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    I was posting here when you were in diapers.

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  1. HighRadArt

    ECCC 2016

    ECCC in Seattle, WA
  2. HighRadArt

    Comics Adventure (Stumptown)

    "Stumptown" here in CGC land
  3. HighRadArt

    Rose City Comic Con 2014

    Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon
  4. HighRadArt

    ECCC 2018

    Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle Washington
  5. HighRadArt

    "Wall books"

    Yes. That was why I posted the pic.
  6. HighRadArt

    Ask Gator

    From the pics on Facebook it looks like a lot of hard work went into getting your store going again.
  7. HighRadArt

    "Wall books"

    Recent Craigs list ad. The books hanging by clips make me wonder if it's worth the drive.
  8. HighRadArt

    "Wall books"

    Thought I'd share this wall display...
  9. HighRadArt

    What's the best Comic Con for comics?

    We made the drive down the coast to San Diego for my son's graduation (Marines), and it was an awesome ceremony and road trip. That was the last time I attended SDCC.
  10. HighRadArt

    What's the best Comic Con for comics?

    I've been going to ECCC in Seattle for years, and I would say pass if it's just comics you're interested in. It's not the small show anymore.
  11. HighRadArt

    Its a BIG ONE! Flash #1

    Wow. Doesn't even look like the same book.
  12. HighRadArt

    Ask Gator

    I'm sure this has been discussed but megos?
  13. HighRadArt

    Batman DAMNED #1

    You can't fool me. That guy on the bottom is not Rock.
  14. HighRadArt

    Batman DAMNED #1

    We're getting off topic unless Batmans latest tool under his utility belt is named Sparky.
  15. HighRadArt

    Batman DAMNED #1

    I was masking by being a "tool"...