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  1. Sending good vibes to all... see ya tomorrow!
  2. Time to get new homes for these cool books - Shipping US $20 with insurance & delivery confirmation included; other locations, please inquire - PayPal, cleared checks, MOs accepted - Scanner causes some glare - No returns on graded comics unless damaged in transit - in thread rules the roost - No trades thank you - Unfavorable list folks not invited, Folks on ignore... Are ignored - Board Kudos & Ebay Feedback - Always taking offers Thanks for checking out the sale! For your consideration:
  3. Salutations! Tomorrow around 7p EST, a group of 10ish GA blue labels and one restored TEC will be presented to the boardies. Sending good thoughts to everyone. Cheers! Tony
  4. Another cool book going to another cool boardie. Gracias!
  5. New books posted. Gracias in advance for your interest!
  6. Thank you to everyone for their buys; rest of the books will be listed around 4 PM EST. Wishing all some good finds for your collections and inventories.