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  1. When I read or hear the phrase, "Dragged Across Concrete" what immediately comes to mind is the Next-Level Curb stomp by Vaughn from Brawl in Cell Block 99. I similarly cannot "unsee" that. That said, I'll watch anything this director does. What happens when he makes a horror picture? Perish the thought. I'm in for this.
  2. Wow. With the Stan Lee sig, truly a no brainer. Winning. Congratulations.
  3. Got a beef with my grading? I've gone back through my initial grades and adjusted some down. Got a beef with my prices? I've lowered some. Send a PM. We want to move these. We want fair market, but we're willing to deal. I've given some good discounts via PM. If you've made me an offer that I've declined, make it again. The longer it takes to sell these, the more likely I am to cut you a deal. Thanks again for looking!
  4. That is one of the nicest 6.0's I've ever seen. And with White Pages. Great book.
  5. Ok, that is it for this round. I'll probably not list more for a couple weeks as I am leaving at the end of this week for a few days. I will be available via PM, so don't hesitate to send offers. Thanks for looking everyone! Still to come . . . More Captain America, New Gods and ASM.