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  1. Annnnd here is a real rarity. Tough to find any copy, let alone the variant
  2. Another vote for 10. One of the most horrific fire covers ever. Up there with War 11
  3. Bronze, but an uncommon painted cover
  4. Love this thread, a long-overlooked subject. I love the Giordano cover
  5. few favorites. A few Cardys and a Giordano. Not sure who did the Charlton
  6. The first printed image of Superman on inside cover ad, 9 copies on census
  7. I had some fun in Photoshop. Took Murphy Anderson's great splash page to the front.
  8. Well, that's officially the most depressing thing I've seen in a while. I watch this inane show, and he's one of the most annoying buyers. And that's saying something.
  9. You should try folding the cover and see what Jaffee has hidden in there.