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  1. Timely

    MMC 27 9.6 Single Highest

    Not that anybody cares, but this book used to belong to another nice Timely collector guy named Dan Bennett. He sold it to John Verzyl and I got it from him.
  2. Timely

    MMC 27 9.6 Single Highest

    1st of all, I never said Ritter or anyone did anything wrong, I just made an observation. A guy who absolutely loves to up grade his books? Realy? Um, you don't know me as well as you think you do. 99% of the books on my collection were not pressed, at least not by me or by my instruction to do so. I think the last time I had a book in my collection pressed was in 2009 or so. Poking my head in? Yes, I hope that freedom is still allowed! I know you occasionally like to do some head poking of your own.
  3. Timely

    MMC 27 9.6 Single Highest

    That was my 9.4 copy. Looks like the spine defects got moved to the back. https://comics.ha.com/itm/golden-age-1938-1955-/marvel-mystery-comics-27-timely-1942-cgc-nm-94-cream-to-off-white-pages/a/7192-92129.s?ic4=OtherResults-SampleItem-Thumbnail-022817&tab=ArchiveSearchResults-012417
  4. No, that was pg #2 from Strange Tales Annual #2.
  5. Timely

    Spidey super stories OA advice requested

    These would probably do well on comiclink. Is there only 2?
  6. I've got 7 N64 games & 1 Sega Genesis game to sell, all of which I bought new. Actually, the N64 Star Wars game I never opened, still factory sealed!
  7. Timely

    Golden Age CGC, Mask 2, more GA

    Shouldn't last long!
  8. Next feature Heritage auction has a copy of MMC #36 for sale!
  9. Timely

    Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    This is that one-off "What if Hitler was a cow poacher?" issue!
  10. The next Heritage auction has a REALLY nice looking 3.0 copy!
  11. Timely

    Heritage Feb 2019 Auction

    Especially over the last 2 decades...
  12. Timely

    Heritage Feb 2019 Auction

    To varying degrees, 99% of them do, whether on the cover, back cover or page edges. But, I will say some only have a few spots of foxing while some are quite excessive.
  13. Timely

    Heritage Feb 2019 Auction

    Out of the 1000 or so Larson Copies, only a few have graded higher than 9.2. While I agree many are lower grade due to handling defects, most IMO are not in the 9.4+ range due to the conditions they were exposed to, regardless of other additional handling defects they incurred.