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  1. congrats on the 798. Did you see the Unknown comics edition yet? I happen to like that one out of all the variants myself. Nice since he's on the cover for his first appearance. Its a great book to pick up if you're liking the character IMO.
  2. Thor 5 (2007) Lady Loki were steadily selling at $40-50 raw on E-Bay. Doesn't seem to be much of price difference yet between the standard vs variant cover yet. Asking prices are now upwards of $50-90 each for raw and graded copies for sale are almost non existent aside from a single 9.6 on E-Bay for $944.99. Rumor is, Lady Loki is going to be a fan favorite.
  3. Thanks Sagii. Some were replacing past copies that were sold. The Hulk 1 was upgraded from a 7.0 that I regrettably sold and the Eternals 1 30 cent variant is even better than the previous 9.8 30 cent copy I used to own. All in all, happy with the way its going thus far. So much to replace though. Luckily, I'm an Eternal so... I have time.
  4. Hello all. I always notice that the pics I post, are somewhat blurry in comparison to pics posted by other board members. My pics are usually high resolution (example 1650x2600 resolution) and formatted in .jpg. I pull them up on my 4k monitor and they are razor sharp. I understand that pics likely get capped and compressed when being uploaded but other posters obviously have found a way to do it that allows for better imagery. Normally, I just hit the "choose files..." option and pick the image I want to upload. I've also tried png files with no noticeable difference. Perhaps there's an
  5. Now I know where my old Showcase 22 7.5 went.
  6. Thank you. I was just looking over your stuff as well. Absolutely gorgeous.
  7. Probably my top 10. In the process of building back up.
  8. I bought this one today. Despite being on the Arrow show, I still think Deathstroke is under utilized.
  9. Always thought that Ghost Rider 9 had such a cool cover. That one and the # 16 cover too with the shark.
  10. Huh...how did I miss that? I searched Heritage before posting this but apparently, not good enough. Thanks for the link to the sale. Much appreciated. Congrats on your new acquisition! Great book.
  11. No doubt. Would still like to have seen the sale somewhere though.