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  1. Let me know what you have and price please.
  2. Man that is some really cool stuff folks. Thanks for sharing. I am always on the look out for stuff but, it just never happens for me.
  3. That one of my daughters would get into collecting and reading comics also. They are all adults now so I'm not to sure it will happen.
  4. Cool! Its on my want list but I never come across cool stuff like that. I have an old copy of the Buck reprints from Ed Aprill, I think. Does anyone have the pop-up book. I don't but I enjoy seeing the pictures. I don't have the Buck Rogers Pop up book. Will the Flash Gordon do?
  5. Fantastic! Maybe someday I will a great collection like that. Did you find those in the wild? I never see books like that around here.
  6. Nice stuff folks. Anyone own the collected editions of the dailies?
  7. Wow. I've always been a sci-fi fan starting with seeing Star Wars at the drive in theater when I was 7. I'm really just starting my adventure with Gold and Silver age stuff.
  8. theagenes is the name of a Forum member (like STLSPIDEY is the name of a Forum member). oh. dont mind me. my brain jsut isnt working lately.
  9. Is there already a sci-fi thread? Anyone else here a fan of these? Thanks.
  10. LMK a price including shipping please. Thanks.
  11. Thanks folks. I will take a look at these.
  12. So I just finished reading Bone by Jeff Smith and now I want to read some more silly just plain fun comics. I want something that has been collected in tpb form. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks.