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  1. The 1956 film Invasion of the Body Snatchers has always been a favorite of mine (I even have a poster). I've seen the '56 and '78 film versions and was wondering what ending followed the book. Surprisingly, all 3 endings were different.
  2. Robert O. Saber to a man with a saber.
  3. Thanks for the great information and I'll definitely be reading some of his SF work. You hooked me with "Space Opera Noir". Also, good luck with the Spiralled Myth.
  4. A couple Fredric Brown books. The Fabulous Clipjoint is the first in the Ed and Am series. The guy with the cards on the cover of Here Comes a Candle reminds me of Sterling Hayden.
  5. I'm one of those not familiar with his sci-fi but I did a little searching and it looks like he did a lot though. Good luck completing your set. Any favorites you'd recommend?
  6. Here are some fronts to go with the spines. I've seen John D. MacDonald's books in book stores my whole life and never gave him a second thought until an April Evil recommendation from Pat C. 6 books later and he's one of my favorite authors.
  7. A great group of Atlas westerns and they're rarely seen in the kind of condition this Wyatt Earp is in. A beauty. CGC missed noting Severin's help on the cover though.
  8. From Guess Who to American Woman.
  9. Thanks Pat. I like those Avon MMM digests a lot and will be getting more. That's interesting about the Dwellers ending and I look forward to reading it. I'd never heard of Merritt until recently and just picked up Burn Witch Burn on a whim while buying another book. I was pleasantly surprised that I ended up liking it so much. A strong "Lovecraft" feel to it.
  10. Here's a little group shot of my slowly growing 6 month old paperback collection. I got the collecting bug from following this thread for the last year or so and had some much appreciated help on collecting and authors from Pat C. to get me started. It's been lots of fun but I just wish I had more time to read. Still 5 of these I haven't got to yet.
  11. Bullet Valley to Valley of the Monsters.
  12. Flames in hell to the flaming west.