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  1. Great looking book. It also instantly made me think of Heck's Horrific #3 cover (minus the bullet hole).
  2. It's been a long time so maybe I'm remembering wrong but I think he even mocked Kirby's cover art here, thinking The Watcher (Galactus) was a regular sized person but just drawn with horrible perspective.
  3. It's hard to get attention when the other book he posted had a half naked woman in a bubble. I didn't know anything about the book though, so thanks for the info. Definitely on my list now.
  4. Thanks for the info. and first or not, I'm a big fan of that Thin Man too.
  5. Cool. How old are those? I had to look up what a hashknife was the first time I read one of the stories.
  6. The westerns you've all been waiting for. I just "discovered" 20's/30's pulp writer W.C. Tuttle in the last year and he's become one of my favorites. I especially like the western/mystery Hashknife Hartley stories.
  7. Some more John D. MacDonald's. I haven't read Slam the Big Door yet but really enjoyed both the others. I guess MacDonald is most famous for his Travis McGee novels but I'm enjoying his earlier work so much that I haven't read any of those yet.
  8. Some more Fredric Brown books. Jabberwock is the only one of these I've read but it was another Brown winner. A fun crime book with an odd fantasy type undertone. I think it first appeared in a 1944 issue of Thrilling Mystery (pulp).
  9. Except for the Reginald Paperback Index, a better description would have been obsolete price guides. Here they are though.
  10. You could be right. I found about 15 pics on the internet (all pink 4) and found no mention in my 5 or 6 reference books.
  11. I agree it looks weird and I didn't notice the peeled lamination on that pic. No lamination on my early Avons either. The blue 4 is at least a pretty early copy because it still says "pocket-size". Maybe some kind of regional test printing? I would have guessed Canadian if not for the the "29c in Canada" copy they show.
  12. Nice ones. Farewell My Lovely is one of my favorites. Until you mentioned the blue "4" on the Bookscans copy I would have said your Big Four is a first. Now . It would be interesting to see the back and insides of that copy.
  13. Great stuff. I've seen the court case mentioned before and believe you're correct on the reason for no more "pocket" on the cover. I think #16 is the last Avon "pocket-size" book. One thing I noticed going through some copies on the internet is that there are some back covers with 20 titles listed (I saw examples of Avon #7 and #10 with a 20 title back). I would assume these backs were before they went to the generic text back you show in your second book above. I know it's impossible to tell with so few samples, but my guess is that if a variation of the back cover or interior "List of Titles" page occurs on one copy of #1-12, then there's a good chance it occurs on the others in the group. Same with #13-16 and #17-20. Poor sales on some titles may have kept them from being reprinted though. Let the nerdiness continue.