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  1. Flying in the snow to flying in the snow.
  2. Black Empress to White Princess.
  3. Buried the hatchet to sinking the hatchet.
  4. Paint book to painting of a coloring book.
  5. Covered wagons to burning wagon.
  6. At the time, I had no appreciation for romance books and would barely skim over her column. Years later, after having my eyes opened by the good Dr. Love and others on these boards, I went back and read and enjoyed all of her columns.
  7. I loved the Carter years of CBM. The Cochran years were a big drop off to me. You knew the magazine was in trouble with his comments on Kirby's FF #48 cover. Also, as far as board member contributions go, none were bigger than:
  8. Captain Bligh to Captain Marvel.
  9. A far cry from a few years ago when all the Sunday lots closed at the same time. Those were the days (for buyers at least). This is similar to how REA and Goldin run their sports auctions (though REA resets the clock for EVERY lot if one lot is bid on in extra time). I'd hate living on the east coast for these drawn out auctions.
  10. A couple Buscema Orbit covers. I really like the grey background on the #34 . Each issue has 3 or 4 Buscema and Leav stories.
  11. Thanks Andy and this #32 is a beauty. I agree about Orbit's bullpen. Lot's of great talent packed into just a few titles. Wish I had more of their books.