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    One More Purchase

    Wonder what's keeping it from being. 9.8?
  2. I had a similar experience with a seller on eBay so I blocked him and won't buy anything nor will he be able to buy from me.
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    Cgc Spider Man 1

    Ok so what is this about?
  4. I guess it pays being a good big boy this year. I must say that I must have done something right this year to deserve the gift I had just received from the good people at CGC. I have to admit over the past few years I was frustrated along with other collectors with some of the things that CGC was changing with their company such as changing their modern tier from 1975 to 1980 and with their slower turn around times with higher prices and not so friendly staff at the shows, but this past year that all seems to have faded away with friendlier staff and faster turnaround times with reasonable prices on grading. I just received in the mail today a returned submission from the NYCC this past October and to my surprise I almost fainted when I opened the box and saw my ASM #148 come back a 9.8! I was in total shock considering that when I submitted it there were only 6 in the registry in this grade so this would be lucky number 7. I had recently saw on eBay one had just sold for $2500 so I was really shocked that this book was in such high demand and rarity in this high grade but I have no intentions of selling this bad boy in the near future but to rather join its high grade friends in my collection. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays! To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  5. Today I'm happy again. Back in March of this year I posted on to the journal about my trip to the AC/BC comic con and about how I paid for a V.I.P experience with my family to meet Stan Lee for a photo op and signature with the legendary writer and creator of Spider-man. I recall asking my fellow CGC'ers for your advice on which book I should have him sign. Unfortunately Stan Lee cancelled but the Organisers of the show failed to inform the fans who were attending the show that he wasn't going to be there. So you can imagine my dissapointment and frustration considering I purposely skipped going to WW Philly because of the AC/BC con. Never doing that again. Even though I was dissapointed I decided to make the most of it, so instead of having Stan Lee sign my ASM #16 & #121 I decided to give them to CGC and have them pressed and re-graded. My ASM#16 was a 6.5 and the 121 was an 8.5 so I had a feeling if I gave them in I would get a better grade and I did! My #16 came back a 7.0 & 121 came back a nice 9.2 so kudos to CCS off gif great work! Thanks for reading. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.
  6. And the countdown begins. For the past 3 years I have been trying so hard to complete my Marvel vs DC set in the competitive set category and it seemed like an uphill battle all the way. At first I hand picked every copy including the free preview issue and submitted them to CGC for grading waaaay back when. I was very happy when they all came back 9.8 except the free preview issue which received an 8.5 but that's fine as long as I had it graded I was happy until that dreadful day when XXpheonix knocked me out of first place by boasting about it in one of his journals by getting a higher grade on it. I started to think I was never going to be able to retain the first place position again until I came across a really nice copy of marvel vs DC preview so I submitted it to CGC hoping for atleast a tie but low and behold a 9.8! So now wing it's the only 9.8 copy in existence I felt like this is the wholey Grail of all comics in that category that is. But that just wasn't enough to win anything big from CGC except for a worthy notation on the boards. I decided to step it up a bit the following year and have them all signed by Stan Lee at NYCC and Peter David and Joe Rubenstein. Ok great so I gave them to Desert winds to crack out for me and give them in to be signed except for the free preview issue because there was no way in Hell that book will ever be touched by human hand other than in its CGC slab. So off they go for Cracking, signing and regrading. Mind you all 4 were 9.8's when submitted to Desert winds but that wasn't the case when they came back. When I saw the grades my heart sand so deep I needed to get miners to bring it back up. Ok so these were the new grades with sigs now on them Marvel vs DC #1 9.8 ss #2 9.4 #3 9.8 and #4 9.6. So what do I do? I submitted them to CCS for pressing. So off they go with my fingers crossed hoping they can press them back to their original state. The submission was semi successful where as my #4 cam back to its original 9.8 glory but the #2 only received a 9.6! Really big bummer but that's ok because I found another 9.8 copy CGC graded and cracked it open and submitted it to NY Comics to get Stan Lee's signature on it again. I figured NY Comics would handle it better than Desert winds right? WRONG! NY Comics didn't do it either and again a 9.4! What the hell do I have to do to get a 9.8 on this book!?! So I submitted it again to CCS for pressing and let me just say I explained the situation to them over the phone and pointed out the defects to them by submitting a copy of the graders notes that I paid $5 for so that they can focus on where to press it the best. They did it fast and they did it perfectly! CGC also graded it quickly and behold finally a 9.8! The set is complete and ready to compete! Now all I hope for is that the judges see it and I will hopefully get the prestigious award of being either best presented or best modern set. I'm keeping my mangers crossed because the competition is feirce this year but I'll keep hope alive! Thanks for reading. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.