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  1. The free reader is a good idea. That's a heartbreaking story to hear that about a JIM as I absolutely love those Jim covers. Since its going to drive me nuts looking at it as is, I'll pass it along and leave it up to them to decide. @theCapraAegagrus @Get Marwood & I Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated.
  2. Well, my thought at this point was... no value at this point as Marwood said but I still wanted to attempt to save it to where ever it goes. Had it not been a U.K. copy, I probably would have just recycled it or perhaps used the cover to do something creative but I do like these variant copies and I know others do as well so my next thought was to try and at least keep it intact for the next person who I gave it to. The staples being added seemed to be the cleanest solution.
  3. Looks like it goes in the junk pile then. Too bad. Would have liked to have kept it whole.
  4. Hello all Going through this collection for weeks and I stumbled upon a marvel presents bloodstone #1 a while back from the U.K. The book is in satisfactory condition overall, but sadly, the cover is completely detached. I'm trying to figure out what the best way is to deal with this. The staples are perfectly fine and intact. Aside from the cover being detached at the staples, the book would have been something I'd have kept. Going forward with it, I'm trying to figure out how someone collecting the book, would have preferred it. Would it be preferred to go so far as to add new staple points to make the book whole again? Aside from having a book pressed, I have never worked on a book in terms of resto and I have never had one restored either. This would be a first. Thoughts?
  5. I Just picked it up on Ebay. It had some interesting things going for it IMO. I like the cover art, the scarcity of the book and of course, the movie being optioned doesn't hurt. I also agree that it could end up being a big hit if done well. Price? Normally, I wouldn't discuss price but seeing as its part of my personal collection... its cool. The sale went through on Ebay at $300. Seller was very easy to work with and I believe he has other Black #1 books.
  6. Not too many of these around. Didn't waste time... Just grabbed it.
  7. I also submitted a book a few years back (Magnus Robot Fighter 7 flip book) and while it was graded 9.8, it came back damaged and torn from the staples. They regraded it 8.0 once they received it back and fully compensated me. Its always best to back up your books being submitted with pics before sending them off and adding date/time stamp on pics as well, especially for the more expensive pieces. Anything you can provide as proof of some sort can help. Definitely better than having no pics before grading at all.
  8. Predator # 1 cgc 9.8 white pages. Slight scuffing on top right of otherwise brand new case. Easy to see in scans but straight on and in hand, its barely noticeable. Under the light at an angle, its visible but fairly minor. The speck on the "E" in Predator isn't on the book and is likely a result of the scanner. The book itself is razor sharp. GPA last sale is $580 Sept 2020 $525.00 plus $12 shipping within U.S. Canadian shipping $40 https://www.timelessicons.com/
  9. grabbed this today. I used to own a 9.8 copy and I missed it. This one just happens to be a bit nicer imo.
  10. Absolutely. I'm going to see what I can order in the next week or two. If I can find some or a suitable replacement, I'll let you know. If I end up buying what ever stock they have left, I'll just buy them and pass you the 100 you need at the same cost I get them for and shipping.
  11. I just bought over 1000 arklites from him and was planning on ordering a lot more but... I wasn't aware he stopped selling them. If I had them left over, I would have been happy to sell you some but as it stands, I need to order at least 2-3 thousand more somewhere.