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  1. Correct. In fact, I believe these boards had somewhat of a say in them changing how they do some things, because Conan used to actually post here and respond. Because of it, they improved their grading to match how CGC grades - before they didn't use anything other than a nm designation for what they considered raw books 9.0 or above - they started scanning pictures of higher dollar books (previously they used all generic pics) - and... they may have even upgraded their packaging. To me, they've gotten even better since then - in particular there order response and shipping has gotte
  2. Yep. FF Galactus trilogy is an example of something that actually IS hot - we're all pretty sure a movie is coming - but there's a lot of shill bidding on eBay going on that's really noticeable.
  3. In other words... You're someone who hasn't stored CGC books for over 10 years... You didn't know that Borock was representing his own company when he said these things... You can't explain HOW you claim it's a false assertion... You choose to ignore the consistency of his opening statement as the same thing he's been saying for over 10 years... And you've never met the man personally... Yet you feel I should just assume your expertise on the topic. No thanks. I'll stick to the people with actual experience in this subject.
  4. He works for them. He runs CBCS. Of course he's going to back his own product. False how? Yes. It DOES matter. If he spent his entire CGC career praising their slab only to NOW talk down on it - THAT would be hypocritical and silly. As is, he's simply repeating what he's been saying for more than 10 years. Anyone who supports their own product that they believe in is a shill?
  5. You do realize... there are differences between a book that's been created in modern times and preserved almost since it hit the stands and... one's that were printed 60 years ago and spent the first 20-50 years without any preservation...?
  6. Exactly. People's defense of CGC is understandable - that's who they trust or whatever - but without an understanding of the history of things, it just looks silly. Thankfully there are still plenty of people here who have actually collected and stored slabs for longer than 10 years to be able to comment and give real world perspective. It doesn't matter to me that Borock works for CBCS - he's still a guy who loves comic books and enjoys talking about them whenever or wherever you see him. Looking forward to running into him again when convention season starts up.
  7. Yes, inside of heat sealed plastic! It is a very big difference.
  8. Same here - also got my last order in 4 days! Amazing.
  9. I agree. And it wasn't until comics did that, we finally saw Hollywood really start to show an interest. Comics COULD continue to do both, but realistically over the years, the only all-ages titles that really had any staying power was Batman Adventures that only lasted 36 issues. Comics had to change because they began to see their audience dwindle - movies, cable TV, and then video games kept getting better - and the only two gimmicks that comics could come up with was 'collectibility!' and 'grim/gritty'. In many ways, Comics (sort of, maybe) began the change in media entertainment
  10. Yeah, personally I loved his early 70's work at DC. He did a lot of stuff like that - just epic splashes with tons of action. That's a great one!
  11. Not sure were you get that idea... as far as I'm aware they collaborated on it.
  12. Exactly. The research is overwhelming. Anyone who reads that blog will be overwhelmed at the amount of research done by Vassallo. He goes through EVERY single comic book Stan Lee ever did including the rest of the titles at Timely/Atlas/Marvel that he didn’t. He goes through EVERY book. If anyone knows Stan Lee’s work - it’s him.