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  1. I have an ASM #3 CGC 6.0 blue CR-OW $2750 PM if interested and i will send you pictures
  2. My own Godzilla books are of the variant type, sorry I have nothing to offer but these.
  3. This explanation makes little sense. There are 6 copies in 9.8. #15 has only 4. Low census numbers are not the reason, it seems more like an irrational reaction in the marketplace, Low census in common bronze means 'no one gives a krap to slab'. This book is monstrously common in high grade like every other book in the run. The holders of the raws have not been incentivized enough to send the book in.
  4. GPA looks like 192-$340 on non-peds. last sale 9.8 was over 5k I imagine it will be a CPR
  5. It looks 9.0 driving by full throttle on your bike while hitting a speed bump.
  6. I have this one for $175. plus shipping PM if interested
  7. Now that Iron man died in the Avenger movie, what becomes the key Iron Man book?
  8. Well loved original owner copies from childhood are awesome! I wish i had any of mine.... my mother made quick work of those as soon as i went to college
  9. Oh krap, you mean he didn't ship the $4 Barbie
  10. I am sorry you have had poor results, as always in life, Individual results may vary. The bottom line is this, Where else in the real world does a buyer walk into a selling situation by announcing what they will pay? This is ludicrous and places an unfair burdon on a buyer. There are tire kickers everywhere, that is the cost of doing business. An LCS having no prices but demanding buyers give a price would not last.
  11. Got these books from the awesome @MrBedrock Completes my pre hero run, which requires a group shot.
  12. The problem here, is would a buyer go into their LCS and announce a price for Giant-Size X-men #1? That is not how things work elsewhere, so why here on the forums?
  13. How about a new way of applying the rule similar to the trading rule. Sellers in all forums must list a price they are willing to sell for.
  14. Listing a price you are willing to pay assures you will never get a book at 1 penny less than your offer price. It is the sellers responsibility to know what they want. I certainly know what I want for books I am selling. But when buying there are far too many variables in prentation to give an accurate price. All 9.0's 4.0's and such are not created equal. This rule is bogus and needs to go. Who would go into walmart and say "I am willing to pay $500 for a new air conditioner"
  15. Incredible haul, that wrightson TOD is a personal favorite
  16. Great one to have. My only copy ever of this book is a total beater. Very tough key - congrats
  17. Don't mind Raytrowles, he never has anything to sell. He thinks he is the board police. Your estimates are in line with GPA.
  18. Cap #210 and Super Villain Team-up #12 I have all 3 books as 35 cent variants in multiple, but these are my first in a 3 pack. My sense is the sealed 3 packs are less common than the 35 cent variants