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    - US shipping is $15 with insurance & sig confirmation included, exact cost to comic amigos y amigas around the globe - PayPal, cleared checks, MOs accepted - No returns on this graded book - in thread kicks everything else in the junk - If you're on one of the unfavorable lists.... get your act together. Until then, this thread isn't for you. Same with folks on ignore. - Not looking for trades.... Then again, a B&V 40 is on my short list. Will entertain reasonable offers - Board Kudos & Ebay Feedback - Thanks for checking out the sale Last Warren issue of one helluva title and run. Cool book inde
  2. Half-Gringo

    gorgoguy kudos thread

    Smooth transaction in all aspects; highly recommended to all.
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    rollingstoned1976 - No payment with myriad of delays/excuses blackydog1966-8 - No payment with no communications
  4. Half-Gringo


    Much gratitude to boardies for your interest in thethread. It'll be active for another day then move them to different venues. If interested in any of them... I'm all open for offers before they're moved to different venues. Speaking of venues.... Looking for to meeting any boardies at SuperCon in Raleigh, TampaCon or our own local show here in Jacksonville FL on Aug 12th.
  5. Half-Gringo


    Most of today's group were from a GA collection of 1946-48 books that ranged from water damaged INCs to beautiful 9.4s. Still like to look over the pics from that buy. Many thanks for your buy and the info....PM on its way.
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  8. Half-Gringo


    ASM 135 8.5 OW-W $160
  9. Half-Gringo


    Star Spangled Comics 7.0 OW-W $450 - Highest on Census
  10. Half-Gringo


    Adventure 118 6.5 OW-W $160 SOLD
  11. Half-Gringo


    More Fun 121 7.5 OW-W $700
  12. Half-Gringo


    More Fun 118 9.2 OW-W $1200
  13. Half-Gringo


    More Fun 117 White 8.0 $750 - SOLD
  14. Half-Gringo


    More Fun 116 8.5 OW/W $700 - Two on Census