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  1. Unless it's a complete reboot of the universe with the original enterprise crew, I'm not interested. Invested a lot of time with Enterprise and got burned so I'm not interested in any more spin-off "crews". Maybe this time they could give us a Enterprise that looks more practical than pretty.
  2. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Desperado director Robert Rodriguez is in talks to direct James Cameron‘s Battle Angel Alita. The Aliens director had been developing Battle Angel along side a number of projects, including Avatar, since the turn of the century. I'd rather Rodriguez direct this than Cameron. My only fear is Hollywood being hollywood they'll just whitewash the lead like with Motoko in the upcoming GITS.
  3. Seth Rogen Is Shopping An Adaptation Of THE BOYS To Cable Nets With SUPERNATURAL's Eric Kripke involved. Personally I think it's wishful thinking, I mean the budget to do such a series would be HUGE! But it would be neat to finally see this masterpiece on screen.
  4. HBO Eyeing ‘Watchmen’ TV Series from Zack Snyder
  5. Whoa! Booster Gold/Blue Beetle Movie Reportedly In Development Good thing I just bought a Cgc 9.8 Booster Gold #1 while it was still 'cheap'.
  6. Next GL movie to have multiple Green Lanterns. (So, not unlike the first one?)
  7. What? They have a comic too. Who else loves this show? And are you looking forward to season 2 in the summer? BTW anyone else pick up the first issue, and what did you think of it?
  8. Well, I can kiss ever getting a 9.8 DCP #47 for under $300 good bye.
  9. Please let this be true.
  10. It's been announced that a new trilogy will begin filming early next year with the original cast returning. With that I wanted to celebrate that announcement with getting this bad boy. I'd like to see what other boardies have.
  11. Or are there just a few that are graded? Being Some of Alan's earliest & many would argue ''best'' work I'm surprised how few of the Swamp books are graded 9.8 compared to Watchmen and even Miracleman. So what's the history of this book? Was it a low print run series? Low quality paper? Or are there a bunch of these issues simply being hoarded by a few? And yes I know Alan only did #20-64 (I believe Rick Veitch did one or two of the latter issues in that run)
  12. I've wanted to start this thread for awhile now, but sense I had only read a couple of issues I didn't think I should start this type of thread, but it took a recent thread by ''Amadeus'' to get me to start this anyway . This thread will be dedicated to all of us new & old fans to show off our ''collectibles''. Discuss the various series & talk to fellow fans of these books & share stories of how we first heard about these books & maybe convince some fans of other ''ages'' to try these comics. So far my favorite series has to be GRIPS. What's yours? Also I like to show a link to a great place to pick up whatever back issues you may be missing from your collection.