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  1. I’m just going to mention the one that I haven’t seen anyone else list- Warlock I didn’t read this stuff when I was a kid, and I think you need nostalgia to really like the stories about him. He is in some books with great art though.
  2. Why is Star Wars 68 expensive? Is it just the cool cover?
  3. Prices got pretty crazy at the peak last year. Seems like a return to a little sanity to me.
  4. Obviously no one knows what the future holds. I can’t prove we are at a peak for movies/TV. However, would it surprise anyone if looking back in 10 years that Endgame was the high water mark for superhero movies? There are very few times in the past where a genre of movies was made at an extremely high level for decades. Typically, Hollywood gets lazy and runs stuff into the ground, and then people start looking for something new. The success of the MCU has been amazing, but at some point it is going to be hard to keep that success going. They are going to have a pretty dramatic turnover in casting now, with RDJ and Chris Evans moving on to new things. There is pretty serious risk here. I’m a comic guy, and I’ve been getting tired of comic movies. This is while they’ve been putting out really good movies. What happens when they inevitably make a few clunkers in a row? The prices have risen fast enough that it starts making me think back to the early 90s comic market, or the 1999 tech stock market. It may not play out like that- markets are almost impossible to predict. However, there are so many people saying it can’t play out that way that I’m getting twitchy. At any rate, I’m priced out of most popular books these days. I’m not buying anything high dollar in a market this frothy. On the plus side, there are always areas to collect in that are not popular. That’s where my purchases will be concentrated.
  5. Well, none of them are high grade, but most of them are nice enough for me. The Vampi 36 has tape on in, but for $5 I couldn't really pass up filling in the gap. The 31 was the last Vampi Frazetta cover I needed.
  6. I think now is a bad time to invest in the comics that most people are buying. When many Marvel keys are up so much so fast, it seems extremely risky to buy them, IMO. I’m noticing that some of them are actually down quite a bit from the peak prices last year already actually. GPA for a 7.5 FF48, for example was up past $3000 for a few sales last year - there was just one at $2200. However, there are always things that can be collected at reasonable prices because they are not currently “hot”. Some of those become very good investments if interest picks up in them. Of course, some of those things continue to languish and trend down forever as well. You pay your money and take your chances. 🙂
  7. Another plus to your method is that it gives you time to get more familiar with the specific market for the material you are collecting before you make major purchases. I’ve found that the books I’ve overpaid for are often ones I’ve bought when just starting a new area of collecting. Since most key books have gone up so much lately, it has insulated people from their mistakes to a large degree, but I suspect that an ever-rising market is not something we can count on in the future.
  8. If you don’t need them in a plastic case you can have an even bigger collection. 🙂
  9. Yeah, I had to mail order 238 in the 80s. It was only $2, but it wasn’t available locally for me.
  10. Also, Impact #1 for an earlier book. You can snag a VGish copy for $50, and it is well worth it. I’ve ended up with three copies. Ordinarily I would sell duplicates, but it is way cooler than most any other $50 book out there.
  11. Strange Tales 101 and 135 Epic Magazine 1 For really small ‘keys’ that I’ve pulled out of 50 cent boxes recently, FF 232 ( first Byrne ) and X-factor 41 ( Art Adams art and 1st Alchemy ). Calling them keys is a stretch, but I feel like they should at least graduate to the $2 boxes.
  12. I remember that issue 4 was mislabeled 4 of 4. After we read it my friends and I were like “That’s the end?”
  13. Well, its not like I buy any and all drek. I pick out what looks interesting to me or I feel has some small potential to have value in the future, which actually is a pretty small portion of what people are selling. I go to small local conventions as often as I can, but that is really only 5-6 per year tops. One of the guys that is at all of these conventions ( he actually runs one of them ) gets a bunch of tables and has a huge number of long boxes that are $20/50 books. At the last convention I bought 50 books from him. That means I passed on probably 5000 other books. There is a LCS that has a bunch of 3/$1 boxes. The last time I was there I bought 36 books from those ( along with some Warrens and a few TTA and TOS for my runs that I paid actual money for ). At the convention before that I bought about 100 books because one guy had a 3/$1 box that had a bunch of stuff I felt like grabbing at that price ( stuff like 80s Avengers, X-men 285-299, some ASMs in the 370s-380s, etc). I also rescued a bunch of nice Byrne FFs from someone else that was selling them in their 50 cent boxes. If something is pretty drekky, I also tend to be picky on condition ( although I often will grab a few ugly books in a run so I can just read the run without gaps ). That actually weeds out a large portion of books, as many of these aren't bagged/boarded. So if I keep this up, I might be buying a couple of long boxes a year, which isn't going to kill me space-wise.
  14. Yeah, I haven't found a dollar box with much good stuff ( low grade SA/mid-grade BA ) lately. Most of my low-end purchases lately have started coming out of 3/$1 or 50 cent boxes these days, and have been more low-demand Copper books that seem kinda cool for the price. Stuff like New Mutants, X-Factor, Byrne FF, Simonson Thor, Spectacular Spiderman, Web of Spiderman, and a lot of junk that I never bought back in the day. It's pretty funny to think that I am buying comics with a $1 cover price for 3/$1 after 30 years of inflation. Most of them aren't great, but I've been pleasantly surprised by a few of them. Honestly, at this price, if I buy 50 comics and 5 of them are pretty decent, I win compared to buying new comics at $4/each. It entertains me.