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  1. Any superhero that Sony Pictures makes without Marvel Studios is doomed to fail. Everyone knows that Disney is the one that makes good movies. Sony didn't learn their lesson from ASM2
  2. This is whatI get for taking a break from comic books. Everything is different.
  3. I heard from people that Sony is losing money. The only thing that's making money for them is their video game division. The reason they really want to make this reboot is so they could make money off it and make their own Cinematic Universe.
  4. I think Mr.Sinister will play a bigger role in X-Men film universe overall. Also,since Wolverine has Adamantium skeleton,does he still need calcium for his bones?
  5. you're not the only one While I love Civil War,I enjoyed Deadpool more. I loved it so much I saw it twice
  6. So happy to see Karl Urban in Thor:Ragnarok He's becoming a fan favorite in the nerd community.
  7. Since Ben Affleck was one of the best things in BvS I approve this change.
  8. Don't tell anyone but I enjoyed Deadpool more than BvS and Civil War
  9. I've seen all the X-Men movies on Opening day "except for First Class". I'm not going to miss this one over reviews.
  10. I feel like Emily Blunt is an underrated actress IMO. I don't think she's box office poison,I just think she hasn't found the right role. She and Charlize Theron are my picks for Captain Marvel,but I heard that Brie Larson is also being considered for the role.
  11. Maybe Fox should consider staying true to the source material with the X-Men franchise after the success of Deadpool
  12. If someone posts the positive being noted, they must be on the Warner payroll; but if someone posts negative news, they are just speaking their mind? I don't get that logic. Why does anyone's opinion have to involve an agenda? I was disappointed in the screenplay but have high hopes for Wonder Woman! You fancy Wonder Woman - that is your agenda. Well, he is on Gadot's payroll (that's the rumor)
  13. sans China, fairly impressive. I love that Deadpool is Fox's highest grossing SuperHero movie and it was the most faithful of the source material It didn't open in China and still did better than the X-Men movies
  14. I never did post my thoughts on BvS. Well,I liked it a lot. Ben Affleck redeem himself from Daredevil and gave us the best live-action Batman IMO. Gal Gadot was awesome as Wonder Woman even though she only appeared in the third act of the film. I also liked the JL cameos the film as well. My 2 complaints are why does Lex hate Superman so much (his reasons were never explained) And the films pacing was off in some parts. Like there was more to a scene than what we got. I'm hoping the Director's cut fixes some of that. If there's anything WB can do to improve the DCU is to dump David S Goyer as writer and get someone else. His writing his awful IMO.