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  1. The Living Tribunal is a fictional cosmic entity appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Strange Tales #157 (June 1967) and was created by Stan Lee, Marie Severin, and Herb Trimpe. I got this from a google search for " first appearance of The One Above All" Does it help? It's certainly the oldest of the comics you suggested.
  2. gocollect has a blog entitled "Mysterious Golden Age Collector Sells Everthing" I hope the link works
  3. This same miscut 9.4 is currently being offered for $15,995.00 by ebayer sleepinggiant!90210!US!-1:rk:1:pf:0
  4. Or you could just ask them. Here's the link from the home page...
  5. Was still hoping someone could still recommend a specific brand of tape. I use Filmoplast P Archival Mending Tape and have had great success with it. Nearly invisible. Find using scissors still works better than their 'dispenser blade' because I can get the exact size and width from the 3/4" tape. It comes in something like a 160 foot roll and is in the $30 U.S. range per roll. Available on ebay, amazon, etc. You'll love the look of your books!!!
  6. I'm probably one of many who has pointed this out to Overstreet. At the time this book came out, oil fires were a hot topic for movies. Let's see, what comes up aflame from a pipe in the ground....atomic radiation, of course....
  7. Nice purchase!!! A mere 16 graded higher and the best of those is 9.0 Someone else bid $16,000 so you weren't alone in your appreciation of this book. Congrats! What a cover!