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  1. I haven't picked up a sketch cover in awhile...
  2. Wow. I watched one of her videos and she does have an incredible collection. You dont see very many people pulling out Action 1 and Tec 27 very often. The fact she's a female that loves the hobby is even better. She also said her favorite covers are pre code horror.
  3. I've seen sellers ask for cash, check or money order. Probably not many sending cash unless they've done business with the seller. And yes, the seller usually states checks must clear before the book is shipped.
  4. One thing to keep in mind is what's reported to the IRS by paypal. I don't sell enough to worry about it but I believe at $20k and 200 separate payments for the year they send out a 1099-k. Which I'm guessing is part of the reason some of the sellers here ask for cash or check only (besides the hit in fees).
  5. Anyone ever hear from Robert?
  6. How will they meet a 2 day turn around and how will it affect current turn arounds?
  7. I had a modern come back that I thought was a 9.8 but ended up a 9.2. I couldn't figure out why and finally checked the graders notes. "Rust on bottom staple" It was a tiny spot but it was there.
  8. Maybe the new office in Canada will have a faster turn around...
  9. I'd like to see this as well, but what are the odds another grader would have the same grades? I don't think it's a conspiracy but from a business standpoint, the gambling fallacy makes more sense. It is/Can be an addictive hobby.
  10. Just read a description on feebay for a book that made me chuckle as well. 9.8 NM/M Beautiful book with a touch of rust on the staples. I have to admit I had a similar MA book that was hammered (9.2 I think). Had to look at the graders notes because I couldn't find the flaw. "Rust on bottom staple"