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  1. Correction, he owed me $375 for a commish that didn't happen, but another book I won in his sales thread was $120, I didn't pay for that one as they were both to ship together, I later bought the second book from Speedy for $180 when he had the books from AC to sell for cash to make other boardies whole, so paid over the odds for a book that should have been mine anyway. Just spent 10 mins reading through some PMs and feel totally depressed about it all again, it is a bother and I cant be bothered, its just not worth it to me anymore. Besides there are plenty of guys here that can out him for his misdeeds much better than I ever could
  2. I don't do fb tbh, but I am done with it anyway, I spoke to him here, through Speedy and via email at the time and he was full of promises that never materialised, its a long time ago now and I just cant be bothered to rake over it all again.
  3. I miss Speedy, he was a great help to a lot of peeps here, he tried his best and got a lot of peeps made whole
  4. I think I do, 99% sure, long time since I seen this comic, its an old pic from your old site
  5. Sorry for your loss 7se7en Before I was here I knew him from the old Comicopolis site, he was a friend and sometimes an enemy depending on his mood Personally I always liked his postings and when he started he couldn't be stopped. I was actually just chatting with Jimmers about him a few weeks ago in PMs Definitely a one off unique character RIP Lux
  6. I have a lot of British stuff from when I was a kid but I read them to death, so seeing your books is an awesome treat, most of my stuff is buried way back in one of my rooms, haven't seen any of them in years. I don't actively collect British, but as with everything, I cant part with it, so it stays I do have an old pic of Avengers to contribute if that helps. I took that years ago for Andrews old site, miss that place Will see if I can dig out a few more at some point
  7. Great thread lighthouse, just read start to finish and cant wait for the next instalment. I wish you continued success
  8. Wow what an awesome set of books sold here I logged off a bit too early last night or could have caught the front end of these and happily blew my budget for a few months. Still nice to see such books for sale in affordable grades, gives me hope for the future
  9. Just had a great international transaction with Bob. What a great guy, didn't know me but was willing to ship to the UK after I sent him a PM and I am sure glad I did. I got two great books that were perfectly packaged and in my hands within 9 days Thanks Bob.
  10. Wow I really hate these new boards, it just took me 10 mins to 2 books, I still dunno what I am doing I guess
  11. Sorry could only put my HAND on my undercopy of #8, still low grade goodness