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  1. One week to go! Just got back these four beauties: ASM 4-7.0- looks nicer ASM 5-7.5 Hulk 181-9.0 Strange Tales Annual 2- 8.0 This should be a great small show. Come on out.
  2. I realize not many people care about the Long Beach show starting on the 31st; however, for those that might be considering the show, here are some of the books I will be bringing: ASM- 1-4.5; 5-5.5; 13-5.5; 101-7.0; 129-8.5; nice raw copies from #7-122, 300-328 and more; Avengers 1-3.5; 4- two raw copies, 57-7.0; CA 100 raw, 110-9.8; DD1- 6.5 plus 131, 158, 168; FF- 4-4.5; 48-7.0, 7.0, 7.5; 49- 8.5 SS Stan Lee, 9.0, 50- 8.5 SS Stan Lee plus raw copies of 48, 49, 52; GSX1- 4.5, 9.2: Hulk 181- 6.5, 7.5 plus two mid-grade copies; 180; Iron Man- 55- 9.0 and a raw copy; nice #1; Silver Surfer 1-5.0, 7.5; 4-5.0; 3-7.5; 5-9.0; 14-9.0; 18-9.2; raw 1-5 and others; TOD- 10- 7.0, 8.5, 9.2; Batman 181- 6.0 Detective 359- 8.0 House of Secrets- 92-9.0 Several nice 1950s horror books and lots of Bronze keys. Hope to see some of you at the show. Ed
  3. I have learned that I should just keep my mouth shut when looking at large bulk collections but that doesn't mean that I do. Unfortunately, I love buying large bulk deals and most people do not. Over the past 18 years since moving to Phoenix, I bought collections of books totaling 7000, 10,000, 12,000, 20,000, and 55,000 plus dozens from 2000-5000. It has been my retirement hobby since 2008 and has kept me reasonably physically fit and mentally sharp. Several years ago a friend of mine needed quite a bit of money to pay for family health expenses. I agreed to buy his collection sight unseen which ended up being over 300 long boxes. I loaded them up and hauled them to a 10 x 30 storage unit only to get a call that night that I didn't take the boxes in his barn. I asked him what was in there (I am in Phoenix and figured the books could not be worth much stored without A/C). After some debate, I returned a few days later and loaded up a 28 foot U-haul truck. I took my shop vac and painter's mask to blow off all of the dust I could, but they were still pretty gritty. I quickly realized that most of the books were bought as speculation with long boxes full of the same Valiant issue (not pre unity unfortunately) and other 90s gems. In addition to dozens of boxes of toys, magazines, etc. i ended up donating 331 long boxes to a local charity just starting up. In all, there were around 650 long boxes of comics. The good news of sorts was that some of the LBs were full of McFarlane Spider-man 1s (at least 100 silver and close to that in gold and easily 200 or more regular), Jim Lee X-men (2-3 full boxes) and Spawn 1s (a full box at least), and over a box of NM 87 2nd prints. I paid a very high price for the books but it was better than a loan as I could do what I wanted with the books rather than hold them as collateral. Was it worth it? Probably, but I would not do it again. It took me 6 months just to get the donated books out and I had to build one storage shelf at a time to get them where I could sort them as the entire 10 x 30 was stacked 3 boxes by 5 boxes and 6 rows high. It took me another 6 months to get the boxes somewhat organized.
  4. I will get back to you. I know I have a nice Jungle Action 5. I may have a GR Spotlight or two in addition to a CGC 8.0 #5 as well.
  5. I do not do a lot of CPR for several reasons- 1) people I buy slabs from are very knowledgeable and would do so themselves; 2) cost benefit is tough to justify at certain price points; 3) grading is inconsistent enough that even when improving the book, there is no bump and sometimes a drop. Having said that, I have a friend who is excellent at identifying CPR candidates (and I am not bad) and the improving books significantly. I just received these back yesterday: HOS 92- former 7.5, now 9.0 GSX1- former 8.5, now 9.2 Those types of home-runs are what will keep the CPR search strong for years. On the other hand, I had a HOS 9.0 that was improved significantly and only received an 8.0. I cracked it and sold it for 9.2 money as it was that good. In the end, I suspect for many individuals who CPR regularly that the results are similarly mixed but the upside of the home-runs outweighs the misses and associated costs.
  6. I will be there with two loaded booths as usual. I have reloaded inventory with many nice SA & Bronze books in particular. I will post a list as I get closer to the show. Ed
  7. I have been selling at Long Beach and Phoenix for 11 years. I have been able to build a nice group of repeat buyers who know that I love selling books more than showing them. Usually a few times each show, a new buyer will approach me and ask something along the lines of " would you consider taking $140 for a book priced at $150"? I immediately respond "no, but I will take $125". The look on their face quickly changes from rejection to wait, what? Often times, they ask why I would do that, and I tell them the same thing each time- that I am looking to build repeat relationships and since I don't have a store or website, this is one way to do so. I can tell you that over the 11 years, I now have many repeat buyers , many who come to my booth first and also many who spend all their money with me and leave happily until my next show. On the other hand, I have turned down the same $125 offer because of the manner in which it was presented. I should be clear that it was not when I started nor is it now, my intention to make a living at selling comics. It is something I put a lot of time and effort into, but I do it as a retirement hobby which basically keeps me from other activities that might get me into trouble. In the end, be respectful of the time and effort that the dealers invest to bring books that you are looking for. Books that you can review in person and know what you are buying. There actually should be a premium not a discount for such service in my opinion.
  8. Two days in the books. Sold quite a bit but so much left. Here's to a Saturday rush.
  9. Just bought these from a good friend just in time for the show: Hulk 181 FF 48 FF 52 WBN 32 In the mail- Planet 48- 7.5 robot cover! Doors open at 3:00 Thursday and I am ready.
  10. The truck is loaded with over 100 long boxes and another 20+ sort and magazine boxes. Tomorrow is load-in and the action starts Thursday afternoon. CGC came through and I got these beauties yesterday; ASM 14- 6.0 Daredevil 1- 6.5 Incredible Hulk 181- 7.5 Bring the cash cause I don't do cards; however, I do deals.
  11. I will have four booths again this year; however, we are moving over by artist alley this year- booths 1197, 1199, 1296, 1298. Two booths will be crammed with $1-5 comics, trades and sets while the other two will have 10 long boxes of sets at half off; around 15-16 long boxes of priced Marvel and DC with some Independents and some 1950, 60s Dell, Disney. I will also have a pretty nice selection of keys among several boxes of new material. Highlights: - ASM 1-4.5; 5-5.5; 6-8.5; 17; 39-9.0; 50-6.5 and raw #14,50, 101, 121 (3), 122, 129, 300 plus lots more; - Avengers 1, 4, 57, 93-100; - CA 100, 110-9.8 (yes, a 9.8) - Conan 1- 3 copies; - DD 1, 7, 131, 158, 168; - FF 48- 7.5 and raw, 49, 52, 100 112; - Hulk 180, 181, 181; - Iron Man 1, 55- 3 copies; - HOS 92- 7.5; - Marvel Spotlight 5- 8.0; - Nova 1-9.8; - Silver Surfer- 1-7.5; 3, 4; - Strange Tales Annual 2- very nice raw; - TOD 10- 8.5 & 9.2; - X-men 1-4.5; 12-7.0, lots of Neal Adams issues; 94, GSX1- 8.5 and low grade raw; - Human Torch 16-5.5; Bronze keys- HFH1; M. Premiere 1, 15; TOD 1; M. Feature 1; MSH 13; Iron Man 5-8; Warlock 1, Special Marvel Ed. 15 and lots more. Stop by and let me know your Board handle- I am robocard and Ed Roberson Comics.
  12. Packing up the van on Thursday with lots of goodies. I will be in booths marked 313 across from Harley. Champion Comics two Doors down. Anyone coming?
  13. The Long Beach Expo is back at the Long Beach Convention Center February 16 & 17th. Cut and paste the link below for show guest and exhibitor lists. Tickets- $50 for week-end; $35-Saturday, and $25 for Sunday which are much less than the September show. The Exhibitor list includes Harley Yee Rare Comics, FVF Comics, Redhood Comics, Elveen Comics, Golden Apple Comics, and of course- Ed Robertson Comics (me). There are several other comic dealers as well but I got tied of typing- check out the website please. I will have my usual assortment for two booths with lots of books from $1-5, sets at half off, CGC books at 1/3 off and a few surprises (hint 10 cent DCs including a few high grade CGC Wonder Woman) and an ASM 129-9.4 (whoops spoiled that surprise). Hope to see a few more of you this year. Ed
  14. Here is an announcement link. Not as good as the first show but still pretty good. Presales on tickets this week-end also. I will have two booths packed again. Last year was much better than I expected. Hope this year is as well.
  15. I moved to Phoenix after 25 years in Worthington. Good to know that there are still stores in the area. Is the British Papermill on the east side still in business? I think it was in the outlet mall.