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  1. Maybe the new office in Canada will have a faster turn around...
  2. I'd like to see this as well, but what are the odds another grader would have the same grades? I don't think it's a conspiracy but from a business standpoint, the gambling fallacy makes more sense. It is/Can be an addictive hobby.
  3. Just read a description on feebay for a book that made me chuckle as well. 9.8 NM/M Beautiful book with a touch of rust on the staples. I have to admit I had a similar MA book that was hammered (9.2 I think). Had to look at the graders notes because I couldn't find the flaw. "Rust on bottom staple"
  4. Thats pretty cool. Good looking young man and Congrats.
  5. I said that in jest because I just knew someone was keeping tabs...
  6. Talk about a long thread title. How many submissions does it take to get a 9.9 or 10? Does someone tell the grader this customer does a ridiculous amount of business with us so make sure you find a 9.9 or two in that submission? Or is it the grader was in a great mood that day (another strong reason weed should be legal)? Is there a quota (a month by month totals could be very revealing but then we would know how much business they're doing - never gonna happen)? From a business standpoint, how else would you reward a long time customer (besides the standard discount) or give the pesents a glimmer of hope?
  7. Under the events listing they have C2E2 and Baltimore showing onsite grading but I would call to verify that.
  8. Average? For me, the prices have gotten too high at conventions. So I mostly browse and usually pick up a few exclusives but that's about it.
  9. Artist alley has been a highlight lately. So many great artists. Got a sketch from Jae Lee last year and going to try and get one from Alex Maleev this year.
  10. Lowells at Pike Place for breakfast. Looking forward to the Dungeness crab omelet.