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  1. No HOS asking price is $330 $315 $300 + $15 shipping + insurance + sig to the US only paypal payment
  2. paypal or check is ok $14.00 for shipping U.S. International, let me know and I will figure out the shipping cost Thanks for looking,
  3. good is weird but 4 is not that easy to find in high grade.....the black back cover made that one tough as hell as well...I have a 7ish copy of 4 and that is good enough.
  4. 1 is insane hard to find in high grade...I gave up for a while now :(
  5. thanks for the great books....I have bought multiple times over the past 5 years
  6. looking forward to see the run completed here
  7. last one for this sale thread Iron Man & Sub 1 CGC 9.4 white pages - $485
  8. my old ID back 2 more slabs to add $935 Batman 251 CGC 9.2