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  1. Please send me grades and prices when you get them back. Thanks!
  2. Wanted: Star Wars Clone Wars #1 RAW, CGC, VARIANT PM Me pics and prices.
  3. Looking to buy multiple copies of Sandman #8: Raw VF or better, CGC 9.4 or better and Editorial edition any grade raw or CGC. PM me pics and prices.
  4. Great packaging and fast shipping on a nice TWD #1. Thanks!
  5. Saw those, thanks. I'll definetly be bidding on the page. The sketch is cool just priced a bit too high right now.
  6. Looking for any Bill Sienkiewicz sketches, remarks or any type of original art of Elektra. Please pm me pics and prices.
  7. Thanks for the reply. You're a bit higher than I am looking to spend right now based on recent eBay sales.
  8. Looking to buy Edge of Spiderverse #2 1st print CGC 9.8