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  1. You are about as believable as OJ Pretty sure we all know who the ‘real shiller’ is here
  2. Found this low grade 35 cent variant in the wild. $2.99
  3. Accurate grading is the #1 reason I buy here and avoid eBay If you know some of the sellers here, they are some very tight graders
  4. Thanks for sharing your books Billy! Really enjoy those ASM
  5. Incredible books, but do you have any ‘readers’ us mortals can relate to Mr Parker?
  6. Dear Dylan, The world has other things to worry about. Wild fires, riots , pandemics. The world is losing no sleep over your funny books. Get over yourself. Sincerely, "the world'
  7. The subject of this thread is eBay. But since you brought C-link into it, an IM #55 in 9.8 just sold on C-link for $5100. This from an all time high of $8300. I expect the kick to the shorts for this MS #32 buyer could be about as drastic.