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  1. Last thing this well loved copy on Comic Connect needed was newton rings. Wonder how quality control missed them? Bidding is at $5755 with 5 hours to go ...
  2. Remember anything you bought there? -it would be at least 46 years old now My experience with very old comic bags is that after decades they became 'welded' shut at the top and I would have to scissor the comic out. I used the Robert Bell bags to put my Howard Rogofsky purchases in.
  3. The Masterworks edition lists penciler as Maurice Gutwirth and the inker as unknown.
  4. I had to include the continued story but make no excuses because all are beauties, it's just that one stands out. I apologize for the glare. I used a light box but didn't want to take my gems out of their protective mylites. Had a major stroke 3 years ago so thank you for your patience.
  5. If you enjoyed the Moon Man story above, you might enjoy the original story and first appearance of The Face by Gardner Fox (Michael Blake) featured a year earlier in Big Shot Comics #1, May 1940 A ridiculous amount of similarities in the stories. Hope my copy/paste works....,
  6. What a yucky scan for such a pricey book~you'd think if asking that many multiples of guide it would be better. So I pulled out my bottom staple pull copy and measured what looks like color loss along the right edge, in the black area, and it is more than 3". Might be from the poor scan or damage to the case; wish the sellers would always enlighten us? Any thoughts?
  7. Does anyone here know why Showcase #24 9.0 sold for so much in the Nov. 21 Heritage auction? It went for a staggering $16,800 when GPA reports a 9.0 sale in September 2018 for $5800 Quite a jump in one year and there are 7 copies in 9.0 My notes from the auction: -CGC census 8/19: 7 in 9.0, none higher. b/c has pcs out top spine; impacted corner? tiny tear/pc out lower left b/c (from print roller pull?); lots 1/8"spine stress f/c including two 1/4"; lt 1/2" rt cor The only two things I can think of are an upcoming movie connection or 2 collectors in hot hot pursuit, and in that case, a one off sale
  8. Hope this copies ok. It did include the BP plus enough wear to justify the grade-guess the stamp is a bonus. Lol
  9. When the back cover image is enlarged. is that pen writing/erasures on the boy's wrist or am I seeing things? Could be why it had previously been graded an 8.5? I also noted: lower spine corner off both spine corners cr?/color loss ....not easy deciding what you think a scan of a comic through layers of plastic is showing
  10. We're all familiar with GL's weakness to the colour yellow as evidenced by that yellow missile on the Aussie cover you were kind to display but I can't help wondering if he has another achilles heel. Maybe his right foot is photo shy LOL