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  1. Being knowledgeable of his age alone I would tell him go take a hike before dealing with him.
  2. In his post on page 1 he says he is 16. Doesn't the boards have an age requirement? That was an issue with GIJOEISAWESOME when he got shown the door. In any case, dealing with a teenager is often going to bring commitment problems.
  3. I am consigning the collection. I just happened to know the issue with that book, so I am offering it free for next purchase as stated.
  4. This book has interior pages torn and missing pieces Book is free for the next purchase
  5. @jimjum12 has nearly a complete run #200-500, you might PM him I don’t recall wraps on specific books though
  6. I think the #1 sold already , but check with @jimjum12 He had some to sell
  7. Found in the wild - $3.23 with tax
  8. That’s it That’s really it, my collection is gone
  9. Rules First in post wins payment by check or MO , if you need another payment method let me know first Shipping by First Class mail $5 US,all other methods of shipping at cost PM offers welcome Please make things right before buying here if you are on any lists
  10. @jimjum12 has the full set of Invaders variants, you should send him a PM
  11. Every time I think I am done, I get sucked right back in. $7.54 A good day bin diving And had this store stamp on the back of Red Sonja, it looks like Berkley was one of the distribution areas.
  12. Sold Dan a set of X-men 35 cent variants from his WTB thread. Very smooth transaction, fast payer! Thank You sir
  13. @jimjum12 has all the ST for sale and several others on your list.
  14. Should there be some sharing of personal information to the boards?
  15. I was a letter carrier, and unless things have changed dramatically since I left in 2001, things don’t work like it has been described here. For an insured package it is like any other type of insurance. Almost every claim is denied and they figure most people will just give up and walk away. No matter the carrier, it is always the same. Registered gets paid out when packages are lost , that’s why it is so rare they get lost. It is also why it is so frustratingly slow. Anyone who touches them has to sign off. It makes no sense to send valuables any other way than Registered and ALWAYS signature confirmation required. If it is not signature confirmation you will not be covered if a home invader signs for your valuables. But always know Registered is Vveeerrrryyyy Slooooowwww. Just as a side note, we were told as carriers we were personally responsible for lost Registered mail and our paychecks would be attached until we paid back any losses. I would always check ID on a regi.
  16. As a buyer, I avoid anything older than 2 days old CLink never updates, and sellers rarely clean up old postings when the book sells in another venue. Try bumping every so often with a new price.
  17. You should PM @jimjum12 I am pretty sure he has a 9.8 copy of #2 to sell, along with the full run of 35 cent variants 7-10 raw
  18. He is where he belongs I helped put him there. He had a chance to make things right. I told him I did not need my money back, but that he should stop buying fish tanks and other such non-sense when he was about to become a father. I proposed if he bought his own child a savings bond in the amount of money he owed me, we would be square. He said, great I will do that. I told him I would need to see a receipt for that transaction Nothing I alluded to him being a ‘deadbeat’ in a PM He got deeply offended and stiffed his child on the bond He is a DEADBEAT
  19. Actually there must be 2 No matter, do you think they could just slap the CVA sticker on there and double the price?
  20. True dat Having a book of my childhood in a ‘modern’ label makes me feel not quite as old
  21. Nice variants! You do know the Marvel Super Heroes is not a variant?
  22. Nice pick up! I am currently selling my entire collection with all my variants so I stopped looking, but I certainly remember what a great feeling it is to find these