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  1. Hello all I have the first printing and I'd like to get the second print as well but only interested in a graded copy. Regular 9.8 copies of the first print are hovering around $ 75.00 each. I'm guessing $175.00 or in that area. If you have one, PM me and lets work it out. Thank you
  2. Is it? That's two books of yours that happened to find its way into my collection in a short time. I like this copy and the white pages don't hurt.
  3. GPA also has a Doc 169 9.8 that went for 14k with a Stan Sig and an ST110 9.2 SS Stan copy sold for 32k not that long ago as well, which is also impressive. Only a few years ago, I sold a Doc 169 9.8 SS Stan Lee copy for $3,500.00
  4. I think I posted this in the "what's new" thread but it makes sense to post it here. Picked it up within the last week or so.
  5. Got this one in the mail today. Very happy with it.
  6. One of the latest acquisitions being added to family.
  7. Thanks man. Incredibly happy to finally get one.
  8. Thank you. He's fast but he didn't get away this time. Must be his whole "slowing down" issue. Meh.. happens with age
  9. Added this to the collection recently.
  10. That's a really nice copy Ent! Congrats man.
  11. (closed) Hello Marvel Spotlight 5 cgc 8.5 up for sale on my site. $1800.00 https://www.timelessicons.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7961599 Spawn 1 cgc 9.9 Mint old red label, looks great. $2250.00 https://www.timelessicons.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7961597 Secret Avengers 23 cgc 9.9 Mint Agent Venom joins Secret Avengers (only one on census) $900.00 https://www.timelessicons.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7961592 $12.00 to ship within the U.S.A, $40.00 to Canada and all books will include insurance. Books are listed on the website and you can use Paypal to check out or you can purchase by check as well. Once cleared, books will ship if you're using a check. If you are using a check, please email me on the site and I'll place the book aside. Thank you Mike