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  1. My Copy is a 1 & 9d I need to revisit all of my Charltons at some point as the first time I went through them was to look for Pence copies, I ignored stamps at that time
  2. Looked at my comics today here is a small DC sample to get some more data on the stamp numbers, I hope it helps and I can go further if required, just let me know numbers and I will look to see if I have pence or cents A few anomalies but, I think the Alberts theory stands up and may.....or may not settle down later Action comics - 260 =1, 261 =2, 262 =3, 263 =4 Adventure Comics - 267=8, 268=9, 270=3, 271=4 Batman - 231=5, 233=8, 234=9 Detective - 274=8, 275=1 Strange Adventure - 110=9, 111=9, 112=1 Worlds Finest - 107=4, 108=3, 109=5, 111=8
  3. Wrong, I bought stacks of them as a kid from the local newsagent I Iater worked at as a paperboy. Best though was a book/magazine shop in the market in the city center, I didnt get to go into town very often but when I did they would have bags of 3 comics without the logo for sale and I got to choose 1 pack if I was lucky ( I am from a poor background ) and money was tight, so I didnt get much. I loved that shop, the lady would let me in the back and would sit in the shop reading through the comics while my mother did her shopping elsewhere and then she would come back for me. I still bought my new comics from there until the early 80s.
  4. When comics were returned they tore off the logo and just returned that as proof of no sale, comics not sold were of no value and this saved postage costs. They were supposed to destroy the comic but I think most newsagents still sold remaindered books at a knock down price or bagged them and sold them as a set Just like my poor Batman 83
  5. I am always saying how low grade Pence copies are, I have some nice ones too
  6. I agree with this totally, I sometimes cant believe the prices, I see books even listed here at times and think wow, that wont ever sell at that price and then seconds later someone takes it and others are saying what a bargain it was I bought all this sort of stuff new and seen it in the bargain bins for years for a quid and no one cared, as you say, the completist in me wants to keep it all but I wont ever look or read these again and my missus will get ripped off when she sells everything in bulk when I am gone, so...... Its a tough one, its hard to get motivated when you dont really need the money and dont have the energy, maybe if it wasnt for covid, I could have a nice relaxing world cruise and use some old funny books to pay for it
  7. Weird, the feedback says it was £120
  8. Yeah it looked a bit ropey to me but said VF as Antoni said it was approx that and he had it in hand. I wish I had the time to go through a lot of boxes of worthless dupes that I put away 20 years ago and see what is worth pulling out now
  9. Wow, honestly to me that looked like a box of junk, with only the 1 book, as pointed out and I didnt think that was worth very much, I see HG cents issues slabbed going for a bit but a vf pence, it seems like I missed something.
  10. No apology needed, I didnt see your answer as abrupt at all I dont usually get into bidding wars if I can help it, I pick what I would pay and bid in advance and then dont look again until the auction is over, maybe get 2 or 3 things out of 10 and that is fine, I would be in trouble if I won all 10 Bidding live is too easy to get sucked in, the last thing I really wanted and bid live was CSS #22 and paid more than I would have liked but copies dont turn up to often and it was one of my last grail books. I am lucky that I have collected for so long that I have managed to get the collection I have at what seems reasonable prices now, there is always something else around the corner though
  11. Yeah......I guess I am as well as can be expected I also have given up on the new stuff, unfortunately completist works backwards too, but a lot more expensive At least I am complete with Silver and Bronze for the most part, just Golden age to go
  12. My collection was in total order about 5 or 6 years ago, I could pick any book withing minutes from my cabinets, but there came a time when I had to have some work done in my main room, so I boxed up a lot of them and relocated elsewhere until the work was complete. I just havent got around to putting everything back together again and have bought a lot more since then all of which is in a random mess and seems like such a daunting task now. I looked for books to scan a few weeks ago and after a few hours didnt even find the right comic company
  13. I dunno, I still find bargains from time to time, just as well mind as I cant afford anything that I need
  14. Hi Brian my old pal, missed you man, you okay ?
  15. Some lovely books there, The FF1 is one of the best copies I have ever seen, the AMS 1 is a beauty too, I would love to upgrade to those, I doubt I would pay that price without seeing the books in hand though as you never know the true story from just a cover scan 1st time I have seen this auction house, thanks for the link, I will watch for future actions. Some of their estimates looked very low, especially the early FF stuff, catch them on a quiet day there may be some nice bargains
  16. Whatever they are called they will always be Pence copies to me. Outside the CGC boards I bet most Americans think they are UK comics, as in printed in the UK no matter what we call them. As price variants I dont think they will ever be accepted outside the UK except by a few niche collectors. Lets face it, its only us that care about them anyway
  17. I am missing 15 issues of TOS & 11 issues of TTA, both titles I am missing #9s, I have never came across them before, none graded exist either, it would be nice to see Pence copies of these but I guess if I didnt see them by now, then I doubt I ever will
  18. Just had a quick look at your link, I dont collect cartoon books, so Star Trek, Karloff and Ripley with be the only hope, I do have loads of the cartoon stuff but not sat in my collection, that stuff is maybe loft or garage ready for my missus to sort when I am toast
  19. Just found a couple of boxes of GK books in one of my rooms today, I will have a look through them this week, I know I am complete with most of the major titles, havent a clue how many are Pence issues
  20. Yeah I buy from COMPAL regular through Saleroom and the fees are high, but I bought from Excaliber through saleroom and assumed the fees were the same as Compal, big mistake. The stuff I bought, I could have used BIN now from eBay US and paid the postage to the UK and got it shipped quicker than 5 weeks and it still would have been a lot cheaper