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  1. To top it off, the books that are signed inside were likely signed at the convention in NY on that day. I'm not sure if you can pinpoint those details to many other books.
  2. I'm not sure I get the whole #1 counterfeit thing ...maybe for $40 or something like that, not $1750...
  3. #3 variant at $9284 on comic connect with 6 days to go. This already surpasses the yellow label that sold on heritage last month. The blue labels with the sigs inside may be making a bold leap ahead of the SS labels here. The main difference being there is only one sig on the SS. What do you guys think? Or is it just timing? I can't believe two 9.8's have popped up for sale this year, these generally sell privately. Very cool to see
  4. I get what you're saying and I share the sentiment although my version is that yes there are more 2nd prints but there are fewer in high grade. This to me says there is a lot of room for the 2nd print to catch up (in high grade) to 50% value of the 1st print. There were still only 6000 printed and 2nd prints were treated as readers in my day. The mid to lower grades I cannot speak for but they will tag along at some level. How many 2nd prints were damaged by trying to make them look like 1st prints? bleaching, scraping of the "2nd print"...It was a real thing, I remember it well from tho
  5. very nice sigs! great book! I'd still get it graded but ask for a blue label.
  6. This is very true. The variant of #3 has always been on my radar and I couldn't find one pre-internet. For the TMNT fan it is the must have #3 as there are only 500 of them. Overstreet's, back in the day, had it listed as the NYCC variant and I always wanted to get my hands on one. I don't think the general population of comic collectors care so much even though this is the 'Variant Age'.
  7. I have one. Since you are asking and I was not in the market to sell I will part with it for $3000 + shipping. Let me know...
  8. I doubt there will be any sinking like a stone for these comics. The fact that only a few 9.8's have surfaced recently shows there is a demand for these books and those who have them are holding them close. Remember these books are now 36-37 years old, are much scarcer than the mainstream books of the time, and everyone and their grandmother (except Lou_fine) wants one.
  9. Heritage has another #3 variant 9.8 yellow label: This is getting interesting...
  10. sounds about right. I personally think it will go for more than 60k, more like 70k. It's the first high grade (9.6/9.8) copy that's been available since the market went nuts and for some time before that too. If this sells well we will see more come to market.
  11. somewhere about 180 pages back the boardie who bought those 2 copies announces he just made the purchase. I can't remember exactly where in the thread but it's there. I think about it often...
  12. I dunno, this seems like bait to get you in the store. What do you guys think these should really go for? $120k? more? less?