics in the collection is 9.0. (As I've mentioned in the past, I might ease up on #3 as it's impossible to get many mags and GA comics in high grade for a reasonable price. Although, these 2 comics will help the average!) I also won this Lois and Clark photocover, signed by Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. I collect TV and movie sigs, and you can't beat getting autographs via the CGC SS series.
  7. Yes, my copy is softcover. I also have never seen a hardcover -- I didn't know it existed. I'll have to add that one to my want list.
  8. Here are some recent pics of the comic room:
  9. Last week, another CL 25 was offered on eBay. It was a beautiful copy (below). This one closed at $3275 (I was the under-bidder at $3225). Even though it was listed as possible trimming, I think the buyer got a great deal.
  10. Game of Thrones Scotch and New Comic Additions To follow up on my previous post, here's my GoT scotch collection. I keep them behind the bar on a shelf above the window, as they are for display not drinking. I do have a few extra bottles for drinking, and I can report they are quite tasty. This winter we added a wood stove to the house. I find it relaxing to look at a burning fire. The only space we had wasn't big enough for a fireplace, so we went with a wood stove with a glass window. I didn't know much about wood stoves before installing one, but I've found I like them better than open fireplaces. They're more efficient and safer (as you don't have the open fire), and just as beautiful IMHO (although you can't hear the crack of the fire as well). My dog likes it, she likes to take naps next to it. Here are some recent new additions to the comic room:
  11. I have a lot of CGC books, but I tend not to buy them at cons. I prefer to buy CGC books on eBay or Clink (as I find them less expensive that way). The only times I buy at cons are when they are heavily discounted. So instead I focus on raw books at cons. I guess I'm saying, it probably makes sense not to make the effort to bring CGC books to cons. From solely the perspective of a comic buyer (I've never been a seller at a con), I do think it would be useful for you to make better use of the wall behind you. Getting your $20 and over books on the wall would help your sales, I think. I always scan a dealer's wall books as I move from booth to booth, and often that's part of my decision as to whether or not to dig into the long boxes. Sometimes when I do, I'm making an offer in my head for books I'm interested in from the wall. In other words, if I see interesting wall books, I'll try to find a few others from the long boxes to put together a volume offer. Your set up is impressive, and will definitely attract certain buyers, like those trying to complete runs (that used to be me 15 years ago). At this stage of my collecting life, though, I'm more interested in keys and covers. Having a more extensive wall display would help attract buyers like me. As for the threat of thief, I always try to keep my pile in plain sight so the dealer doesn't think I'm doing anything shady. I've never really thought about what a dealer has to do to prevent thief, which is one of the reasons I very much enjoy your journal (to see things from a dealer's point of view). One thing about wall books, you have to be careful with people stealing things from behind the curtain. I remember at a Chicago con a few years ago, an AF15 was stolen from a dealer's wall that way. Of course, this is not a concern if you have a wall behind you (instead of a curtain).
  12. A few years ago, I pared my collection down from 50,000+ comics to about 25,000. Most of what I sold was junk, but probably good $1 or $2 convention stock. I listed the books on craig list and, to my surprise, it sold within a week. I was selling for cheap, I think something like 10 or 20 cents a comic. I'm telling you this story, because I almost included this book in the sale. Before listing the books, I went through the books over and over to pull out anything of value. During one of my last run-throughs, I found this book still in the long boxes. I had completely forgotten I owned it. I sent the book to CGC, and it came back 9.8! I can't believe it stayed in such good condition having been stored in a long box for years in no bag or board.
  13. this is way too weird, which means I've got to have it. take!
  14. take via PM: Widow: Metal Gypsies graded 9.0 and signed by Mike Wolfer - $39 Infinite Crisis Secret Files and Origins 2006 #1 raw 9.4 signed by Marv Wolfman - $10 $5 Turok Dinosaur Hunter#1 raw 9.2 signed by Bob Layton - $5 Justice League Millennium Edition #1 raw 9.0 (scuffing) signed by Keith Giffen - $5 The Wicked and the Divine #23 raw 9.6 signed by Jamie McKelvie = $7 Amazing Spider-Man #511 raw 9.4 signed by Mike Deodato and JM Straczynski - $10 Vampirella Magazine #1 raw 8.0 signed by Jimmy Palmiotti - $10 Unity #1 SS CGC 9.8 signed by Jim Shooter and Bob Layton - $150