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  1. - Shipping included - PayPal, cleared checks, MOs accepted - No returns on graded comics unless damaged in transit - in thread kicks everything else in the junk - If you're on one of the unfavorable lists... get your act together. Until then, this thread isn't for you. Much love for everyone else - Board Kudos & Ebay Feedback - Thanks for checking the thread and happy hunting wished to all $4500 $2600
  2. Half-Gringo

    Kramerica's Kudos!

    A-OK in every way. Book descriptions, communications and shipping were top notch. Looking forward to future transactions. Gracias Mark!
  3. Half-Gringo

    Hoppy Promo Comic

    Noticed that also. GCD rocks!
  4. Half-Gringo

    Hoppy Promo Comic

    Other than the OSPG, any other places to find out more about this? There's a red version also. Gracias in advance to info provided
  5. Half-Gringo

    Robot Man's KUDOS Thread

    Very pleased with descriptions, communications and shipping of some cool esoteric comics. Bob is the man!
  6. Half-Gringo

    Readcomix' Kudos Thread

    High fives to Gene! Thank you again for the cool comics, fast & secure shipment and excellent communication.
  7. Half-Gringo

    This Week Back From CGC

    Posted these in the Gold thread earlier but thought some here might dig them also ~Happy Holidaze and Hunting to All~