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  1. The annuals started with Millie! Unused cover to the first FF Annual
  2. I always wondered who picked the pre-hero monster stories to reprint in these annuals. The bullpen's personal favorites or were they just handy at the time?
  3. My favorite of all of them. I bought it in 1966 to see what the Human Torch and Namor were like "more than 25 years ago." This issue paved the way for more golden age reprints in Fantasy Masterpieces.
  4. Very coincidentally, that used to be my copy. I never got around to grading it. Had it for many happy years.
  5. Yes, all the stories correspond. Here's the 6 pages
  6. Mexican and US editions. Interesting that the Mexican Marvel Tales 156 is signed by Everett, but the US edition is not.
  7. I agree, the recreation seems a bit sparse of detail next to the original. I like how he extended the top of the tunnel which got lopped off on the original and it's interesting how he pulled the tank back instead of keeping it in the forefront.
  8. Whereas everything else on the recreation mirrors the original cover to a tee, Submariner's face on the recreation is totally different than the original. Perhaps Everett drew Submariner's head on the 15