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  1. I will have four booths again this year; however, we are moving over by artist alley this year- booths 1197, 1199, 1296, 1298. Two booths will be crammed with $1-5 comics, trades and sets while the other two will have 10 long boxes of sets at half off; around 15-16 long boxes of priced Marvel and DC with some Independents and some 1950, 60s Dell, Disney. I will also have a pretty nice selection of keys among several boxes of new material. Highlights: - ASM 1-4.5; 5-5.5; 6-8.5; 17; 39-9.0; 50-6.5 and raw #14,50, 101, 121 (3), 122, 129, 300 plus lots more; - Avengers 1, 4, 57, 93-100; - CA 100, 110-9.8 (yes, a 9.8) - Conan 1- 3 copies; - DD 1, 7, 131, 158, 168; - FF 48- 7.5 and raw, 49, 52, 100 112; - Hulk 180, 181, 181; - Iron Man 1, 55- 3 copies; - HOS 92- 7.5; - Marvel Spotlight 5- 8.0; - Nova 1-9.8; - Silver Surfer- 1-7.5; 3, 4; - Strange Tales Annual 2- very nice raw; - TOD 10- 8.5 & 9.2; - X-men 1-4.5; 12-7.0, lots of Neal Adams issues; 94, GSX1- 8.5 and low grade raw; - Human Torch 16-5.5; Bronze keys- HFH1; M. Premiere 1, 15; TOD 1; M. Feature 1; MSH 13; Iron Man 5-8; Warlock 1, Special Marvel Ed. 15 and lots more. Stop by and let me know your Board handle- I am robocard and Ed Roberson Comics.
  2. Packing up the van on Thursday with lots of goodies. I will be in booths marked 313 across from Harley. Champion Comics two Doors down. Anyone coming?
  3. The Long Beach Expo is back at the Long Beach Convention Center February 16 & 17th. Cut and paste the link below for show guest and exhibitor lists. Tickets- $50 for week-end; $35-Saturday, and $25 for Sunday which are much less than the September show. The Exhibitor list includes Harley Yee Rare Comics, FVF Comics, Redhood Comics, Elveen Comics, Golden Apple Comics, and of course- Ed Robertson Comics (me). There are several other comic dealers as well but I got tied of typing- check out the website please. I will have my usual assortment for two booths with lots of books from $1-5, sets at half off, CGC books at 1/3 off and a few surprises (hint 10 cent DCs including a few high grade CGC Wonder Woman) and an ASM 129-9.4 (whoops spoiled that surprise). Hope to see a few more of you this year. Ed
  4. Here is an announcement link. Not as good as the first show but still pretty good. Presales on tickets this week-end also. I will have two booths packed again. Last year was much better than I expected. Hope this year is as well.
  5. I moved to Phoenix after 25 years in Worthington. Good to know that there are still stores in the area. Is the British Papermill on the east side still in business? I think it was in the outlet mall.
  6. I always enjoy our conversations and catching up. While I understand that Long Beach and my inventory are not for everyone, there were plenty of comic buyers and my sales were excellent this year. I would love to have the inventory that I had a few years ago; however, the ability to acquire large groups of SA & GA and/or big keys is much more challenging than ever as most dealers will attest to. Fortunately, there are alternatives for the California buyers. Perhaps I will be able to pick up a nice collection before the LB Expo next February. Thanks to those who came and bought this year. Hope to see you in February. Ed
  7. Thanks Bob. I decided to also bring 7 short boxes of Graphic Novels/Trades that are priced at 1/2 off sales and, in most cases, well more than 50% off the original cover price. Let's try this; for all of my raw books, including the above, 20% off for any Board Members. Just let me know your board handle so I can keep track of who you are. I do hope to see a few of you at the show. I have made the drive from Phoenix every year (and most years for the Expo as well) for the entire ten years. If you have dealt with me, you know I try my best to sell my books. There is no benefit to driving back with a full van after a show so help me out.
  8. I am anticipating a slow show this year; however, if anyone shows up, I am blowing out three boxes of graded books at 1/3 off and another two lower value (including a bunch of Walking Dead) at Buy 2 get 2 free. I will also have 16 long boxes of mostly 1950s to 70s books of all types and genres at $1-5 each. Lots of Superman and related titles stating at 10 cent cover prices. Also lots of My Greatest Adventure, Strange Adventures, Space Family Robinson (Lost in Space), Star Trek (Gold Key) and many others. Ed
  9. I will have two booths as usual- listed as 406. I will be bringing several thousand 10-12 cent DC and Gold Key issues for $1-5 as well as my usual assortment of priced, half off and graded. Hope to see some of you there. Ed
  10. Truck is loaded with over 120 long boxes and over 600 trades/graphic novels. Hope to see a few of you Thursday-Sunday.
  11. We are in the same spot as the past two years, except this year we will have a full 20x 20 booth set-up. One 10 x 10 will have my display boards full of better books and 35 or so long boxes of $10 and up books, sets, graded books, etc. The other 10 x 10 is going to have around 10 long boxes of Trades/Graphic Novels for $2 & 5 each, 10 boxes of sets runs for $2 or 5 each (less than $1 per book for most) and approximately 40-50 other long boxes of $1 books from SA/Bronze to a large group from the past 5 years (all companies, genres, etc.). In short, we are loaded with bargain books this year and anxious to sell. Ed Robertson Comics
  12. I haven't been on the site much lately but heard about Brittany's accident from a friend and figured there would be something here. Always a great community when someone is in need. Just hit the GoFundMe page to move a little closer to the goal. Ed
  13. Brian, Rumor has it that a few local comic dealers in Phoenix bought the majority of the remaining inventory after the store closed. I purchased hundreds of high grade Warren magazines from one dealer and he told me they purchased hundreds of thousands of comics and magazines from Passaic. Unfortunately, I did not move to Phoenix until 2002 and a lot of the books had already been sold.
  14. Loading the van in two hours; headed to Long Beach tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. I hope to see a few boardies there. Ed