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  1. Fugitoid #1 9.8 SS Eastman from PeasOfCrap in 2012. It’s only 7 yrs ago but 2 kids (6yr old and 3yr old) later it feels like a lifetime...(at least for the kids...oh wait....)....
  2. RIP Stan Lee, you the man...
  3. 9.4 Canuck version sold for $256 a year ago...
  4. thanks Adam, that's 30 years of being pressed in mylar in a long box and never seeing the light of day. Even after all that the mini series #2 still came back a 9.0...
  5. Yup I was one of those guys that paid just under $1k for my book and almost the next day there were many on the census and the price dropped by more than half. I am happy to see I’m not in the red anymore (if the latest sales are any indication)... I can remember seeing loads of copies of this book rolled up in peoples’ back pockets at school and thinking how badly I wanted one...even though I had missed the boat on it already. I didn’t get my first near mint copy until at least ten years later... for whatever reason I had a really hard time getting a #2 and a #7 as well...
  6. ...on a lighter note I received the books below back from CGC recently. They were bought off the rack at my LCS in Montreal in ‘88/‘89 thus the ‘Canadian Edition’.
  7. Is there a story behind why and how you have a horde of these?
  8. Personally I prefer the number 1’s without the yellow label, looks cleaner and, imo, better... but it boils down to what you like
  10. I’m a bit confused by this slab: is this an error? I thought the street collectors edition was a mini comic included in the fan club kit from 1988...
  11. Below are some more Turner sigs... if i'm not mistaken the silver foil 21 and 2nd print 22 are the others that remain to be seen... shout out to OV for selling me that sweet renegar
  12. I have been on the lookout for Michael Turner signed gijoe books for a long time. There are quite a few CGC graded SS copies of the Renegar variant but none of the later issues (#33 foil and non foil excepted). I have been able to find the ones below but am not sure if Turner signed any others. Please post a pic if you have one. I am especially interested in finding a silver foil #21 (non-graded) one if it even exists...