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  1. Maybe interesting to look at Pulps of the time as I know I have seen a lot more Cents/Pence versions of those than GA comics, I know its a different ball game but maybe the publishers of the day had links ?
  2. As a buyer for my own collection rather than a speculator or a seller, I often see books for sale on here that make me laugh at how high the price is, then a minute later someone come in with an and others follow with "what a great deal" I guess I am so out of touch with how expensive books some books have gotten, seems even more crazy to see books going up for big $$$$ when they are only a few years old and to me seem like a manufactured variant, each to their own I think but I would rather have a nice SA/GA book that some hot variant for the same price
  3. Yeah I cant see a lot of demand for this, certainly not at anything close to this price. I would be more interested if it was the only issue of the series I needed but I think I only have 2 issues, so not a title I am actively looking for, unless very cheap.
  4. Some great covers here, I think a lot of these type of threads are started in GA and we miss so much of what else there is, well done for using comics general.
  5. My little shop down the alley was called Timeslip, it was a great shop, it was in the red light district of the day, a strange place for kids buying comics It was eventually absorbed and ruined by FP at some point and all the lovely back issues were replaced with modern drek, toys, cards etc, just killed it
  6. Wow Batman #181 = $90,000, makes me want to dig mine out
  7. Urgh, I hate that book too, the first copy I bought had a price sticker on it that pulled a bit of the cover off when I tried to remove it, so I had to buy it twice
  8. Ah mate, not this time, too expensive to send, you would have to call in person for this lot I am not even sure what is in most of these boxes anymore, pre- golden age stuff somewhere in here
  9. I am the same, I don't collect British comics but I have quite a few I have acquired over the years
  10. Yeah I think it was cancelled at #46, I only have 32 issues and alas no #46 pence or otherwise another series I will never complete.
  11. I was speaking in PMs with someone about House of Mystery, Strange Adventures and My Greatest Adventure, I couldnt remember the grade of my HOM #1 so looked it up only to find I didnt have it listed nor did I have a scan, I searched through invoices from Heritage, Clink etc, no joy. Finally I went through some of my boxes of slabs and couldnt find it there either, I swear I have had it for years, or have I ? I did find 2 copies of My greatest Adventure #1, I remember some years ago when they were both on my wants list and I am starting to think I may have bought the same one twice, I am n
  12. I told you, you should have had a job with Mills & Boon
  13. Tictokman0 I think, if you dont agree with his grading, he provides all you need to know to make you own mind up, great seller. I always loved this title and had a few copies as a kid that I read to death, by 2014 I was still missing 2 issues, not that they are super expensive or anything, just tough to get in the UK. A friend in the US and one the best boardies on here knew what I needed and when he saw them on eBay in the US, he grabbed them and sent them to me, thats the stuff that makes this place great
  14. Yeah I guess it comes down to what choices you make, if I had bought all the pre-code stuff back then, I wouldnt be able to afford the Marvel/DC stuff now, I am lucky to have the SA pretty much done and a lot of Pre-code stuff too but its a few books a year these days and we will always be greedy for the books we missed along the way, thats what keeps us driven I guess, its all good
  15. I could do it if this was a SA thread, but I cant really compete in a GA thread, this is about as close as I can come but I love to see you guys posting the real goods
  16. I did something similar when I was trying to complete my Marvel collection, I prioritized them over cheap Pre-code stuff much to my regret now, those price times will never come again