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  1. Ditto on the approx. valuation, depending on which venue though and timing I'd say though $600-$1200. I've seen some nice covers on ComicLink the last few OA auctions go for that range that I expected to go on the high end actually go for lower in the cover-tier price range. If it was more of a full-body Carnage shot it'd hit $1k easily, but since it's mainly a torso it'd have more variable in the pricing. If it was one of the Del Mundo covers it'd also hit the $1k price easily since those were a draw. Perkins is a solid artist and has longevity in the field, but not really a big name recognition as others. Still a nice cover that should sell nicely.
  2. Green Lantern GN a New Dawn NM $ 5.00 Green Lantern Baptism of Fire GN VF+ $ 6.00 Green Lantern Emerald Knights GN NM $9.00 @25% off per PM
  3. WTB - San Diego Comic Con Badge for Friday or Saturday? Anyone have leads or availability for SDCC Friday badge (vendor/exhibitor) for either Friday, Saturday or Fri & Sat? If so, PM me.
  4. Agree, don't know why artists continue to stay with AC when they're leaving money on the table with all the collector's passing on buying stuff from the site since it's so broke down. That site is like a digital version of those "Back in 10 mins" signs where the retailer never comes back.
  5. Any update on any additional guests besides Chaykin that will be attending?
  6. Any chance there's still a spot open for one of the 8 slots?
  7. Glad I didn't bid. All the reserves not met make this more and more not a true auction. The reserves must have been 10x market value, what a joke for a first go at this for pedigree and I'll no longer even look at any of their future auctions because of it.
  8. Does anyone know if there's a site or full listing somewhere out there that has all the names on this cover in text format for the AMS #700 Skyline cover? Need to put it on alpha order and cross out the names as I get them and being able to print it out makes it a lot easier to remember who exactly is on this instead of trying to search each time I meet a creator to see if they're listed.