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  1. YES. That is what I was guessing the real answer was. Good to hear it from someone who knows SS books. Much appreciated!!
  2. Thanks. I checked there but prices are all over the place. How much demand is there for Joe Simon sigs? Compared to Stan Lee and then I have books with both sigs on them?
  3. I have a bunch of Joe Simon CGC SS books I am trying to figure out the prices for. Selling them for a friend. I did a search on the boards here in this section and I didn't come up with much. Any suggestions? I use GPA but even that can be spotty. Thanks
  4. Bumping this thread up again. And if you aren't a member of the CGC boards and found this link from Google, please join the boards and contact me. Thanks
  5. Below is my latest Want List!! Thanks American Journal Examiner OR Boston Sunday American Joke Book Special Supplement Issues: Swinnerton's Joke Book - by Jimmy Swinnerton 1/14/1912 Monkey's Joke Book by Gus Mager 1/19/1912 The Dingbat Family Joke Book by George Herriman 2/4/1912 Married Life Joke Book by T. E. Powers 3/10/1912 Angelic Angelina published by Cupples and Leon in 1909 by Munson Paddock (Need an upgrade) Animal Circus, The -- Published by Rand Mcnally 1908 Bart's Cartoons for 1900 F
  6. I would need better pictures of the whole book and more information on the date(s) as there are several different editions. Thanks!
  7. Wow. I like the Bunny's Red Book. Please PM me how much you want for it.
  8. I searched for a posting about this but wasn't able to find one. I am unable to find values on the black error covers. Looks like CGC doesn't label the error covers any differently than the regular maroon covers. I know little about these books. I have a friend asking me. The black covers are on the left and the regular cover is on the right. Any idea of values on them? Thanks
  9. I am selling a CGC 9.2 copy of Four Color #178 at Comicconnect. Here is the link. 1st Uncle Scrooge - Four Color #178 Please PM me if you have any questions. Thanks