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  1. Any Luck? Looking for the Invincible Returns 1 Cooke for my Darwyn Cooke collection.
  2. And yes, this is from a single owner, now in her later years. She's owned them since she bought them on the newsstands. I'm very honored to be only the second owner.
  3. Also, I have an issue of Sugar and Spike and I'm SURE I never went through it page by page. I'll have to do that. Are those rare in mid/high grade as well?
  4. Thanks for the info! I hear you about writing inside, and I'm sure it makes NO difference, but the writing is neat and appropriate. Do you see a lot of these issues in your collecting experience and are they rare in mid/high grade?
  5. Thanks. The simple lines and beauty of the colors really is lovely. The interior "fashion" design of the dresses and cut-outs is kind of amazing.
  6. Thanks, and thanks especially for the opinion about the writing. Any Dell or Katy Keene collectors out there that can give me any historical info on this series would be greatly appreciated as well. Are there a lack of these in grade because of the interior cut-outs? All of the ones in this issue are in tact, but I can guess it would be pretty common for the paper doll patterns to be cut out.
  7. Grades are wonderful and even better would be to let me know what kind of grade reduction (in points if possible) there is for the writing shown in the book. Thanks for your time!
  8. Great seller, was very patient when I was out of contact. Books were better than advertised and shipping was perfect. Thanks FMAZ!
  11. My full list of sale items is here: Some highlights: