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  1. There is an episode of "Chips" guest starring Elvira and they meet her in a shop that has a comic rack. There is a pan shot that moves across the comics and you can see a 35 cent Thor close up.
  2. I wish comics would revert back to the old style paper of the pre-80's.
  3. There are older threads somewhere around here that discuss the Treasury editions. If I could figure out the search function I would post a link....
  4. I always enjoyed the silliness of this cover. People lining up at an air station.. FYI This isn't my book.
  5. I'm glad you clarified that. I don't know anyone who dislikes Adams or Starlin's art. That would be crazy!!!
  6. Carmine Infantino for me too. Particularly the way he drew Supergirl.
  7. Hey! I forgot all about this thread. I was the one that posted about the Hulk Annual. Your site is really looking great. I can see you have been putting in a lot of work into it. I think it has a very nice layout. Its very easy to navigate through and organized well. Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the work you have put into your site.
  8. Its the natural order of the universe. People who can't afford first appearances can always enjoy the second appearances and still feed their family.
  9. Just pretend those bills are quarters.