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  1. 9/5 received Modern Tier 10/1 grading quality control
  2. I have a value tier sub batch on 5/21 so lets see how soon..12 days away?
  3. modern submission received 8/8 graded/quality control 9/6
  4. good news for you, my value tier submission submittied one day before yours just shipped today
  5. no HOS paypal or check/MO shipping exact $300 (gpa 90 days = $350) new slab but shoddy quality control by CGC = scratch on the slab
  6. I am going to bring even more bad news, my value tier received on 4/18 is still "SFG" so May submission...plan for September to see your books at this rate. My modern received on 7/10 was shipped 8/5 so your modern 7/23 is likely grade early next week and ship a day or 2 later
  7. paypal or check no HOS shipping exact ASM 135 CGC 9.4 Ow/w price $395
  8. I have a value batched submitted/received 4/2 it is graded but has been sitting at that stage for quite sometimes, over a week, not quite 2 but it will be 2 if it is not shipped by Thursday. I have a batch of modern received 7/10 that is coming back today.
  9. $750 shipped, insurance, tracking and sig included. US buyer only. paypal, money order or check no HOS price is firm