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  1. Just received this. Marie Severin's prelim to Fantastic Four 101 with her instructions to Kirby and Joe Sinnott. This was Jack's last FF cover before moving to DC.
  2. I still watch them once in awhile. I actually put a lot of the digests on DVD using a camcorder. Not great quality but it suffices.
  3. I still collect old super 8mm digests. Betamax and VHS players destroyed that industry. Why settle for a 10 minute digest and have to set up projectors and screens if you could get the whole film right on your TV?
  4. Pokemon anyone? No one? The Pokemon Go mobile app earns 1 billion a year. There have been 90 Pokemon card series since 1996 and no end in sight. The old cards are on fire. Here's the first 8 cards of the very first series.
  5. Pricey, but here's a Stuntman for sale
  6. Thanks! If I had another S&K, maybe, but I don't so I can't sell this one at this time. I'll keep you in mind though.
  7. Here's a page from Stuntman 2 and the original bill of sales
  8. Not sure if this was posted before, but here's a pretty comprehensive index of the first 78 issues
  10. cool card! From Wikipedia: "Boyd adopted the name William "Stage" Boyd to emphasize his experience on the legitimate stage. Such experience was considered an advantage to an actor after the introduction of talking pictures."
  11. Great early horror film from 1931. Amazing that it never had a legitimate home video release. Might have fallen into public domain?
  12. Barnaby from March of the Wooden Soldiers was Henry Brandon too. Pretty amazing transformation.